Bet9ja Esports Betting

Online sports betting has grown a lot over the past few years, and nowadays, you are able to bet from every single spot on the planet. One of the online bookmakers, which give you the opportunity to enjoy both sports and casino is Bet9ja.

Bet9ja is extremely popular in Africa and more specifically in Nigeria. When the bookie was launched, it was only available for people who live in Nigeria. But as soon as the bookie started to offer some extraordinary betting options and very high betting services, it quickly began to spread in the countries around Nigeria, and today it is accessible from almost all over the world.

The sports betting options, which Bet9ja offers are really impressive, and in today’s article, this will be our major topic, and more specifically the eSports betting at the bookie.

What are eSports at Bet9ja?

Esports is one of the best modern sports betting options, which allows you to bet on your favorite video games. Professional gamers are playing and you can bet on which team or player will win.

Bet9ja offers a wide variety of different eSports for betting so that you can really enjoy your time betting at this bookie. Luckily, Bet9ja offers extremely high odds for all types of sports events, including eSports, so that you can win huge amounts.

Bet9ja eSports section - Interface & Design Overview

The eSports section of Bet9ja is actually a part of the regular sports section so that you can find all of the available eSports there. You just have to:

  1. Open the web page of Bet9ja,
  2. Go to the “Sports” section,
  3. Scroll down the menu on the left,
  4. There you can see all of the eSports among the regular sports.

The good news is that the design of the page and the whole simplicity of everything make finding the best eSports events at Bet9ja quite easy. You just have to click on the eSport that you want to bet on, and afterward, you can even see the events grouped by the tournament. You can even see how many events are there for the day, you just have to look next to the eSports, where is a number indicating the count of the events for the current day.

As we already mentioned, Bet9ja is providing a wide variety of different sports betting options, and this also applies to eSports, which are quite a lot at the bookie. But, now we from the team of, are going to focus on the top eSports on which you can bet at Bet9ja.

Counter - Strike: Global Offensive

The first and probably the most popular eSports through online bettors is Counter - Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS: GO. Basically, CS: GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter game, which is the heir of the CS: 1.6, which most of you played at least once. Luckily, the team of Bet9ja made possible betting on this fantastic game, which gives you a lot of thrill, and also huge chances for winning. With the popularity of this game, the team of Bet9ja was forced to provide very high odds, but unfortunately, the only available market is:

  • Final Winner (1 2),

League of Legends

League of Legends, or LoL, is the next quite popular video game that is used by bettors to stake and win big. League of Legends has developed just a few years ago but already managed to become one of the top multiplayer battle arena online games. Not surprising the odds for LoL at Bet9ja are skyrocketing and also there are a bunch of different markets from which you can take advantage:

  • Final Winner (1 2),

Dota 2

Similar to the League of Legends, Dota is a multiplayer battle arena online game, which was the predecessor of LoL, and is also available for betting at Bet9ja. The game is very satisfying not only to be watched and played but also for betting. So that, if you are a fan of those types of games, you for sure have to try betting on them. Do not forget that the odds are also very good, no matter that the only available market is just:

  • Final Winner (1 2).

Call of Duty

The last sport that probably is another good option for online bettors is Call of Duty, the game is so thrilling, and combined with Bet9ja opens many opportunities for making money from betting on it. The game is a first-person shooter game, which offers many daily events. Unfortunately, the only market available for this game is again:

  • Winner (1 2).

eSports Betting Markets at Bet9ja

Sad to say, Bet9ja is not quite admired with many markets, but that should not really bother you, simply because the bookie is still growing, and you can be more than sure that you will receive a wider variety of markets in the next few years, even in the next few months. Also, Bet9ja offers you to take advantage of very high odds, which can compensate for the lack of many markets, and still make your huge profits.

Bet9ja Bonus Offers & Free Bets

You are already familiar with the fact that eSports are a part of the regular sports section, which means that you are allowed to benefit from the bonus offers of free money for sports and use them for eSports.

Welcome Bonus Offer for Sports

The initial bonus from Bet9ja is specifically for sports and it gives you 100% of your first deposit worth up to N 100 000. To get that bonus, there is only one rule, to follow the Terms & Conditions:

  • You have to deposit at least N 100 into your account,
  • You have to be a newly registered player of Bet9ja to get the bonus,
  • You are eligible to get only one bonus,
  • All payment methods apply for the bonus,
  • You have to wager the received bonus amount 10 times,
  • The minimum qualifying odds for the rollover are at least 3.00 (both single and accumulator bets),
  • You need to meet the rollover requirements within 30 days of receiving the bonus.

170% More from your accumulator bets

The next bonus from Bet9ja, which can be used for eSports betting is 170% more for all of your accumulators. The bonus offers is quite simple and basically the more events you put in your multiple bets, the higher is the bonus percentage:

  • You should put at least 5 selections to your accumulator bet,
  • The bonus starts at 5% and escalates up to 170% more on each bet,
  • The odds for each selection should be at least 1.20.

How much can I get from this bonus?

The more events you add, the higher the bonus.

  • 5 Events - 5% Bonus,
  • 6 Events - 10% Bonus,
  • 7 Events - 15% Bonus,
  • 8 Events - 20% Bonus,
  • ….
  • 24 Events - 100% Bonus,
  • 25 Events - 105% Bonus,
  • 37 Events - 165% Bonus,
  • 38 Events or more - 170% Bonus.

Cash Out Bonus

One of the bonus offers from Bet9ja that can really change your overall journey at Bet9ja is the Cash Out. The Cash-Out bonus, which also can be called a feature simply allows you to take your profits even before the games ended. So, if you are nervous about if the selection will be successful or not, you just can cash out and take your current profits. With the Bet9a Cash Out the match simply end up when you want. To use the Cash Out, you have to:

  1. Go to your account,
  2. Go to the “My Bets” section,
  3. See if your bet supports cash out,
  4. If there is a Cash Out icon, just click on it to take your profits.

You are not allowed to Cash Out any bets placed with bonus funds.

How to bet on Bet9ja eSports?

Placing a bet at Bet9ja is quite an easy process, which requires the same thing as placing a bet on the regular sports section. A full detailed guide about it, you can find in our “How to bet at Bet9ja?” guide. But, now, let’s quickly go over the steps for placing an eSports bet at Bet9ja.

  1. Go to the Bet9ja web page,
  2. Go to the sports section, by clicking on the “Sports” tab in the main menu,
  3. Choose on which eSports you want to bet on and click on it to see the available events,
  4. Choose an event and a market,
  5. And then click on it to add it to your bet slip, do that again if you want to place an accumulator bet,
  6. Finally, type how much you want to bet and click on the place bet button.

eSports Live Streaming at Bet9ja

Live streaming is one of the most beneficial features that a bookmaker may ever have. So that, the team of Bet9ja introduced that feature, but unfortunately, for this moment, there are still some games that cannot be watched. Luckily, most of the eSports at the bookie support live streaming, so that you are free to watch. Let’s see how you can use the live streaming feature:

  • Keep your account funded with at least 200 Naira to access the live streaming feature,
  • Go to the “Live” section, which is again located in the main navigation menu, from where you can check which event supports live streaming, which is indicated by a video recorder icon,
  • To watch the chosen event, you only have to click on that icon,
  • You can display the video in a pop-up, by clicking on the arrow icon, or you can expand the window to make it full screen,
  • To place a live bet while you are watching the live stream, you just have to click on a certain market as you do it normally,
  • From the calendar tab, you can see in the future, you can check which event will support live streaming.

Pros and Cons of Bet9ja eSports Betting

Being able to bet on Bet9ja eSports is one of the best privileges that you can have. Without a doubt, the bookmaker is trying its best to supply you unique sports betting experience that you can never forget. But, to help you realize this, we will give you a list of the significant advantages and disadvantages of the Bet9ja eSports section.


  • Bet9ja has a bunch of different eSports,
  • The odds for each eSports game are extremely high,
  • Bonus offers are available for eSports at Bet9ja,
  • Bet9ja offers 24/7 customer support to help you solve any problem or answer any question,
  • Placing an eSports bet at Bet9ja is quite easy,
  • There is a live eSports section as well,
  • You can use the live streaming feature to watch Bet9ja eSports game live.


  • Bet9ja is not available in many countries,
  • The markets for eSports are not quite a lot,

Frequently Asked Questions about Bet9ja esports

Q: Is there are a section at Bet9ja which has eSports?

A: Yes there are. When you join Bet9ja you can approach many top eSports. You can stake and win huge profits, taking into account that the bookie offers extraordinary high odds for each eSports game.

Q: Is it required to open an account to bet on Bet9ja eSports?

A: Yes, in order to be able to wager at Bet9ja eSports, you must have opened account that has to be funded.

Q: Where I can find the eSports part of Bet9ja?

A: The eSports of the platform can be found in the standard sportsbook. As it happens, eSports are a part of regular sports, which means that all of them can be found just by tapping on the “Sports” tab located in the main menu.

Q: Can I find any promotions for eSports?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot find any promotions that are defined for eSports. That should not bother you because there are plenty of bonus offers for sports at all, which bonus funds can be used for eSports. To check them all, visit the promotions page of Bet9ja, or see our Bet9ja Bonuses review for more details.

Q: Can I watch live the eSports events on which I placed bets at Bet9ja?

A: Bet9ja is growing very fast and the prime reason for that is that the bookie is offering high-quality services like the live stream that allows you to watch most of the eSports games live.

Q: Can I bet on eSports using my smartphone?

A: Yes, you can. The team of Bet9ja worked hard and developed two amazing dedicated mobile platforms, the first is the mobile app, which should be downloaded and installed, the second is the mobile site version, which is accessible directly from your browser.

Customer Support and Contacts of Bet9ja

Bet9ja offers 24/7 customer support, which can be used whenever you have any questions or face any problems. The good news is that the Bet9ja customer support agents are very friendly and always willing to be 100% favor for you.


  • 01-4405145,
  • 0-15158888,
  • 01-8889309,
  • Mobile Numbers (Working Hours: 08:00 to 21:00):
  • E-mail
  • Submit On-site Contact Form,
  • Twitter.

Conclusion and Final Rating

Bet9ja is one of the top online betting houses in Africa. The Nigerian bookie is offering valuable online betting services, which gives you enough freedom to become a master in online sports betting and win huge profits every single week. The bookmaker even has a casino, which is full of games, for which you can check more about in our Bet9ja Casino Review.

From today’s article, you are already familiar with how good the bookmaker is for players who love eSports betting. There are many daily events on which you can stake and you are even allowed to watch them using the live streaming feature that you can access at Bet9ja. Last but not least, the bookie welcomes players from almost all over the world, which was not possible before a few years, when the bookmaker was only accessible from Nigeria. This is a very good sign that shows Bet9ja is growing more and more with every day passed, so you should probably give it a go.