Verification on Bet9ja

Verification on Bet9ja

How to pass the verification for Bet9ja is not a problem, because in the present article we will explain in detail what the procedure contains, and what the reasons for the verifying of your identity are. We will also list the most frequently asked questions that are related to verification.

Verifying is essential in order to enable you to withdraw

After you have registered on Bet9ja, you will be asked to prove your identity and the correctness of your personal details by providing proof: copies of personal documents.

Besides verifying your identity, the bookmaker also checks if you are legally allowed to gamble. These are standard purposes of the verification procedure on online bookmaking sites.

When will Bet9ja ask for verification?

The bookie can ask for a verification procedure for a customer in order to carry out a transaction. The purpose will be to confirm the origin of the money deposited and the ownership of that money, and also to confirm the personal details the customer has provided at registration.

The verification will be carried out after receiving a copy (scan) of the customer’s ID. Both sides of the ID have to be copied (scanned).

The first purpose: establishing your sufficient age

Like all online gambling sites, Bet9ja is for customers who are over 18 years old. Minors are not allowed to register on the site or gamble on it. The verification has several purposes, and one of them is establishing that the person registered is not a minor, but of legal age to use the site.

If the bookie staff finds out a customer is a minor who gambles on the site, that customer’s account will be blocked immediately. The bookie can carry out security reviews at its discretion, because a customer’s registration on the site allows the carrying out of such reviews against third party databases.

Verification for bank transfers

For bank transfers, the bookie will ask for a verification by means of not only copies (scans) of the ID, but also of the following documents:

  • for credit card transactions, the two sides of the card have to be copied (scanned) and provided, and the rear has to bear the owner’s signature;
  • an official document has to be provided where the customer’s billing address is shown, if that address is different from the address which is registered on the ID;
  • the bookie can also ask for copies of other documents as it deems necessary.

Additional verification for withdrawals to e-wallets

When you choose to withdraw to an e-wallet, like Neteller, or Skrill, the bookie may decide to carry out an additional verification procedure, if the payout exceeds a certain amount, or if the Bet9ja suspects misuse of the account or money laundering.

It is important to be cooperative and comply with all the requirements

When you receive a notice informing you that you have to pass verification, you have to be fully cooperative. You have to note and comply with all the requirements posed by the bookie, in order to pass the procedure smoothly and promptly.

Punters who resort to unfair methods will be excluded from the services of Bet9ja

As stated in the bookmaker’s terms and conditions, customers who have infringed the terms of the site, which they accept at the time of their signup, will be excluded from the services on the site.

If during the verification the bookie’s staff find out incorrect personal data or other infringement, the customer who has breached the terms will lose the right to use the site.

You can adopt other payment methods different from the initial one after verification

After the full verification procedure has been completed, you have the right to adopt another payment method, different from the initially chosen one, if you wish to make this change.

Frequently asked questions related to verification

What are the questions often asked about verification on Bet9ja? Here are the most typical ones:

How can I update incorrect personal details or incorrect email address if I have entered them with mistakes during signup?

You have to contact the customer services, and they will remedy the mistakes made.

Can I open two or more account on the site?

That is not allowed. You will be found out, and you will be blocked from using the site.

What is the minimum age enabling me to bet on Bet9ja?

The minimum age is 18 years old. If you are over 18, you can sign up, open an account, and continue to use the Bet9ja site.

How can I check what is the status of my withdrawal request?

You have to find “Account statement” in your account on the site, and there you can check what the status of your request is.

Our conclusion

Verification is a necessary procedure that is carried out once by the Bet9ja staff. The purposes are several:

  • to establish the person is of sufficient age to gamble;
  • to check the personal details correctness;
  • to check the origin of the money deposited;
  • for withdrawals to e-wallets, to check if there is money misuse.

You have to be cooperative and assist the bookie staff by providing the copies (scans) of the documents required, by email, and wait for the verification to be completed. It can last several working days, and when the procedure has been fully passed through, you will be notified about that.