Bet9ja Cash Out

Bet9ja Cash Out

How to use a cash-out on Bet9ja is a question we are going to answer now. It is posed by increasingly more punters, because this is an option which can save from losses.

The cashout system of Bet9ja will be your tool to control your bets and opt for withdrawing them if you see your predictions are turning out not to be correct. You can cut your losses efficiently with it.

How to use cashout on Bet9ja

You can achieve this option pre-match, or live.

Pre-match cashout

With cashout before the match is played, you can collect your wins before the settling of all the games in a multiple bet. For example, if you place a multiple bet, and there is just one match to go, and some unfavorable circumstance comes up for the team on which you bet. You can avoid the risk of loss by using cashout, and can collect your wins so far.

Live cashout

As the name shows, you will use the cashout option while the game is being played. The opportunity to use that option live, on bets you have made pre-match, can be found only on Bet9ja.

How to use cashout on Bet9ja

Frequently asked questions about Cash Out on bet9ja

How to carry out the cashout?

You should first log into your account on Bet9ja, and then find My Bets. You can see for which of your bets the cashout is offered, because they will be marked with the Cashout icon.

Can you cash out bets you have made with bonus amounts?

If you have received bonus amounts and have used them to make bets, you will not be able to cash out such bets.

On what does the cashout amount depend?

The amount of the cashout sum you will get is linked to the possible outcome for your bet. When the possibility is high, you will get a greater amount, and vice versa.

Important terms and conditions for cashing out

  • First, you should note that there is a time delay until the request for a cashout is accepted by the system. That may mean that your cashout may not be based on the original amount for which you have requested a cashout to be made, if there are changes in market prices.
  • You will see when your request for a cashout is granted, because that will be shown on the screen.
  • The amount you will get in your account will be equal to the amount of the cashout you are offered.


If you are prudent and plan your bets, that is a good basis for winning. You should gamble responsibly and not let yourself get carried away.

If you have made a profit of about 50%, and you see that there is a great likelihood that your bet will fail, do not hesitate to use cashout on Bet9ja.

It is a better decision to collect 50% of your possible profits, and spare yourself losses. On Bet9ja, you can even cash out live on bets you have made pre-match. Use the option and collect your wins so far.

You have yet to make a host of more bets, and get a host of profits. Whenever you can spare yourself losses, it is worth using cashout.