How to Withdraw from Bet9ja

How to withdraw on Bet9ja is the question we are going to answer here in detail. We will point out the methods you can choose from, and discuss the information about how to deposit/withdraw in the section the link for which you can find in the top second horizontal line, after the FAQ link.

The detailed information on depositing and withdrawing is available in the terms and conditions published on the Bet9ja site.

When can you withdraw funds from your Bet9ja account

First, let us point out that you can withdraw amounts from your account on the bookie site using the method you used to deposit at registration. But you can also use other payment methods, after the verification procedure has been completed for you.

What is the verification procedure on Bet9ja

Verification, which will be initiated by the Bet9ja staff, is important to establish your real identity. By means of verifying your personal details, the bookmaker will make sure that you legally own the money you use, and the origin of the money is a legal one.

When you choose to perform a withdrawal via bank transfer, by credit card, or by e-wallet, your request will be processed only after the verification procedure has been completed. 

What documents do you need to prove your identity when you are asked for verification

Typically, after the verification procedure is initiated, you will be required to send the bookie a copy of your ID, and you should copy/scan both sides.

  • If you wish to withdraw via credit card, you should also provide copies of both sides of the card you are going to use, and there has to be your signature on the card.
  • Another document that can be required is a copy of a document which is an official one and in which your billing address is indicated, if your current address is different from your address provided on the card or the ID.
  • The bookie may also request other documents at its discretion.

Please comply with all requirements to pass the verification and to be able to withdraw.

What methods can you choose to withdraw on Bet9ja

The payment methods available for withdrawing are the same as the methods you can use for depositing, and they include:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • bank transfers;
  • e-wallets, including the most popular ones, Skrill and Neteller.

At the bottom of the bookie page, you can see the logos of methods you can use, like Zenith, Interswitch, OPAY, NIBSS, and some others. Please check the complete list on the site.

Here you should note that if you prefer using a virtual card for payments, that is a method you can use for depositing only, but not for withdrawing.

What methods can you choose to withdraw on Bet9ja

Important conditions for withdrawing money from bet9ja

You have to ask for a withdrawal to the account from which your amount for depositing originated

The terms of Bet9ja state that the money withdrawn will be transferred only to the account from which the money for paying into the Bet9ja account was done. Please note that if there is doubt that a transaction is attempted which is aimed at transferring amounts from one payment method to another payment method, such a withdrawal will not be authorized by the bookmaker.

All withdrawals are audited before they are processed

The terms of the bookie stipulate that all withdrawals have to be audited before they can be processed. The audit is necessary to establish if the customer has observed the terms of use of Bet9ja.

How fast are withdrawals processed

The terms for withdrawing are different for the different methods.

  • Withdrawals to e-wallets are processed fast, within 24 hours.
  • For withdrawals to debit or credit cards, you should be prepared to wait from 3 to 5 working days.
  • The term of 5 working days is valid for withdrawals via bank transfer.

If a payout is larger than a specific limit, Bet9ja will perform additional verification to establish if there is misuse of accounts.

Frequently asked questions about withdrawals on Bet9ja

If you have questions about withdrawals, first consult the How to deposit/withdraw section, and also the FAQ section. Here are the typical questions asked by punters in the FAQ section:

How can I withdraw an amount from my account?

In My account, you will find the Withdraw button that you have to press to start the withdrawal process. There is a tutorial you can use, in the Account Tutorials which can be opened from the left side of the page opened by clicking on How to deposit/withdraw.

Will I be charged for withdrawing an amount?

There are no fees for withdrawing from your Bet9ja account.

Where can I see information on the previous transactions I have made?

You can see that information in the Account Statement in your account. There, both the deposits and the withdrawals made by you, as well as the balance in your account, will be seen.

How can I check what is the status of my request for a withdrawal?

You can find what the status of your request is by going to Account Statement in your account, and then clicking on the transaction for withdrawal.

Our conclusion

You can find out about the withdrawal process details using the handy tutorial available at the link provided above, or by following that link in the FAQ section. Be certain to comply with all the requirements, and provide document copies for the verification procedure aimed at checking your identity. Be also prepared for an additional verification if you have asked to withdraw a very large amount.

Choose the most convenient methods out of the methods offered by Bet9ja. There is not an abundance of payment methods, but the bookie accepts all the most popular means of payment, like credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers.

Withdrawals can take a short or a long period, depending on what method you have chosen. So check about the terms for the payment method you have used for withdrawing. In the meantime, you can check the status of your request, to be informed what progress your request has made.