Pinnacle Virtual Sports

Pinnacle is known through online bettors with its extremely high odds for sports events, which are quite a lot. One of the other biggest advantages of Pinnacle that also put Pinnacle ahead is that the bookmaker never restricted any players because of high and consecutive winnings streaks. Part of the modern sports betting world of Pinnacle is virtual sports, which are the perfect alternative for real sports events.

In the following article, we from the team of will fully focus on providing you with everything you need in order to start playing virtual sports at Pinnacle. Basically, Virtual Sports are basically sports events that are fully virtual, all the players and the whole gameplay are virtual, even the results are generated by a special algorithm.

The moment you enter Pinnacle, you will see how ordered everything is and how easy you can to find whatever you are looking for. Finding the virtual sports section of Pinnacle is as well very easy to be found.

  1. Visit the official web page of Pinnacle,
  2. Click on the “Virtual Sports” that can be found in the main navigation,
  3. And then, click on “Home”.
  4. On the top of the page, you will immediately spot a slideshow, which consists of the top promotions for the virtual sports section. Below, you can find all of the available virtual sports, which we will go over, in order to make things even better for you.

What are the available virtual sports at Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is one of the online bookmakers that offer many virtual sports, which you can enjoy every single day 24/7. Let’s see the best ones.

Virtual Football

There is no second mind that Virtual football is the most famous virtual sport not only in Pinnacle but in every single online bookie. Virtual Football completely copies the real football, so that if you cannot find any real football events for betting, or just wanna take a break for them, you can try virtual football.


Depending on the virtual football, which has many varieties at Pinnacle, the duration of each event will be about 1 minute long, and afterward, you will have about 30 seconds to 1-minute break for placing your next bet,

Betting Markets

The markets for virtual football events at Pinnacle are quite the same as for real football:

  • 1 X 2,
  • Correct Score,
  • Asian Handicap,
  • Goals - Under/ Over,
  • 1st Half,
  • 2nd Half.

Virtual Tennis

Virtual Tennis is also quite popular through virtual sports lovers at Pinnacle. Not surprising, virtual tennis is the same as real tennis. In virtual tennis, you can even see player’s names like in real tennis.


Similar to virtual football, virtual tennis events are about a minute. But, taking into account the whole structure of the game, it may extend up to 2 minutes,

Betting Markets

The markets for virtual tennis are similar to the markets available for real tennis:

  • Winner,
  • Sets,
  • Games,
  • Asian Handicap,
  • Correct score.

Virtual World Cup

The Virtual World Cup is one of the newest virtual sports at Pinnacle. Obviously, the virtual world cup is totally the same as The World Cup. There are qualifications, group stage, and direct knockout phase.


The duration of each virtual world cup event is approximately 1 minute, after that there is another minute for the preparation for your next bet,


The markets are the same as virtual football:

  • 1 x 2,
  • Final Winner,
  • 2nd Place,
  • Total goals,
  • Over/ Under Goals,
  • Correct Score.

Instant Sports

When you enter the virtual sports section of Pinnacle, you will notice that there are some Instant Sports, which confuse many people. Well, instant sports are the same as virtual ones, with the only difference that instant sports do not cycle, and there is not any duration between events, but each event starts whenever you place a bet.

Instant Football

When it comes to instant sports, football is again the most popular. Instant football is again a very good alternative for real football and even virtual football, as the events start immediately after you place a bet,


The duration of instant football events are about 1 minute, and as you already know after the end of it, the next one start right after you place your next bet,

Betting Markets

The markets are the same as the real football:

  • 1 X 2,
  • Correct Score,
  • Asian Handicap,
  • Goals - Under/ Over,
  • 1st Half,
  • 2nd Half.

Instant Horses

Instant Horse races are the next virtual sport that we want to show you. Instant Horses are one of the most preferred sports, no matter if we talk about real races or virtual ones.


The duration of instant horse races may vary depending on the type of race, it can be from 40 seconds up to a minute and a half. After the end of the race, the next one start after you place your next bet. Pinnacle, also offers virtual horse races.

Betting Markets

The available betting markets for instant horse races are classical for that type of sports:

  • Winner,
  • Forecast,
  • Top 2 Winners.

Other Virtual Sports at Pinnacle

As we already mentioned, Pinnacle is full of virtual sports, we from, are going to list all of them for you.


  • Virtual Hockey League,
  • Goal - Virtual Euro League Football,
  • Virtual Tennis,
  • Goal - Spanish Single Game Football,
  • Goal - Spanish League Football,
  • Jumps,
  • Goal - Italian Single Game Football,
  • Goal - Italian League Football,
  • Virtual Euros,
  • Instant Football,
  • Virtual Football League Mod,e
  • Virtual Tennis Open,
  • Virtual Basketball,
  • Virtual Horse Classics,
  • Dashing Derby,
  • Platinum Hounds,
  • Charging Chariots,
  • MaxCar Motor Racing,
  • Pro-Pong Table Tennis,
  • Goal - English Single Game Football,
  • Goal - English League Football,
  • Racing Roulette,
  • Virtual Football,
  • Virtual Europa League,
  • Instant Racing,
  • Instant Horses,
  • Instant Greyhounds,
  • Instant Speedway,
  • Instant Trotting,
  • Virtual Champions,
  • Virtual World Cup.

Types of markets for Pinnacle Virtual Sports

You probably already noticed that Pinnacle offers numerous betting markets for its virtual sports section. The markets depend on the actual virtual sport that you chose, but there are some that apply to almost every single sport.

  • 1 x 2 ,
  • Winner,
  • Correct Score,
  • Goals/ Points/ Games,
  • Asian Handicap,
  • Half Markets.

How to bet on Pinnacle Virtual Sports

After you already know simply everything about Pinnacle Virtual sports, let’s see how you can place a bet on Pinnacle virtuals. Luckily, placing a bet on any virtual sport at the bookie is completely the same as placing a bet on any other sport.

  1. Open the official site of Pinnacle,
  2. Log in to your existing account,
  3. Go to the virtual sports section,
  4. Choose on which virtual sport you want to bet,
  5. Choose the markets you want to bet on,
  6. Click on the market to add it to the bet slip section, which will appear on the right,
  7. Finally, type how much you want to bet and place your bet.

Pinnacle Mobile Virtual Sports Betting

Pinnacle is known to be one of the fastest-growing online bookies on the market. Pinnacle successfully adapted to the newest modern technologies and made its website responsive, and even the team of the bookie developed two dedicated mobile apps, which are available for both Android and iOS devices.

The mobile apps of Pinnacle can be downloaded very easily, you just have to type “Pinnacle Lite” for iOS devices, or download it through the website version for Android devices. The mobile app of Pinnacle is perfect and works without any technical problems, but unfortunately, requires downloading and installing.

In case of not wanting to download and install any additional software on your mobile device, you just can use the mobile site version of Pinnacle, but you should know that it is working under your mobile browser, which immediately makes it dependent on it. Also, you have to know that the mobile site version consumes a lot more mobile data than the mobile apps.

If you are interested in playing Pinnacle Virtual Sports on the mobile apps or on the mobile site version of Pinnacle, you just have to check out our full Pinnacle Mobile Betting Review.

Bonuses for Pinnacle Virtual Sports

Unfortunately, Pinnacle does not offer any bonus offers related to the virtual sports section yet, but that should not bother you. Every single virtual sport at Pinnacle has very high odds so that the potential return is simply huge. Also, the team of Pinnacle suggested that there will be some bonuses specifically for virtual sports, simply because there is a separate section in the virtual sports called “All Promotions”.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pinnacle Virtual Sports

There is no second mind that Pinnacle is one of the best online bookies for online virtual sports bettors. The bookie has a wide variety of different options for all of you. In order to help you see how good Pinnacle actually is for virtual sports betting, we will list all of the advantages and disadvantages of the Pinnacle virtual sports section.


  • Pinnacle has a wide variety of virtual sports available for all of you,
  • Pinnacle virtual sports are available every single day, 24/7,
  • At Pinnacle you can even enjoy playing virtual sports using your smartphone,
  • Pinnacle customer support agents are always available to help you with everything,
  • Pinnacle is available in many countries.


  • There are not any bonus offers related to the virtual sports section,
  • Pinnacle is not available in a few countries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pinnacle Virtual Sports

Q: Are there any bonus offers related to the Pinnacle virtual sports section?

A: Unfortunately, at the moment Pinnacle, does not have any bonuses for virtual sports. But, in the close future, Pinnacle will release some, the bookie even suggested it by involving the promotions tab in the Pinnacle virtual sports menu.

Q: Do I need to register to play virtual sports at Pinnacle?

A: Yes, in order to play Pinnacle virtual sports, you must have an account at the bookie. If you do not have, you will not be able to deposit money, which means that you won’t be able to bet. You cannot even enter any virtual sport without logging in.

Q: How can I enter the virtual sports section of Pinnacle?

A: To access the virtual sports section of Pinnacle, you only have to go to the official site of Pinnacle, then log in to your account, and then click on the “Virtual Sports” button.

Q: What are instant sports at Pinnacle?

A: Instant sports are quite similar to virtual sports. The only difference is that instant sports start immediately after you place your bet. Whereas for virtual sports, there is a fixed break of about 1 minute.

Q: Can I play Pinnacle Virtual sports using my smartphone?

A: Yes, the team of Pinnacle developed two dedicated mobile apps, one for iOS devices and one for Android ones. Also, there is a mobile site version, which is accessible directly through your mobile browser.

Q: Can I play Pinnacle Virtual Sports live?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way for playing Pinnacle virtual sports live. The whole idea of virtual sports is for them to be short and easy to be played. So that, there is not enough time to place live bets on virtual sports, not only at Pinnacle but in every other online bookie.

Q: Why virtual sports at Pinnacle do not start through the mobile site version?

A: In order for the virtual sports at Pinnacle to run through the mobile site version, you have to make sure that your mobile browser is updated, and also you must have an installed flash player.version

Conclusion and Rating of Pinnacle Virtual Sports

When we are talking about modern and innovative online bookmakers, for no doubt one of the first names that pops up in our mind is Pinnacle. Pinnacle is one of the best online bookmakers, for all those of you who love playing using smartphones, and also all of you who want to benefit from all of the modern betting options like virtual sports, eSports, etc.

From the article above, you must already notice how good Pinnacle is for Virtual Sports betting, with its wide variety of daily events, and actually the fact that there are over 20 different virtual sports options. Last but not least, Pinnacle virtual sports offer you extremely high odds, which instantly means that you can win big from them. Overall, if you are a fan of virtual sports betting, we highly advise you to try Pinnacle, you will be more than excited to try all sports and take advantage of the many virtual sports options at the bookie.