MELbet eSports

eSports betting has become one of the most preferred options for punters who love dynamic sports and the benefit of betting on very high odds. eSports offer a very big thrill, and also this type of betting gives you many daily events for staking. eSports are simply electronic sports, which are played by professional gamers, usually in big tournaments, where the rewards for the winners are very attractive.

Most of the matches are played in a few different maps, of course, depending on the video game, and what is the format of the tournament. At MELbet, you can find plenty of eSports that you can enjoy playing every single day. The options simply do not end, also the markets are a lot so that you can bet for whatever you want. Not only that, but MELbet also has some promotions that can be reached down for eSports bettors, which can boost your eSports betting experience. Without further explanation, let’s dive deeper into MELbet eSports.

MELbet eSports Section - Interface and Design

If you are already familiar with how MELbet looks, you will be astonished to hear that the bookie actually redesigned its webpage. The design is pretty new, but the main colors for the theme are kept, yellow and black. Now, you will notice that the eSports section is separated, and can be visited only by tapping on the “eSports” button, which is visible in the main menu. Once you visit the eSports section, you will see 3 tabs on the top, which allows you to switch between:

  • eSports Live,
  • eSports Pre-Match,
  • MelCyber.

Below, you can find the live streaming box, and below, on the left is a very helpful menu, which has the main eSports Categories and also the popular ones:

  • eSports,
  • Sports Simulators,
  • Sports Games,
  • Fighting Games,
  • Card Games,
  • Shooters,
  • Online RPGs,
  • Adventure,
  • Strategy,
  • Vehicular Combat Games,
  • Puzzles,
  • Others.

And then, there are all of the available top games for the day, and on the opposite side of the page, there is an eSports Bonus Calendar showing you some additional bonuses for each day, where you can get about 10% more from a certain eSport.

MELbet eSports Section

Taking into account that there are loads of eSports categories at MELbet, you can imagine how many individual eSports there are. And to help you visualize things, let’s quickly go through one of the top available eSports that you can find in this bookie.


CS: GO is one of the best eSports at MELbet, which offers extremely high odds. The first-person multiplayer shooter game is popular all over the world, and now you can bet on it in your favorite bookmaker, MELbet. There are lots of daily games that you can bet on and watch live streams for CS: GO. The markets are also impressive:

  • 1 X 2,
  • Total Maps,
  • Correct Score,
  • Total Maps Handicap,
  • 1 X 2 1st Map,
  • Handicap Maps,
  • First to win a number of rounds,
  • Who will win the pistol round?

There are a lot more markets, which you can check out by going directly to the MELbet eSports section.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) also known as just the League is a multiplayer battle arena, which has gained a lot of popularity since its release date in October 2009. MELbet offers many markets and high payouts for League of Legends as well. And the number of available games is big.

  • 1 X 2,
  • Correct Score,
  • 1 Map,
  • 1 x 2 1 Map,
  • 2 Map,
  • 1 x 2 2 Map.

Dota 2

If you are aware of League of Legends, you will probably know what Dota 2 is. Actually, Dota 2 was published before LoL and is still one of the most preferred online battle arena video games. MELbet also gives you some unique betting options for this game and markets like:

  • 1 x 2,
  • Total Maps,
  • 1 Map,
  • Correct Score,
  • Frags Total Even/ Odd,
  • 2 Map.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a fantastic card game, which is not only that but also a sports game. The game is basically a soccer game, but instead of playing with footballers, you are playing with cars, which makes that game very attractive for players who love football and action. Some of the available markets are:

  • 1 x 2,
  • Double Chance,
  • Total,
  • Handicap,
  • Total Even,
  • Total 1.

Fifa 21

We just cannot skip Fifa, which is the best representation of real football. Fifa is a video game that started before about 20 years and not it is one of the most played video games in the world. Every year there is a new Fifa, but now the newest one is FIFA 21. Every single day, millions of gamers and just fans are playing this game for fun, whereas punters are taking advantage of its high odds and amazing streams. Some of the available markets for this unique soccer video game are:

  • 1 X 2,
  • Double Chance,
  • Total,
  • Next Goal,
  • Handicap,
  • Correct Score,
  • Half Time/ Full Time,
  • Score in each Half,
  • Exact Number

MELbet eSports Markets

You already have an idea of how rich MELbet is when it comes to markets. Unfortunately, markets are completely different for each eSports, but there are still some similarities:

  • 1 X 2,
  • Handicap,
  • Total,
  • Correct Score,
  • Maps,
  • Even/ Odd.

Promotions that apply for MELbet eSports

Luckily, the team of MELbet allows you to take the edge of most of the sports bonus funds and use them for eSports.

100% Bonus for the First Deposit

Starting with the First Deposit Bonus, which can give you 100% of up to 100 euros, which is quite juicy for all eSports lovers. This bonus can be used fully for eSports. and the terms and conditions are quite smooth to be followed:

  • You can get the 100% Bonus once,
  • The bonus will be given to you once you make your first deposit of at least 1 euro,
  • The wager requirements are 5 times only on accumulator bets,
  • Every accumulator must consist of 3 events or more,
  • At least 3 of those events have to be with odds of 1.40 or higher,
  • All those event’s start dates should be no later than the expiry period of the offer,
  • The bonus is considered wagered, once all events are settled,
  • You are not allowed to make any withdrawals throughout the wagering period,
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with another bonus,
  • The bonus should be used and wagered within 30 days of receiving it.

eSports Calendar

Since MELbet redesigned its eSports section, they added a special eSports calendar, which has bonuses for every day of the month. You can see that offer by going directly to the promo page, or in the eSports section.

The bonus is basically a certain cashback for all losses for the day, where you can get about 10% - 30% cashback bonus on all bets placed between 00:00 and 23:59. The minimum cashback amount that you can get is 10 euros, but only from bets whose minimum stake was 1.50 euros.

How to bet on MELbet eSports

Placing bets on MELbet eSports is quite similar to placing bets for regular sports events. But, you know that we always try to come up with the best betting experience, and we want to make everything easier for you so that we will give you the steps for placing eSports bets at MELbet.

  1. Go to MELbet,
  2. Start with creating an account, unless you already have one (If you have no idea how to open an account, we covered you with our full MELbet Registration Guide),
  3. Click the “eSports” tab in the main menu,
  4. Confirm you have enough funds for staking (Alongside making your first deposit, you can claim the initial bonus that can give you 100% of up to 100 euros),
  5. Make a decision on which event you want to bet and on which market (Be Sure to make research before putting any selection to your bet slip),
  6. Tap on the market to add it to your bet slip,
  7. Type in how much you want to stake, which is the key for long-term profits, if you are not aware of money management, you just have to look at our extended guide about it,
  8. And click the bet button,
  9. Now, you can enjoy the live stream and wait for the games to end, and collect your winnings.

eSports Live Streaming at MELbet

Live Streaming is one of the keys to successful eSports betting. Luckily, MELbet introduced that feature, and even allows punters to watch it in HD, which is a huge benefit, as you can see every single detail of the game. To watch the live stream the only thing that you have to do is just enter your account and click on the event you want to watch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of eSports at MELbet

eSports betting is gaining more and more popularity, and that is exactly why you can enjoy betting it on the MELbet platform. The bookmaker even redesigned its platform and introduced eSports as an individual section, just for you to have all events grouped in one place. But, actually, MELbet has a lot more advantages connected with eSports.


  • MELbet has separated the eSports section and redesigned its platform,
  • The eSports events just do not end at MELbet,
  • The odds are impressively high,
  • There are a bunch of markets for eSports,
  • All bonus offers for sports can be used for eSports,
  • There are plenty of methods for payments,
  • The live customer support at MELbet is always there to help you.


  • MELbet happens to not be accessible via certain countries from the restricted list,
  • There is a lack of bonus offers, which are specific for the eSports section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I visit the eSports of the MELbet platform?

A: To go check the eSports section of MELbet, you are only required to log in, then click on the “eSports” button, located in the main menu, which will send you directly to the whole individual eSports part of MELbet.

Q: Are there any promotions for eSports?

A: Yes, MELbet gives you access to a bunch of different promos that can be used for eSports.

Q: Can I watch live streams for eSports at MELbet?

A: Yes, you will see the live stream immediately after you enter the eSports section. And to change it for another game, you just click on the desired game. The live stream is only in HD so that you can enjoy every single detail of the game.

Q: Am I allowed to collect money before I finished the wager for the first deposit bonus?

A: No, you have to fully wager the bonus funds before making any withdrawals. This is clearly written in the Terms and Conditions of the bonus, so that if you try to make any withdrawals before you finish the wager, you may be punished for that, with losing all of the bonus funds, and not being able to get the bonus again.

Q: Are there any age limitations for playing MELbet eSports?

A: In order to play MELbet eSports, you have to be at a legal age of 18, wherein in some countries, the minimum age maybe 21.

Q: How can I get in touch with MELbet customer support agents?

A: To contact MELbet customer support agents, just use one of the available methods, like e-mail, live chat, contact form, or mobile number.

MELbet Customer Service

MELbet customer support agents are always busy, but that does not mean that they will not respond to you. They are busy because they are helping players like you, whenever they have any questions or face some problems. So, if you want to get in touch with MELbet support agents, just use some of the methods below.


  • E-mail:
  • General Queries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • Security Department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • On-site Contact Form,
  • Mobile Number: +44 203 807 76 61.
  • Live Chat.

In Conclusion

MELbet happens to be one of the fastest-growing and most powerful online betting houses, both for sports betting and casino. The bookmaker offers many daily events for betting and loads of casino games. The odds at MELbet just cannot be underestimated simply because they cannot be even compared with odds at other bookies.

MELbet believes that players must receive the best possible betting options to spend some memorable time betting, and that is exactly why you have access to eSports, fast games, slots, live casino games, and many many others. Without taking any more of your time, we will only recommend you giving a try to MELbet eSports, simply because this incredible section can make you lots of profits, and last but not least the thrill from betting and watching them is enormous.