Accumulator Bets at MELbet

Nowadays, hundreds of online bookmakers are on the market, offering various betting options and services. One of the most popular and profitable betting options that every bookmaker offers is Accumulator betting.

Accumulator betting happens to be one of the most thrilling betting types, which also gives a lot in return. MELbet, which is one of the most well-known bookies that are quite young, but already attracted players from all over the world, also has accumulator betting in it. In today’s article, we from will combine the most popular type of betting, accumulator betting with one of the best betting houses MELbet.

Why Accumulator Bets at MELbet?

Accumulator bets, or just accumulators are a type of bet, which consists of more than one event in it. It is a simple straight column, but instead of one event, just like in single bets, you have to successfully predict two or more games. The risk with accumulators is a little bigger, but as soon as the odds of each event are multiplying, you will get a lot in return. A detailed guide about accumulator bets can be found in our in-depth review of accumulators.

The key factors about accumulators are high odds, bonus offers, and well-researched games. So that, MELbet is known to be one of the best options for accumulator lovers. The bookmaker has a rich selection of sports events for every single day, the odds are also skyrocketing. And last, but not least MELbet is quite generous about sports bonus offers. One of the available sports at MELbet are:

  • Football,
  • Ice Hockey,
  • Volleyball,
  • Basketball,
  • Tennis,
  • Table Tennis,
  • Cricket,
  • eSports,
  • Beach Soccer,
  • Beach Volley.

Instructions on how to place Accumulator bets at MELbet

The first thing that you have to know about MELbet accumulator bets, is of course, how to place them. To begin with, let’s see how you can enter the sports section of the bookie.

  1. Go to the MELbet website,
  2. Log in to your account,
  3. Click on the “Sports” button,
  4. Choose events,
  5. Choose markets,
  6. Click on each market to add it to your bet slip,
  7. Type how much you want to bet,
  8. Place your accumulator.

Essential Steps before placing your bet

Every time before you intend to place an accumulator bet, you have to be aware of some essential things that can decide if you will be successful or not, also you will deny any chance of missing high odds and good events.

  1. Initially, you must be sure that your account is active
  2. Making sure that you have enough funds for placing the bets you want,
  3. You also need to think of how many events you want to introduce in your bet slip,
  4. You have to stick to a certain accumulator betting strategy.

How to calculate bet slip profits and total odds

MELbet is one of the most developed betting houses, and that is exactly why when you enter the bookie and add all of the selections you want to put in your bet slip, all the calculations are done automatically for you. But, indeed, it is always better for you to know how it’s done, just to be sure. Well, we from, are here to show you that, and you will see that it is way easier than you think.

Overall Odds Calculations

The calculations of the overall odds are quite simple, you only have to do some simple multiplications, which consists of the odds of each of your selections.


Let’s imagine that you want to add 6 selections to your bet slip and each one have odds of:

  • 2.05
  • 2.09
  • 1.85
  • 2.50
  • 1.64
  • 1.92

So that, to check your overall odds you have to do the following:

2.05 x 2.09 x 1.85 x 2.50 x 1.64 x 1.92 = 62.3960304, and when you round it, you will see that your overall odds are 62.40

Bet Slip Profit Calculations

The calculations of your bet slip profits can be done easily by following the simple formula:

Total Odds * Stake = Bet Slip Profit

For the example, we will use the same total odds from the example above, 62.40. And for the stake, we will say that you want to bet 50 dollars.

40 (Total Odds) * 50 (Stake) = 3 120 (Bet Slip Profit)

Live Accumulator Bets at MELbet

Live Accumulator betting has also grown a lot of popularity over the past few years. Placing in-play accumulators is more thrilling and can give you a lot more in return, as the whole idea of live events is to give you more freedom, and allow you to place bets during a game. But, unfortunately, live accumulators are specific and you have to be very careful, as the risk is bigger. So, that we will give you some crucial advice about live accumulator betting.

  • You have to follow the statistics about each game you put in your bet slip,
  • It is recommended to watch each game you bet on,
  • You must try catching the biggest possible odds, but do not wait too long, as odds will begin to drop after a certain time in the game.

Mobile Accumulators at MELbet

MELbet does not only allows you to place live accumulators but gives you the chance to bet using your mobile device. Luckily, the team of MELbet has developed two unique mobile platforms that can be used by both iOS users and of course, Android ones. The mobile platforms are just the same as the desktop site so that you can find everything from the desktop site, apart from that everything is responsive.

The two mobile platforms of the bookie, are respectively the mobile app and the mobile site version. The first one, which is the mobile site version is the option for all those players, who do not want to download or install any additional mobile software on their smartphones. But, it operates under your mobile browser, so that sometimes you may face some problems connected with how it works. The mobile site version consumes more mobile data as well.

The mobile app of MELbet is obviously better, but as you can suggest, it requires downloading and installing. About the mobile app, we can only say that it is perfect, and it works perfectly. If you are interested in knowing more about it, you can check our full guide about it.

Accumulator Betting Promotions at MELbet

The benefits of MELbet accumulators just never stop. The bookmaker even introduced some special bonuses for players, who love placing accumulators.

Accumulator of the day

The accumulator of the day is a special bonus, that allows you to get a 10% odds to boost if you place a bet on the accumulator of the day. The accumulators of the day are chosen between more than one thousand sports events by the team of MELbet and when you win one of those bets, MELbet will give you 10% more.

  • The selections from the accumulator of the day cannot be changed,
  • Advancedbets are not available for accumulators of the day,
  • Only real funds can be used for placing the accumulator of the day.

100% Refund

We all know that accumulators are a little bit risky, but MELbet also knows that, so that they introduced a special bonus that allows you to get a full refund even if you lose your accumulator.

  • You have to place accumulators with at least 7 selections,
  • Each selection have to be with odds of no less than 1.7,
  • If one of the selections happens to be unsuccessful, you get a full refund on your stake,
  • Both pre-match and live events can be included in your accumulators.

Top 5 Advice for MELbet Accumulator Betting

You must already know that accumulators are straight column bets that have at least 2 selections in them. And to win from accumulators, you have to successfully predict all of the added selections. That means that accumulators are risky so that you have to be very careful when you place them. And to help you avoid many headaches from accumulators and win as much as possible, we from will give you the top 5 advice for MELbet accumulator betting


We told that million times, Researching is the key to successful online betting. Nowadays, we have the strong ability to check everything online. And that is extremely helpful when it comes to accumulator betting. You can simply check all of the statistics and hot news about each event you want to put into your accumulator. By doing that, you will drastically increase your chances of winning, as you are going to be more informed about which team stands the better chances for winning. Every factor matters so that be sure to take everything into account.

Avoid putting too many selections

Always avoid putting too many selections into a single accumulator. Remember, the more selections you add, the bigger is the risk. And it is always better to get something in return, rather than losing the whole bet and take nothing. So, our advice is to stick to putting only a few selections in a single accumulator, and if you have more than 5 or 6 selections, it is always better to separate them into two accumulators, or even three.

Place the correct amount on each bet

Knowing exactly how much to place on each accumulator is the key to long-term profits. If you do not know how much to place on each bet and stake chaotic, the chance for ending up in profits, no matter that you won more bets than you lost, is huge. Just imagine, if you win 10 consecutive bets and then stake all of the winnings on a single losing bet, what will happen, you will lose everything. So, check out our Bankroll Management guide and start making profits in the long term. 

Be careful with live accumulators

Live Accumulators may be very tricky for players who do not know how to place them. The odds for live events can vary so hard so that you cannot catch the best ones on time. So that, we strongly suggest you staking less in the beginning until you master how to place live accumulators. 

Follow a Strategy

Following a strategy is another crucial step that differs a beginner from a professional bettor. Strategy can be everything that works for you and can be done more than once. If you see that accumulators having 3 selections in them work the best for you, and you end up in profits if you place 50 dollars on every accumulator, you should stick to it and never change it. But, if you see that accumulators with more events work for you, you should stick to that one. The secret here is to try and see what works the best for you in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions fro ACCA Betting at MELbet

Q: How do I add selections to my bet slip at MELBet?

A: Adding selections to your bet slip at MELbet is quite easy, you just have to find markets, and once you click on that exact market, the event will be automatically added to your bet slip.

Q: How is it possible to bet on the acca of the day?

A: To bet on the accumulator of the day, you only have to use real funds and do not change any of the selections in each accumulator. The full terms and conditions, you can find on the official site of MELbet.

Q: Are there any other cash bonuses that are for MELbet accumulators?

A: There are a lot more bonuses that can be used for MELbet accumulators. To check them all, just visit the “Promo” section of the MELbet website or mobile.

Q: Which is the best strategy for acca betting?

A: There is no such best strategy. There are a lot of strategies that you can use, as the Martingale, Positive or Negative Progression. You can even create your own strategy by doing what works the best for you. The decision about which strategy you will use is all yours.

In Summary for MELbet accumulators

MELbet is doubtlessly one of the most powerful online betting houses in almost every single country. That is why most players choose not any other bookie but MELbet for their accumulator journey. MELbet has thousands of daily sports events and its odds are quite high so that you can get a lot in return.

The bookmaker is also giving away many bonuses that can be collected even daily. MELbet can work very well for all of you who love acca betting, or sports betting at all, or even casinos as MELbet offers it as well. The only thing that remained you, is to go create an account at MELbet and start making profits.