Mobile Betting - Tips & Tricks for a better experience

Mobile Betting - Tips & Tricks for a better experience

Nowadays, online gambling has changed a lot. Before years, all of the sports betting lovers, and casino fans were forced to sit in front of the computer and place the bets that they want to, but over the past few years that changed in a positive way, most online bookmakers developed mobile platforms, which makes possible, betting from wherever you are and whatever you do. You just need to have a mobile device with an internet connection, and you will be able to bet while you are on the go. Actually, more than 80% of bettors use mobile devices, and in today’s article, we from, are going to go over all the mobile betting services, in order to help you with your unique mobile betting journey.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Versions - What is the Difference

No matter which online bookmaker you join, you will be able to choose between two mobile platforms, mobile applications, and mobile website versions. No matter if you choose to use the mobile app of an exact online bookmaker, or the mobile site version, you will be more than satisfied. Unfortunately, there are some major differences between certain bookmaker’s mobile apps and site versions, which may affect your final decision, for which you can see more about a below in the article, where we will list all of the advantages and disadvantages of both mobile platforms.

Apart from all of the differences in certain mobile apps and mobile site versions of each bookmaker, there are still some common specifications of both mobile platforms, so that, let’s see more about it.

Mobile Applications for betting

Mobile Applications of online bookmakers are usually available for both Android and iOS devices, and in order to get them, you only have to download and install them, which is quite a simple process, where you only have to follow some simple steps, which are almost the same for every mobile app. Mobile Applications are separate mobile platforms, so that, they are fully optimized and work perfectly, without any technical problems. By downloading and installing any mobile app, you will have access to a mobile betting platform, which can change your whole betting experience. You also have to know that mobile apps consume a very small amount of mobile data.

Mobile Site Versions for betting

The second available mobile platform to which you have access to every single online bookmaker is the mobile site version, there is no such online bookie, which does not have any mobile site version. The biggest advantage of any mobile site version is that it can be accessed directly through your mobile browser, and no additional downloading and installation is required. Unfortunately, the mobile site version consumes a lot more mobile data than the mobile apps, and also may cause some technical problems, like lags, bugs, or even crashes sometimes, as they are dependent on your mobile browser.

What you need to know about mobile applications of bookmakers

For no doubt, the mobile application of bookmakers is preferred over the mobile site version, as they are more functional and can provide you with a better betting experience. As we already mentioned, mobile apps are developed to work perfectly on all types of devices, no matter if they are with an iOS or Android Operating System.

Applications for Android

Applications for Android are perfectly developed for its OS type, they are developed to work as much good as possible. The good news is that mobile applications for Android are quite easy to be download and installed and also the minimum system requirements are so low.

How to download a mobile app on Android devices (Most Common Steps)

For almost every single mobile app, the steps for downloading are almost the same:

  1. Open your bookie’s official website,
  2. Then, go to the mobile apps page,
  3. There, you have to click on the downloading button for Android devices,
  4. Once you do it, the downloading will immediately start,
  5. Now, you only have to wait for a few minutes, in order for the downloading to finish.

How to install a mobile app on Android devices (Most Common steps)

The installation is also quite easy. But, here you have to make sure that your device installs apps from unknown sources, which can be easily done by:

  • Going to your phone’s “Settings”,
  • Then, you have to go to the “Security Settings”,
  • There, you have to tick the field with the “Allow installations from unknown sources”.
  • And once you allowed it, you can proceed with the installation: Open the .apk file that you just downloaded,
  • Then, you have to click on the “Install” button,
  • This will start the installation automatically,
  • So, you have to only wait for a few seconds for the installation to finish,
  • And done, you just downloaded and installed your mobile app.

Applications for iOS devices

Mobile applications for iOS devices are also developed to work perfectly, and also they provide you with an astonishing and memorable online mobile betting experience. Also, as for Android devices, the mobile apps for iOS devices are also very suitable for almost every device, as the minimum system requirements are so low.

How to download a mobile app on an iOS device (Most Common steps)

The biggest advantage of mobile apps for iOS devices over mobile apps for Android devices is that for iOS devices, the apps are available for downloading and installing directly from the “App Store” so that the downloading and installing is quite easy.

How to download and install a mobile app on an iOS device (Most Common steps)

  1. First, you have to open your App Store on your iOS device,
  2. Then, you have to type the name of the mobile app in the search bar,
  3. Then, after you locate the app, you have to click on the “Get” button, which will immediately start the downloading and installing of your app,
  4. Then, you have to wait for a few seconds for the downloading and installing to finish,
  5. And done, you can find the app on your home screen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Applications?

Advantages of betting apps

  • Mobile apps are separate mobile platform,
  • Mobile apps are fully optimized,
  • Mobile apps work perfectly, without any bugs, lags, or crashes,
  • Mobile apps consume almost no mobile data,
  • Mobile apps allow you to turn on the beneficial pop-up notifications,
  • Mobile apps have astonishing designs,
  • You receive instant updated when you use mobile apps.

Disadvantages of betting apps

  • Mobile Applications requires both downloading and installing,
  • Mobile Applications require some free space.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Website Versions

Advantages of betting mobile sites

  • Mobile site versions are accessible directly through your mobile browser, Mobile site versions work very well, and you can get an amazing experience, Mobile site versions do not require any additional downloading and installation.

Disadvantages of betting mobile sites

  • Mobile site versions are dependent on your mobile browser,
  • You can face some technical problems with mobile site version, due to the fact that they are dependent on your mobile browser,
  • Mobile Site Version consumes more mobile data.

What types of mobile bets and options are available through mobile?

As we already mentioned, no matter if you use a mobile app or a mobile site version of an exact online bookmaker, you are going to have access to all of the available sports betting options and casino services. You can even open your account and proceed with payments via mobile site versions and mobile apps. Now, let’s see some of the most popular mobile betting options.

Mobile Sports Betting

For no doubt, the most popular betting option, to which all of the mobile apps and mobile site versions are giving you access is mobile sports betting. No matter which bookie you join, you are going to be able to bet on all of the sports betting events, including all the markets.

Mobile Live Sports Betting

Accompanied by the sports betting section, each mobile bookmaker also allows you to bet on all of the live sports betting events. There is no second mind that the biggest thrill from sports betting comes from the live sports betting section, where the odds are escalating and the winning opportunities are quite more.

Mobile eSports Betting

eSports become very popular over the past few years. eSports or electronic sports are types of sports betting, where you can be on video games. This type of betting hides a lot of massive profits, as the odds for eSports are simply huge. The good news is that eSports are part of the sports betting section so that you can access them via your mobile device.

Mobile Virtual Sports Bettings

Virtual Sports are usually mistaken with eSports, but actually, there is nothing in common, so be sure that you know what are they. Virtual Sports are totally virtual, a special algorithm, generated everything, including the game play and the final results. Do not miss the opportunity to bet on virtual sports via your mobile site version or mobile app.

Mobile Casino

Now, let’s move on with the mobile casino of bookies. Mobile Casino have become very popular over casino lovers, and almost every online bookmaker allows you to play in it via the mobile site version or via the mobile app. Some bookmakers even developed a separate casino application.

Mobile Live Casino

Through every mobile site version and mobile application, you can access the casino section, you can also access the live casino section. Live casino is the place from which you can get the maximum satisfaction from online casinos. Live casino games are hosted by real dealers so that the atmosphere is like in a real casino.

Mobile Poker

Most of the online bookmakers, which have a separate poker section, also developed a separate poker section, which can move your poker experience to the next level. On the other hand, if the bookie does not have any separate poker section, but it still has poker in its casino, you can be sure that you can access it through both the mobile app and the mobile site version.

Bookmakers apps & versions

Which bookmakers have each betting option?

Mobile Sport Casino Poker Virtuals eSports
1xBet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bet9ja Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Efbet Yes Yes No Yes Yes
22bet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bwin Yes Yes No Yes Yes
BetWinner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MELbet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Bookmakers and its mobile services (mobile site version and mobile application availability)?

  Mobile App Mobile version
1xBet Yes Yes
Bet9ja Yes Yes
Efbet Yes Yes
22bet Yes Yes
Bwin Yes Yes
BetWinner Yes Yes
MELbet Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Apps and Mobile Site Versions

🤔Q: Is Mobile Gambling Legal?

A: Actually, it depends on which country you live in. For example, in some of the states in the United States, it is not legal to bet on sports, whereas it is legal to play in mobile casinos.

🤔Q: How can I bet on my phone?

A: You can bet on your mobile device just by joining an online bookmaker, then downloading and installing the mobile app, or just using the mobile site version. Then, you are allowed to place any type of bets.

🤔Q: Which is the best app for mobile betting?

A: There are plenty of perfect mobile applications, through which you can place all types of bets. For example, the mobile apps of BetWinner, 22bet, 1xBet, MELbet, are perfect for mobile betting.

🤔Q: Is online betting legal in Pakistan?

A: Unfortunately, betting is not legal in Pakistan. If you get caught gambling in Pakistan, you are going to be sentenced or will get fined 1000 PKR. So, if you want to bet from Pakistan, you just have to use some of the online bookmakers, which have licenses in Pakistan. So, be sure to see which bookies are licensed in Pakistan.

Top 5 Tips for Successful Mobile Betting

And now, after you know everything about mobile betting, we from, are going to give you some essential tips for how to be successful at mobile betting. If you stick to these tips, you are not only going to be successful in mobile betting, but also in betting at all, and you will never face any issues with mobile betting.

Be sure that you have an internet connection

The first tip that we want to give you about mobile betting, is technical at all. There are lots of players who lost bets, or lost money in casinos, just because they do not have a stable internet connection. So, when you are about to place mobile bets, be sure that you have a stable internet connection.

Keep your data updated

It is quite important to keep your data updated, and by that, we mean to always keep your app or mobile site version updated, as if you do not, you can miss some opportunities, and even can misplay some big bets.

Research is the key to success

This is a tip that we are always going to give you, as it is crucial for your online betting success. There is no better, who do not make a research but win. So, the more you research, the higher are your chances for winning. Just a few minutes spent researching can bring to massive monthly profits,

Pop-up Notification

When you join an online bookie and install the mobile app, you are going to be able to turn on the push-up notifications, which are really helpful for your successful mobile betting journey. By turning in those pop-up notifications, you will be notified every time there is something connected with betting.

Choose Wisely

It is quite important to find the best online bookmaker for you. And we say the best bookie for you, as there is no such a best bookie. Every bookmaker offers unique betting options and services, but you have to go there and find the one, which fits your needs. Be sure to choose a bookmaker that fits your mobile needs.

In Summary about Mobile Betting

Over the past few years, the world of online sports betting and casinos has jumped to another modern level. More than 80% of the sports betting fans and casino lovers replaced the old way of desktop betting, with the modern way of mobile betting. Mobile Applications and mobile site versions of online bookmakers have helped many bettors have a better experience and enjoy gambling even more. There is no such a pleasure to place your bets while on the go, just by holding your smartphone. You simply can bet from wherever you are and whatever you do, and as you already know from the article above, you already know all about mobile apps and mobile site version of bookies, so that the only thing that you have to do, is to follow the steps above, and also the tips to start your mobile betting journey.

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