Mastering Live Betting

Mastering Live Betting - In-Play Bets for Newbies

Live Betting, for no doubt, every single sports betting lover experienced at least one satisfying feeling to bet on sports events that are already in progress. When you are placing live bets, you are taking advantage of the many benefits that this type of betting provides you. Live bets are more thrilling, the odds are escalating every single minute, which of course means that you can win huge profits. But, unfortunately, as live bets can improve your betting experience, they also can ruin it, if you do not know how to do it. So, in the article below, we from, are going to make a full guide for mastering live betting, so that you can win more, and of course, take the maximum from in-play bets.

What is live betting?

Live betting is simply betting on events that are already in progress. The odds for live events change literally every minute, with every action happening. For example, if team A was favored before the start of the game, but team B managed to score a goal, the odds are changing in advantage for team B. This is the biggest advantage of live events, you can place bets depending on what is happening through the game. The good news is that every single online bookmaker has a live betting section, where all of the events that are available for live betting are grouped.

What is the process of successful in-play betting - Step - by - step

As we already mentioned, if you do not know how to bet on live events, you will probably not succeed. But, do not worry, we from, are here you help you with that, we will list you the steps for successful in-play betting so that you can improve your live betting skills.

Step 1 - Sports types

The first and probably one of the most important steps is to choose the best sport for you. The secret here is to place on sports that you already know a lot about, and never experiment with high stakes on sports for which you do not know about. As live bets require watching the game and understanding it so that you can conclude what are the possible outcomes of the game, you should be very aware of the sports on which you place live bets. Now, we are going to list some of the sports that millions of players prefer when it comes to in-play betting.

  • Football,
  • Basketball,
  • Tennis,
  • Table Tennis,
  • Ice Hockey.

Step 2 - Odds for Live Betting

The odds for live bets are a little bit different, and you should also know about them. So, the second essential step for successful in-play betting is understanding the odds. As we already told you, odds for live games can change every single minute. An odds for one team can increase to the sky only for a minute so that they also can drop drastically. So, you have to be sure that you know which odds are valuable for you.

Step 3 - Features and Instruments for Live Sports Betting

Every single online bookmaker is offering many additional features and instruments that can help you improve your online live betting experience. The key part here is that you simply cannot succeed without those features, but if you use them, you will literally be surprised at how helpful they are. So, we highly recommend you choose a bookie that has more instruments and features, now, let’s see some of the most popular ones.

  • Live Streaming - Live Streaming is one of the most popular and beneficial features that you can access by joining a bookie when it comes to in-play betting. Live Streaming allows you to watch the games that you placed bets on in real-time. So, this can help you follow the game, and build your bets,
  • Cash-Out - Cash-out is another essential feature that you can use in most bookmakers. This option allows you to withdraw your money even before the game ended. You can do it both if the game is not going as you expected, but also if you think that if the game is going well for you, but there is a chance for reversal,
  • Live Statistics - We always told you that in order to be successful in sports betting at all, you have to make solid research for every bet you place, so it the same with live betting. But, here you have to make your research based on how the game is going by now. So, most of the bookies allow you to use live statistics that help you even more with building your bets.

Step 4 - Choosing a Bookmaker

The fourth step, which is again very important, in order to be successful in live betting, is to choose the best bookmaker for you. There are a lot of bookies out there, so you have to try some of them, and choose which ones fit your needs the best. Here, you have to watch for three major factors:

  • The available features and instruments,
  • Is your sport available for live betting,
  • What are the odds?

The good news is that there are many bookies, which managed to combine those three factors, by providing many instruments and features, also offer many sports for live betting, and last but not least offer extremely high odds, let’s list some of them:

  • 1xBet,
  • Pinnacle,
  • Efbet,
  • 22bet,
  • BetWinner,
  • MELbet,
  • Bwin,
  • Bet9ja.

Step 5 - Time for placing the bet

Another crucial step for being successful in live sports betting is to know when to place your bet. Unfortunately, there is no specific time, which is the best for placing live bets, but you have to determine it. By watching the game and of course depending on the markets on which you bet, you need to place your bets, and to make things easier for you, we are going to list some essential steps for knowing when to place your live bets.

  1. Follow the game, and place your bets when the odds are higher and the chances for winning are also the highest,
  2. Do not place risky live bets, which chances for winning are low,
  3. Do not place live bets at the bare end of the game, those bets usually do not happen (Again you this can vary depending on the game),
  4. Do not place lucky bets on markets like even/odd, something to happen to an exact minute, etc.

Which are the Top Sports for Successful Live Betting

As we already mentioned, it is quite important to choose the best sport for you, if you want to be successful in live betting. But, there are some sports, for which bookie offer more live betting options, more features, and at all allows you to get a better experience. So, let’s see some of them.

Live Football Betting

For no doubt, the sport, which is played live by millions of players is football. Football offers a wide variety of live betting markets, also the odds are very high. Another very big advantage of live football betting is that every single bookmaker has live streaming for it, and also there are many instruments and features you can use.

Tips and Tricks for Football Live betting

  • Benefit from the live streaming feature,
  • Make research even before the game,
  • Avoid live bets for even/odd, first to X corners, first to X goals, first to X goals markets,
  • Follow the game and see which players are in the game, and how can they affect and change the game.

Live Horse Betting

One of the sports that really attract live betting lovers is horse betting. Unfortunately, live horse betting is not the best sport for live betting, as the races themselves are not too long, so that you do not have much time. In order to be successful in live horse betting, you need to be very aware of the race and most importantly of the horses’ condition.

Tips and Tricks for successful live horse betting

  • You have to research each game before its beginning,
  • You need to know more about the horses,
  • You have to make sure that you have the funds to place your bet,
  • You need to place your live horse bets in reliable bookies, which can accept your bets fast,
  • You need to act fast when you are about to place in-play horse racing bets.

By following the tips above, you will be able to take the maximum from live horse race betting.

Live Tennis Betting

Tennis is another quite popular sport for live betting. Tennis offers you a lot of satisfaction and thrill, also quite high odds, even for pre-match bets. So, you can imagine how things escalate when it comes to in-play betting. Something really good about live tennis betting is that you have a lot more time to place your bets, as the game is going a little bit slower, compared to horse races for example.

Tips and Tricks for successful live tennis betting

  • You have to follow the game strictly,
  • You have to check the condition of the players even before the start of the game,
  • You have to focus on catching the highest odds.

What are the advantages of in-play betting?

And now, when you know some of the best sports for live betting, also the most important steps for being successful in live sports betting, let’s move on with seeing what are the advantages of in-play betting.

Benefit from the escalating odds

For no doubt, the biggest advantage of in-play betting is the escalating odds, which can be changed every single minute, depending on what is happening through the game. In order to benefit from the escalating odds, you have to watch the game live, and follow the odds, in order to catch them when they are the highest.

Live Streaming and Statistics

Another very big advantage of live betting is that you can benefit from the live streaming feature and the live statistics, which are offered by almost every single online bookmaker. Combined, live streaming and live statistics can drastically improve your online live betting experience. You will be able to see what is happening through the game and decide on which to place a bet.

Thrill and Satisfaction

There is no second mind that the biggest thrill and satisfaction from sports betting comes from in-play betting. By watching an exact game, combined with the thrill from catching the highest odds cannot be even compared with pre-match betting.

For what to watch out for during live betting

By now, you know that live betting can be both very profitable, but also can ruin your bankroll, so that to help you, even more, we from, are going to list some of the essential factors for which you have to watch out during live betting.

The markets

When it comes to living betting, you should be very careful with the markets on which you bet. For live betting, some of the markets are not available, where others can not be as good as third ones. So, you should start trying, and see which ones bring the most winnings for you. Some of the most profitable markets for live betting are:

  • Classical 1 X 2 market,
  • Goals,
  • Half Time/Full-Time markets,
  • Corners.


Most of the newbies in live betting face the problem, that they win some bets, but then lost many, which results in a negative result in the long term. So, we from, highly advise you to follow a strategy. Following a strategy can be profitable not only for pre-match games but is also crucial for live events. You have to option to copy someone’s strategy or see what is working for you, then create your own strategy, and build rules alongside.

Important Moments

Something which can really change your overall success in live betting is the ability to learn how you can take advantage of the important moments from live matches. The ability to catch important moments, which can change the game, or boost it even more just cannot be replaced with anything else. So, this skill is essential. Let’s see some of the important moments, which can determine the game during a live event:

  • Injuries during the game,
  • New players entering the field,
  • Goals from both teams,
  • The motivation of both teams/ players,
  • Change in the weather for outdoor sports.

How to watch live matches online for free?

Live Betting and Live Streaming just cannot be separated, those two options alone are nothing, but together are something that can end up in huge profits for you, and that is not all, by watching the game and placing bets, you can feel more than pleased and satisfied. So, we from, are going to give you an overview of the two methods for watching live matches online.

Watching live matches in bookmakers

The first option for watching sports events online is by using the integrated feature in online bookmakers. The good news is that watching live streams in bookmakers has a lot more opportunities, which consists of:

  • Both watching and placing bets,
  • Following the live statistics for all games,
  • Enjoying the HD quality of the live streams.

Of curse, there are some online bookmakers, which does not introduce the live streaming feature yet, also there is some bookie which live stream is not as good as in other bookies, so we from, are going to list some of the best bookies, which have a good live streaming feature.

  • 1xBet,
  • 22bet,
  • BetWinner,
  • MELbet,
  • Bwin,
  • Efbet.

Watching live games in special Live Stream Platforms

The second option for watching live streaming of sports is to join special live streaming platforms, which are developed to provide you with the option. Unfortunately, as it has lots of advantages, live streaming platforms have many disadvantages.

For example, most of the live streaming platforms are free but for limited options and features, and in order to get access to everything, you have to pay, in most cases, this is a monthly subscription. But, once you purchase it, you will be able to enjoy watching only HD streams, without any lags. Depending on what you like and what you can afford you can choose between joining a live stream website or watch the live stream in your bookie.

Let’s see some of the most popular Live Streaming platforms:

  • YouTube TV,
  • HULU,
  • Amazon Prime Video,
  • Fubo TV,
  • CBS,
  • ESPN+
  • Sling TV,
  • Twitch,
  • AT&T TV.

Frequently Asked Questions about Live Betting

🤔Q: Can you place a live bet in the middle of the game?

A: Live betting in online bookmakers opens a lot of new opportunities for you. You can simply place bets no matter how far the game is. You can place a bet in the beginning, in the middle, or in the end of an exact game.

🤔Q: How can I watch live football matches online for free?

A: There are two ways for watching football matches online for free. The first one is to watch the live football matches in your bookmaker or join a live streaming website. The good news is that almost every single bookmaker offers live streaming for football, whereas most of the live streaming platforms require a paid subscription.

🤔Q: Which betting sites have the live streaming feature?

A: Most of the available online bookmakers offer the live streaming feature. For example, you can enjoy watching the live stream in 1xBet, 22bet, Efbet, Bwin, BetWinner, etc.

🤔Q: What is the best time to place a live bet?

A: The best time to place a live bet can really vary, depending on the sport you bet on, the event itself, also how the game is going, and many other different factors. The only way to determine which is the best time to place a live bet is to practice, place bets, and see what is the best time for you.

🤔Q: Is live betting profitable?

A: Live betting as pre-match betting can be quite profitable, but also can ruin your bankroll. The good news is that we from gave you a full guide about how to be successful in live sports betting so that you only have to follow the tips above, and you will make huge profits from live sports betting.

In Summary about Live Betting

Live Betting is one of the most preferred online betting options. Live Betting is an incredible betting option, which can be very profitable, for those players, who know how to do it correctly. The good news is that from the article above, you already know most of the essential moments in live sports betting so that you are ready to jump in your live sports betting journey. You have to remember that, in order to be successful in live sports betting, you must have strong analytical skills, and be confident about making decisions immediately, which is quite important for catching the highest odds. If you ever face any difficulties with live sports betting, just check out this full guide, and you will immediately get back into the game.

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