Football Predictions for Betting

Football Predictions for Betting - Everything you need to know

For no doubt, the most popular sport, on which millions of players are betting every single day is football. Football is the sport, which combined, high odds, many markets, many daily available events to bet on, and of course a lot of satisfaction and potential for winning huge profits. As football betting become so popular, many bettors, who love following statistics and loving the sport at all started making predictions for football events, and they share them with you so that you can copy those predictions and win more. In the article below, we from, are going to give you a full overview of how football predictions can help you expand your online betting journey.

How football predictions were born?

As we already mentioned, the football predictions were born, only because of the big interest in this sport, and the hope of professional bettors, who know how to follow statistics to help you. So, whenever you do not know which event and market to bet on, you are free to check some of the football predictions. Nowadays, you can take advantage of many football predictions, but most of them are paid, but afterward, you will also win, so that you have nothing to worry about.

With time passing, more and more players learned how important it is to follow statistics, and make research, so these days, you can make your own predictions, and both use them for you or share them with other players.

Who gives you the football predictions?

Making football predictions is not easy. Actually, it takes a lot of time and hard work for a football prediction to be made, and to be more exact, valuable football predictions.

You are able to make your own predictions based on your research, but you have to spend a lot of time doing it, to deliver the value you expect. You have to follow many rules about making predictions, you have to be very strict and organized. You must follow all of the newest statistics about every single event, and you should be able to turn statistics into football predictions. So, if your hobby is to follow those statistics, you may make your own predictions, and even share them with other players.

The easiest way for you, and for no doubt, the more profitable way is to see what professionals are predicting about football events. Those professionals are spending all of their time following statistics, making research about both football teams, and give you the most likely outcome, so that you can bet on it, and end up in profits. Those tipsters, make your online betting experience a lot easier, as they do the work for you, and you just have to place bets. Those people turn their hobby into a real job and focus on delivering you incredible football betting predictions.

How football predictions are made?

As you already know who makes the predictions, and also that you can make your own predictions, let’s move on with seeing how you can make football predictions. There are two major factors, which you have to remember, which are crucial for making successful predictions:

  • Time,
  • Work.

If you are ready to put a lot of time and work into making the best football predictions, you need to know that you have to follow a lot of information and statistics connected with football events. Let’s see which information you have to follow.

Which factors determine successful football predictions?

There are a lot of factors, which you have to follow to make successful football predictions, so let’s see all of the most important ones, without which you cannot make a football prediction.


The first and probably most important factor, which you have to follow is the football statistics. When you see a football event on which you want to bet on, you have to first check out the statistics about:

  • Previous games,
  • Previous direct games,
  • How many goals both teams scored in the last games,
  • How many goals both teams received in the last games,
  • In which half are both teams better in the last games.

You simply have to watch for all of the statistics connected with football games.


One of the most important statistics, which you have to look at when you are making a prediction for a football game, is the tactics that both teams use. A lot of bettors underestimate it and end up losing many bets. Tactics can determine the final outcome. Unfortunately, tactical statistics are a little bit more advanced, so that you have to put a little bit more time into learning them, but once you do it, you will make astonishing predictions.

Key Players

Key players are also quite important for being successful in making football predictions. All of you know players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, Erling Haaland, etc. Those players are of big importance for its team so that you will check if those players are on the field, or if they are substitutes, which may be crucial for making good predictions. For example, if a goalscorer like Robert Lewandowski is not from the starting 11, but he is on the bench, you can expect that he will come in the second half, and the chance for the second half to have more goals is huge.


The weather conditions are also quite important when it comes to making valuable football predictions. You have to check when and where the match will be played, also what is the weather forecast. If it is expected to have snow or rain, the match will be unpredictable, as the weather can affect the final outcome a lot.


Coaches are also of big importance when it comes to making predictions. Depending on the coach the game may go in a very different way than was expected. There are coaches which love aggressive play, there are also some that love to “Park the Bus”, which can be essential to the final result, also for how many goals will be scored during the game.


When we talk about the stadium, we mean that you have to look at which team is home. It is proven that teams that play in their home stadium are doing a lot better, than playing an away stadium. But, also there are teams that perform better if they are playing in another stadium, so this is another thing that you have to look at.

Game Importance

Last but not least when it comes to making football predictions and following the statistics, is to look at how important is the game for both teams. This can be very profitable and can change your betting journey a lot.

For example, at the end of each season, many teams are fighting for a place in the Champions League, or for staying in the First Division, so those games may be a gold mine. There are many situations, that the last team on the table is destroying the first one in the last games of the season. But why? Mainly because, the last team is fighting for staying in the first league, whereas the first team already won enough points to be on the top, so the game is not of big importance.

What to be careful with when making a football prediction?

When you are playing online football bets, you cannot win all of them. You should always know that there is a chance of losing some bets. The key part here is to know how to manage your money, in order to always end up in profits. There are also some other factors, for which you have to be careful when you are making predictions and putting them in your bets.

  1. You have to make solid research when you make predictions by yourself,
  2. You should calculate how much are your potential winnings,
  3. You should go over all the statistics about the events for which you make predictions,
  4. You should not let other tipsters influence your decisions,
  5. If you are in a losing streak, just take a break, or even try a different way for making predictions.

What are the types of football predictions?

Now, after you know who makes the football predictions, and also how are football predictions made, and what are the factors that determine the best football predictions. Let’s move forward with seeing what types of football predictions are there.

Single Football Predictions

One of the most popular types of football predictions that you can see simply everywhere is the single football predictions. Single football predictions are simply predictions that consist of only one event. For example a prediction of who will win a certain game. Those single predictions are considered the safest, as you have to successfully predict only one outcome.

Accumulator Football Predictions

Accumulators are simply single bets, which consist of more than one selection in it. Accumulator simply consists of many singles in it, and in order to win this bet, you have to win all of them. Accumulators are also quite popular for football predictions, as you can win lots of money from them because the odds for accumulators are multiplied.

Goals Accumulator Football Predictions

Many Tipsters rely on making predictions for goals. The good news is that goal predictions are quite easier to be won, as there are fewer options than another market. For example, many tipsters make predictions for over/ under 2.5 goals markets, where the chance for winning is 50/50.

VIP Football Predictions

The last and probably the most profitable football predictions that you can find are VIP Football Predictions. Those VIP predictions are paid, which means that you have to pay, in order to get them. But, there are a lot of advantages of the VIP Predictions that can guarantee you profits. Let’s see some of their advantages:

  • They can be singles and accumulators,
  • They are well-researched,
  • The odds for them are higher,
  • You can win more than from unpaid predictions,
  • VIP football predictions are given by professional tipsters, whose job is to make predictions.

Top 5 Advice for using football predictions

Unfortunately, as you can see from the article above, every single person from all over the world can make football predictions, where some of them are not qualified for doing it, so the football predictions may not be valuable and profitable. In order to find the best football predictions and use them properly, we from, are going to give you the top 5 advice for using football predictions.

1. Follow a strategy

No matter that you use football predictions, you still have to follow a certain strategy, otherwise, you won’t be profitable. Just imagine what will happen if you place 5 successful bets and win 500 dollars, but the sixth bet you place is losing but you placed all of the 500 dollars, you literally do not win. So, be sure to have your own strategy, and set your own rules connected with bankroll management,

2. Football Predictions are not always winning

In online betting there is no way for winning every time. Even professional gamblers make mistakes, so you cannot rely on that you pay for predictions and all of them will be winning. This is exactly why you have to follow your own money management strategy, in order to create an edge,

3. Choose the best tipster

As we already mentioned, there are many people who make football predictions, but not all of them are qualified and make valuable predictions. So, we highly advise you to not jump on the first tipster you found, but wait and see how is he going, and only after that, if you are satisfied with the result continue working with him,

4. Do not go against yourself

If you made your own predictions and then someone gives you predictions that are the exact opposite of yours, just abandon them. Do not change your mind only because someone told you they are not correct. Our advice is to neither place your bet nor takes in advance the predictions of others. If you still want to place this bet, just place the one that you made a research for, and you predicted,

5. Research

Even if you pay for VIP predictions, we strongly advise you to check twice, and see what is based on those predictions, and if you found that the predictions you get are not the same as you think will happen in the matches, just do not put a lot of money on them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of football predictions?

Football predictions can be quite profitable for you, but also can lead to bankruptcy. In order to decide if it is worth it to use them and trust them, we from, are going to give you all of the advantages and disadvantages of Football Predictions.


  • Football Predictions can be very profitable,
  • Football Predictions save you time,
  • You do not need to make solid research to place a bet,
  • The success percentage of predictions is quite high,
  • Predictions are made by professional tipsters,
  • Football Predictions can be quite different, singles, accumulators, etc.


  • There is no chance for every prediction to be successful,
  • VIP Predictions are Paid,
  • You cannot end up in profits without following a strategy, even if you use football predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Football Predictions

🤔Q: Where I can find predictions that are 100% successful?

A: As we already mentioned, there is no way for predictions to be always positive. Tipsters predict most of the games successfully, but there is always a chance of losing. So, you just have to stick to your strategy, in order to create an edge, which will help you end up in profits.

🤔Q: What should I know before betting on Football?

A: You should know that before placing a bet on football, you have to successfully predict how the football match will end. You should take in advance many factors, like the current form of both teams, key players, the motivation of both teams, etc.

🤔Q: How do you bet without losing?

A: As you already know from the article above, even professional tipsters, cannot successfully predict every bet. So, it is quite important to stick to a certain strategy, which will lead you to consistent profits.

🤔Q: What are the most popular markets through tipsters?

A: There is no such a most popular market through professional tipsters. Tipsters analyze and give predictions for markets, which are very likely to happen. Most of the time, these are the over/ under, classical 1 X 2, First Half/ Full Time, goal - goal/ goal - no goal markets.

In Summary about Football Predictions

Football Predictions can change your online betting experience a lot, but the one which will determine if the change will be positive or negative is you. You are the person, who has to choose the best tipster, you should create your strategy, set your own rules and goals, and most importantly, never play silly bets, which are not researched, or are a result of random tipsters, who just want to share some information with you. On the other hand, if you play smart, you can end up making huge profits every single day, you will be amazed how satisfying your online football betting journey can be, only by following some tipster’s predictions.

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