Draw no Bet - The Ultimate Betting Option

Draw no Bet - The Ultimate Betting Option

It is not a secret that nowadays, the sports betting markets have really spread, and the variety of them continues spreading. So, no matter which sports you want to bet on, you are going to have access to many markets, which can improve your online sports betting experience. And in today’s article, we from betinception.com, are going to go over one of the most popular, and probably one of the most popular betting options that you can bet on at many online bookmakers, the draw no bet. This betting option is simply allowing you to still win a bet if the match ends up a draw. This betting option can really help you win more and more bets, especially when you are placing accumulator bets. So, without losing more time, let’s jump to the Ultimate Guide for Draw No Bet Betting Option.

What is a Draw No Bet?

So, to begin with, we from betinception.com, are going to fully explain to you what is a Draw no bet, in order to help even the players, who never heard about that betting option. So, Draw no Bet is a market, which simply allows you to win your bet even if it ends up a draw. Simply, the Draw no Bet is a safer market than the classical 1 x 2 market. So, if you place a bet for 1, but the game ends up a draw, you will lose your bet if you staked on the 1 x 2 market, but if you placed a draw no bet, even if the game ends up a draw, you will have your money back. And to make things even easier for you, we from betinception.com, are going to give you a simple example of the Draw no bet:

Example of Draw no Bet

Let’s say that you want to bet on the football match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, which is a game that is so hard to be predicted as both teams are evenly matched. So that, if you want to bet for Real Madrid, but you are worried that the game also can end up a draw, you can place a 1 DNB (Draw no Bet), which means that:

  • If Real Madrid Wins, you win the bet,
  • If the match ends up drawing, you receive your stake back,
  • If Atletico Madrid Wins, you lose your bet.

Which are the top advantages of the Draw no Bet Betting Option?

Now, when you already know what a Draw no bet is, let’s list some of the top advantages of including that type of betting into your sports betting strategy.

  • Draw no Bet is perfect for games that both teams are evenly matched, and the chance for the game ends up a draw is quite high,
  • Draw no Bet increases your chances of winning, as one of the three final possible outcomes is removed,
  • Draw no Bet is a type of insurance for your bet, The Draw no Bet will return your whole stake if a game ends up a draw,
  • The Draw no Bet market is included in the strategies of one of the most popular professional bettors.

How to use the Draw no Bet for your betting strategy?

And no matter what strategy is, there are some specific situations that require you to use the Draw no Bet option, of course, in order to maximize your chances of winning. And to help you with determining which are these situations, we from betinception.com, are going to give you some situations, in which it is better to use the Draw no Bet options.

In-Play Draw no Bet

The first situation that can be of really big importance for your successful betting journey, is when you are about to place a live bet. And more specifically, when the team for which you want to bet is losing, but you still think that it can turn the game around. So, you just place a draw no bet and secure your prediction.

When the two teams are evenly matched

There are lots of games that both teams are evenly matched and it is likely for the game to end without a winner. So, if you still want to bet for one of the two teams, you just can place a draw no bet, and in case of the game ending a draw, you still do not lose. An example of that, we just gave you above.

When you want to bet for the underdog

Another perfect situation to use the Draw no Bet is when you want to bet for the underdog team. So, there are also lots of matches, in which one of the two teams in the complete favorite and the chances for the other one are so low. But, if you still believe that the underdog can win, and also take advantage of the high odds for that team, you just can use the Draw no Bet, in order to again secure your bet.

Examples of Draw no Bet

And now, after you know most about the Draw no Bet, we from betinception.com, are going to give you some example for that market, just to show you how it works:

Example 1

So, the first example will be for the football match between Liverpool and Manchester United, these are two evenly matched teams, and a draw is very likely to happen so that you just can place a DNB 1 so that you are placing a bet for Liverpool to win, but in case of a draw, you will not lose, which is a perfect option if you just want to benefit from the high odds but want a secure bet.

Example 2

The second example will be for another football match but now Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin, so most of the players will immediately say that the game will be 1, Bayern Munich will win. But, if you think that Hertha Berlin can make a surprise and win against Bayern, but you want to secure your bet, in case of a draw, you just want to place a DNB 2, which means that if Hertha wins, you win a lot, but if the game ends up a draw, you are not losing.

Draw no Bet Calculations

And after all, you should be aware of how you can do the calculations for the Draw no Bet by yourself. This will not only help you find a good bookie, which offers high odds but also, you can create your own bets, in case of DNB market missing. So, now let’s see how you can calculate the DNB odds just by looking at the 1 x 2 market.

1 - (1/ draw odds) * Home odds = Draw No Bet Odds

How to calculate your draw stake?

And after you know the odds for your Draw no Bet odds, you should proceed with calculating the stake for that, and by doing that you can create your own Draw No Bet Market. So, you just have to follow the formula below.

First, you have to calculate the stake for the Draw Options:

  • Draw Stake = Total Stake / Odds for a Draw

Next, you have to calculate the stake for the home, or away team, depending on the DNB you want to place:

  • Home/ Away Win Stake = Total Stake - Draw Stake

Which are the online bookies that offer the Draw no Bet Option?

We already mentioned that if you want to take advantage of the Draw no Bet option, you have to choose a bookmaker, which offers that markets, but also if you are interested in joining another one, you still can benefit from that option, simply because you also know how to create your own DNB bets, just by using the 1 x 2 market. But, no we from betinception.com, are going to help you a little bit more, by listing some of the online bookmakers, which really put a lot of work to provide you with that amazing Draw no Bet option.


22bet is one of the quite young online bookies, which offers a wide variety of sports betting options, also lots of markets, including the Draw no bet market, and last but not least, the odds at 22bet are quite high.


1xBet is one of the giants through online global online bookies. If you join 1xBet you will have access to everything, you are not going to miss any betting option. So, if you want to bet on the DNB, 1xBet is another good option, especially because 1xBet also offers extremely high odds,


Another online bookmaker, which is again popular with its quite high odds is MELbet, and as you already know the higher are the odds, the more you can win from the Draw no Bet market,


BetWinner is another young online bookmaker, which is similar to 22bet, there are lots of sports betting options, accompanied by lots of markets, and the odds are high enough to give you a lot in return from the DNB market.


Bet9ja is for no doubt the most popular online bookie in Africa, and no matter that when it started it operated only in Nigeria, the bookie is now available almost all over the world. The bookie is offering lots of sports events, the DNB market, and the odds are impressively high.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Draw no Bet

🤔Q: What is a Draw no bet?

A: Draw no Bet is one of the markets that are made to increase your chances of winning, especially when you are betting on games that are likely to end up drawing. So, when you place a Draw no Bet, and the game ends up a draw, you are not losing anything.

🤔Q: I’m already a member of an online bookie, but it does not offer the Draw no Bet option, what should I do?

A: You have two options, the first one is to join another bookmaker, but you can also create your own Draw no Bet markets, and the good news is that we showed you that above in the article.

🤔Q: Are there any alternatives for the Draw no Bet market?

A: It is not a secret that many online bookmakers are not offering the Draw no Bet option, but that should not bother you, as there are some alternatives, which works in the exact same way as the Draw no Bet market. These alternatives are Asian Handicap 0 or Bet on a Draw, which is simply creating your own DNB.

🤔Q: What is DNB?

A: DNB is just the short for Draw no Bet. And actually, this is how you can find the market in online bookies, just look for the DNB market.

Conclusion about Draw no Bet

Draw no Bet is one of the best and profitable betting options to which you have access in many online bookmakers. The DNB option is simply a safer way for placing a traditional 1 x 2 bet, but you already know that from the article above, and you also know how you can use the draw no bet when to use it, and how to implement it to your existing betting strategy, and also you can even create a whole new strategy for successful online sports betting. So, the only thing that remained about the Draw no Bet that we want to tell you, is that now you have to act, you have to open your account at an online bookie of your choice and start placing DNB bets, you are going to see the results immediately.

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