Corner Betting Guide

Corner Betting - Do’s and Dont’s

Corner betting is at the same time one of the most popular betting strategies and one of the most misunderstood betting strategy, so that in the article below, we from, are going to fully explain to you, all about corner betting, so that you will be able to successfully read corner statistics, how to place successful bets, and of course, which are the markets connected with corner betting. Actually, corner betting is one of the most satisfying markets, on which you can place online bets, as the odds are quite high, and the pleasure from winning a corner bet is quite high. So, let’s jump directly to the Corner Betting Do’s and Dont’s.

The essence of corner bets

Before moving ahead, we from, are going to fully explain to you what corner betting actually is, so that for the players who already know the definition of Corner Betting, you just can move to the next part.

Actually, corner betting is quite easy and simple to be understood. You just have to remember that you can place bets on everything about corners, from total corners, under/ over corners, to even which half of the match will generate more corners for both teams, or just for the one team. And that it is, from now on, you just have to jump to your corner betting journey, follow our tips below, and become a successful corner bettor.

What types of corner bets are available at online bookmakers?

As we already mentioned, you can bet on everything connected with corners, so that the types of corner bets are quite a lot. The main thing that determines the type of corner bet is what you are betting. And to make things easier for you, we from, are going to list some of the major types of corner bets.

Total Corners

For no doubt, the most simple market about corner betting, is Total Corners, which as you can suggest is to bet on the total number of corners, which will be in the game. You can also choose if you want to bet for the total corners of both teams, or only for one of them.

Corners Handicap

Handicap corner betting is another very popular type of corner betting, which is developed to increase the odds. Most of the Corner Handicaps, are very likely to give you a huge return, as one of the teams is favored so that it has a corner disadvantage.

Corners Match Betting

Another very simple type of corner betting is corner match betting, which only requires you to predict which team will have more corners at the end of the game.

Under Over Corners

Under over corners is one of the most popular types of corners, as that requires you only to predict if the game will produce more or fewer corners than a specified number, for example, over 9 corners.

Corners Race

Corners race is one of the corner markets, which are quite difficult for most of the players, but it is actually quite simple, as you only have to predict which team will reach an exact number of corners first.

1st Half or 2nd Hald 

All of the types of corner markets that we listed above can be part of the last type of corner betting. You can simply place all of them for only the 1st or the 2nd half of the game.

What is the role of corner predictions and statistics?

Corner betting is quite popular among all online betting lovers. So, for all of you, who are just starting, and do not have any idea on which games to place corner bets on, you just can take advantage of the free corner predictions, which are all over the internet. The good news is that these prediction websites are based on corner statistics so that combined with a little bit of research from your side, you can win a lot. And once you gain more experience you will be able to make your own predictions, so that you can increase your profits even more.

Do’s and Dont’s about corner betting

And here it comes, now we from, are going to give you all the do’s and dont’s about corner betting so that you will be ready to start your corner betting journey, and you will maximize your chances of winning. Actually, the subject about what is correct and not about corner betting is so split, simply most of the bettors have different minds about what the best is. Based on our research, we will give you some of the do’s and dont’s, but we are also going to tell why you have to and do not have to do those things.


  • You always have to research a lot about each corner bet that you place - By making research about any match, on which you want to place corner bets, you drastically increase your chances of winning. You should look for things like how tired is the team, how motivated is the team, so that you can decide if the team will jump into the attack so that it will produce lots of corners, also you have to check the condition of both goalkeepers, and if they let most shots become corners. You simply have to look for everything.
  • Strongly Favored Teams - Most of the top teams from leagues, like the Bundesliga, La Liga, Seria A, etc, are very likely to produce more corners so that it is quite good to bet on those teams, especially if they are playing at the home stadium.
  • Chose the best corner markets - You have to choose the best markets for corner betting, and what we mean by that, is that you have to try different corner markets and see which ones work the best for you. On the other side, you also have to avoid some of the markets, which you will see in the Dont’s.
  • Live Corner betting - If you are about to bet on corners, you have to try live corner betting. Live corner betting is quite profitable, and literally can make you lots of money, also at the same time can give you a lot of essential information about your corner betting journey. The good news is that you can check the live corner stats for any games so that it will be easier for you to determine how the game is going.
  • Try and analyze - One thing that almost any corner betting player is underestimating is the rule about trying and analyzing. Especially when you are starting your corner betting journey, you have to place corner bets, then you have to analyze the results so that you will know if it will be profitable for you. If the overall analysis is in your favor, just keep following that strategy.
  • Another thing which you have to do when you are about to start betting on corners is to follow a specific strategy, which can be both a strategy that you have created and which works for you, and also can be a strategy that is copied, and is proven to work for many players. More about that kind of strategy you can see in the next paragraph.


  • You have to avoid “Lucky” corner bets - The major thing that you have to not do when you are placing corner bets is to avoid the “lucky” markets, which as you can suggest can bring any profits only if you have luck. Those markets are:
    • Odd/ Even Corners - This is a 100% lucky market, where you have a 50% chance for winning, and a 50% chance for losing. And as the odds are quite low, it is just not worth it to risk and place that lucky bet,
    • Time of First Corner - This is another market, which just cannot be researched and successfully predicted. You just have to place it and wait for the luck to be on your side, but most of the times, it is not, so just avoid it,
    • First corner - This is a 100% absurd corner market, you just cannot predict which team will make the first corner. So, you can but, if you place that type of bets, you will never have high profits, if you have profits at all,
  • Do not think that goals do not matter about corners - Every single goal in any football game can affect the number of corners. For example, if the favored team score a goal, it will play a little bit less aggressively, so that the corners will be less, and of course the opposite if a team receives a goal, it will play very aggressively, which can produce corners for both teams.

Which are the best corner betting strategies?

Another very important part of corner betting is to follow a strategy. You just have to remember, if you do not follow a strategy, you will not be successful in any type of betting. So, as we told you, you have two options, to choose a strategy that is proven to work for other players, or create your own strategy. Creating your own strategy is quite simple, and requires you to practice and see what is working for you and what is not, and finally combining that thing that works into one strategy. Now, let’s see some of the strategies that are proven to work:

First Half Corners Strategy

One of the most profitable strategies that a lot of players are using is the First Half Corners. Most of the bookmakers are putting aside the corners for the first half, and they are just splitting the corners for the whole game. For example, if you can bet for over 9 corners for the full-time, you can also bet on over 4.5 corners for the first half. The good news is that the odds are quite high for that market. And you can be sure that by researching a little bit, you can catch the teams that are producing lots of corners in the first half. Most of the time, these teams are the strong favored teams, which are highly motivated to win the game, and go into attaching from the first second of the match.

Quick Tips about First Half Corners

Do not use this strategy on each game, there are many teams that are not going into attaching from the first second so that there are not many corners in the first half, Never place first-half corners if you did not make research.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s strategy is quite popular all over the world not only for corner betting, but for any type of sports betting, and ever for the casino. Martingale’s strategy is quite simple, you just have to start with a certain amount of money, for example, 10 dollars, and then, in case of losing it, you have to double, which means your next bet will be 20, then 40, then 80, then 160. And this chain should continue until you win a bet, then you start over. With this strategy, you can be sure that you will be always in profit, by doubling your previous bet, you will get your lost bets back, and even end up in profits. The only disadvantage of Martingale’s strategy is that you must start with a lot of money.

Quick tips about Martingale’s Strategy

You must not start using Martingale’s strategy if you do not have enough money, as sometimes the first winning bet may be the 10th or the 11th bet if not more, You have to strictly follow the strategy and once you win, you will be in profits, You have to choose only events with an odds of at least 2.01.

Best Betting Sites for Corner Betting

The corner betting markets are available in almost every single online bookmaker and the option to bet on corners is great, but the disadvantage is that every one of them has a different mind about what great is, so that you have to choose wisely and see which bookie is the best for you. Actually, there are some online bookies, which managed to combine all of the advantages of corner betting markets, by introducing lots of them, so that you can choose, and also the odds are quite high. So, let’s quickly list some of them:

Frequently Asked Questions About Corner Betting

🤔Q: What is a corner bet?

A: Corner bet is any bet that you place, which is connected with corners, it may be betting on which team will have more corners, you can bet on Handicap corner, or even you can bet on over/ under corners and 1st half/ 2nd half corners.

🤔Q: What does under 9.5 corners mean?

A: Under 9.5 corners means a bet where both teams must not score more than 9 corners in a single match.

🤔Q: What do over 8.5 corners mean?

A: This is the opposite of under corners. So, over 8.5 corners mean that both teams have to score at least 9 corners in a single match.

🤔Q: How many corners are over 8.5?

A: Over 8.5 corners means at least 9 corners?

🤔Q: How do you win a corner bet?

A: Corners have a very high percentage of winning. Most of the games are very easy to be predicted when it comes to corners. You only have to see which team is more likely to win and motivated, also if it plays aggressively. And this team is the team that is highly likely to produce more corners.

In Summary about what to do and don’t with corner bets

You can make a very solid amount of money just by betting on corners. This type of betting is used by thousands of professional bettors, and provide them with a very high amount of profits every single month. The good news is that corner betting is not based on luck, but on strong discipline, accuracy, and analysis, which combined can make you a successful corner bettor. There are many ways to make profits from corner betting, also there are many markets for corner betting, but you already know all about it from the article above. So, the last thing that we from, will advise you, is to not waste any more time, but join the bookmaker that you like, and start your corner betting journey.

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