Bookmakers Bonuses (Top Tips and Tricks)

Bookmakers Bonuses (Top Tips and Tricks)

There is no such a pleasure to join an online bookmaker and be able to claim any bonus offers, which can give you free money, free bets, free spins, or any other type of bonus funds. The good news is that nowadays, no matter which online bookie you join, you are going to be able to claim bonuses. What the best about bonuses at online bookies, is that all of them are from a different type so that you can benefit from them in many different ways. So, in order to help you, even more, we from, are going to go over all about the bonus offers at online bookmakers.

How does a bonus work?

As we already mentioned, in online bookmakers, you are able to claim many different bonus offers, but why are they available, what is the purpose of bonuses?

Actually, bonus offers are made give you advantage. You simply can get free money for playing. Bonus offers are mainly for motivating you. There is no better feeling but getting some free funds for playing. Even when you join an online bookmaker, you can get a welcome bonus, which can give you an amazing start to your online betting journey.

Bonus offers are both made to help bookmakers keep their players motivated, but also to welcome new players, who just joined. Now, let’s see more about the types of available bonus offers.

What is the main type of bonus offers at bookmakers?

Now, let’s see the full list with available types of bonus offers that you can claim at online bookmakers:

  • Welcome Bonus Offers for Sports,
  • Welcome Bonus Offers for the Casino,
  • Welcome Bonus Offers for Poker,
  • Welcome Bonus Offers for Live Casino,
  • Reload Bonuses, Super Hot Bets,
  • Loyalty Bonus Offers,
  • Loyalty Programs,
  • Cash-back Bonus,
  • Accumulator Bets Bonuses,
  • Virtual Sports Bonuses,
  • eSports Bonus Offers,
  • Sports Bonuses for existing players,
  • Casino Bonuses for existing players.

What you should look for when you are claiming a welcome bonus offer?

Welcome bonus offers as we already mentioned are bonuses, which are given to you when you join an exact online bookmaker. These bonuses can be claimed once, and are for a specific section of a bookie. The welcome bonus offers are actually giving you a very solid amount for playing, and in order to get that bonus and make it withdrawn, you only have to follow some simple rules and complete a rollover requirement.

Terms and Conditions

Every welcome bonus offer has its own different rules and requirements, but there are many which are quite similar, so that let’s list some of them, in order to help you visualize things:

  • Welcome bonuses can be claimed once per player,
  • You have to make your first deposit to claim a welcome bonus offer,
  • Most of the bonuses are worth 100% from your first deposit,
  • You have a minimum deposit limit for qualifying for welcome bonuses,
  • You cannot claim one welcome bonus offer more than once,
  • Some of the welcome bonuses require a promo code,
  • You cannot withdraw the welcome bonus amount until you finish an exact rollover requirement.

Rollover requirements

Each welcome bonus have to be rolled over an exact number of times, for example:

  • Most of the sports welcome bonuses have to be rolled over about 5 times,
  • You have a deadline for finishing the rollover,
  • The rollover has to make on sports events, which odds has a minimum, depending on the bookie,
  • The casino bonuses have to be rolled over more times, but you can finish them on any casino game.

Which are the best welcome bonus offers for sports from Bookmakers?

Bookmaker Type Amount % Min. Odds Min. Deposit Rollover Requirements
1xBet Cash 100 Euros 100 1.40 (Accumulators) 1 Euro 5 Times
Bet9ja Cash + Free Bet N 100 000 1 3 - 10
Efbet Cash 100 Euros 1 1.2 5 Euros 3
22bet Cash 122 Euros 1 1.65 1 Euro 10
Bwin Backup bet 10 Pounds - 2 10 Pounds -
BetWinner Cash 100 Euros 1 1.4 1 Euro 5
MELbet Cash 100 Euros 1 1.4 1.5 Euros 5

Which are the best welcome bonus offers for the casino from Bookmakers?

Bookmaker Type Amount Number of Deposits Min. Deposit Rollover Requirements
1xBet Cash 1500 Dollars 4 10 dollars 35
Efbet Cash 1000 Euros 1 (100%) 5 Euros 35
22bet Cash 300 Euros 1 (100%) 1 Euro 35
Bwin Cash 200 Euros 1 (100%) 10 Pounds 2
BetWinner Cash 300 Euros 1 (100%) 1 Euro 28
MELbet Cash + Free Spins 1750 + 290 Free Spins 5 10 Euros 40

Bonus offers for existing players of online bookmakers

Apart from the many different welcome bonus offers, which you can claim by joining any bookmaker, you can also claim a wide variety of different bonuses for existing players. The bonus offers for existing players are simply different types of bonuses, which can be claimed more than once, on daily basis, every week, etc. The good news is that the bonuses for existing players can give you a lot of free funds, and can help you stay motivated.

Let’s see some of the most popular bonus offers for existing players, which you can claim at online bookies:

Reload Bonus

One of the widest spread bonus offers for existing players that you can claim is Reload bonus. Reload Bonuses are simply bonuses, which you can claim when you are making a deposit. Reload Bonuses are quite similar to the welcome bonus offers, with the only difference that you can claim Reload bonuses more than once. Let’s see some of the most important rules and requirements about these bonuses:

  • Reload Bonuses can be claimed by making a deposit,
  • You will receive an exact percentage of your deposit as a bonus,
  • You may be required to rollover the received bonus,
  • You have a deadline to finish the rollover.

Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus name speaks for itself. The Loyalty bonuses are bonuses, or more likely a promotion, which is made by online bookmakers to frequently motivate its players for being part of them. Loyalty bonuses are different types, depending on the bookmaker that you are a part of so that in order to see more about them, you just have to open an account at the bookmaker you like and see what is the loyalty program. There are loyalty bonuses, which give you free funds every week for playing a certain amount of casino games, place an exact number of bets, wager an exact number of funds, etc.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are another very popular type of promotion that you can claim at online bookmakers. Cashback bonuses also can be quite different. There are cashback bonuses, which give you your money back if you lost the funds from your last deposit. But, there are also cashback bonuses, which give you your money back from a lost bet, etc. So, depending on the bookie you join, you will receive a different cashback bonus. Now, let’s see the most common terms and conditions that apply for cashback bonuses.

  • Cashback bonuses have certain terms and conditions, which you have to follow,
  • The cashback can be given on both deposits and wagered funds,
  • You usually have to roll over the received cashback bonus to make the amount withdrawn.

Free Spins Bonus Offers

Now, let’s see one of the most popular bonus offers for existing casino players. There are many free spins bonus offers that you can claim in every single online bookmaker. The good news is that the free spins bonuses are quite different, some of them give you free spins for making a deposit, some of them are giving you free spins for playing a game of the day, and many others. Luckily, the terms and conditions for the Free Spins are quite easy to be followed:

  • Most of the free spins bonus offers does not require a rollover,
  • Free spins can be claimed every single day, depending on the bonus and the bookie,
  • Free Spins have an expiry date.

Accumulator Bonuses

Another widely spread bonus that you can claim in online bookmakers is Accumulator Bonus Offers. Accumulator bonuses are usually two types:

Accumulator bonuses that increase the odds, Accumulator bonuses that allow you to win with a 1 losing selection.

So, let’s see what you have to know about accumulator bonus offers:

  • Accumulator bonuses are available, only if all of your selections have minimum limits for the odds, depending on the bookie,
  • Accumulator bonuses are available for claiming multiple times, Acca bonuses have a minimum selections limit, In order to see more about these bonuses, just open your online bookmaker, and go to the promotions section.

Insurance Bonus

Bet insurance bonus offers have gained a lot of popularity through online players. Insurance bonuses are more likely to be claimed by players who want to play safe. Insurance bonuses require you to pay for that option, and after that, if you lost the bet, you get your insurance money back. Let’s see what you have to know about insurance bonuses:

  • Insurance Bonus funds do not require a rollover, In most bookmakers that offer bet insurance, you can do both full and partial insurance,
  • You have to follow the terms and conditions of the insurance bonus.

Bonuses for series of losing bets

And the last very widely spread bonus offers, is for the players who do not have any luck over the past few bets. Depending on the bookmakers you join, you can get that bonus for series of losing bets, for example, for 20 consecutive bets, 10 consecutive bets, etc.

  • You have to cover minimum stake limits for all of the lost bets (For example, in 22bet, you have to stake at least 2 euros to qualify for the bonus for series of losing bets),
  • The minimum odds limits also have to be covered (In 22bet, the minimum limits are odds of at least 3.00).

Which are the best bookmakers that offer bonuses for existing players?

  Reload Bonus Loyalty Bonus Cashback Bonus Free Spins Bonus Accumulators Bonus Insurance Bonus
1xBet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
BetWinner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MELbet No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
22bet Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Efbet Yes No Yes No No No
10bet No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bet9ja No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Bwin Yes No Yes No No Yes

How to prevent Awhen claiming bonus offers at online bookmakers?

Unfortunately, the biggest problem around online bookmakers, about claiming bonus offers, is connected with account limitation. Actually, this is a major problem for many players, but do not worry, we from, are here to help you with that. And once you see the few important steps, you will see how easy you can prevent getting your account limited because of bonus offers:

  1. Never claim bonus offers that you do not want, if you do not want to get an exact bonus, just disable claiming bonuses from your “Account Settings”,
  2. Strictly Follow the Terms and Conditions of the bonuses you claim,
  3. Never request a withdrawal if you do not finish the rollover for an exact bonus yet,
  4. Never open multiple accounts to claim one bonus offer more than once.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bookmakers Bonus Offers

🤔Q: Can I withdraw the bonus money from a welcome bonus offer?

A: You are free to withdraw the bonus funds from your welcome bonus offer, only after you finished the rollover requirements, which are clearly written in the terms and conditions of that bonus.

🤔Q: How can I claim a welcome bonus offer?

A: You can claim welcome bonus offers in every single online bookmaker. But, some of the online bookmakers just require you to make a first qualifying deposit, where on the other hand, some bookies required you to type a special bonus code.

🤔Q: Are there any online bookmakers that give you bonus offers for using mobile apps?

A: Actually, there are not many online bookmakers who offer you to claim bonuses for using a mobile app. The reason for that is the fact that bookie treats all of its players as equal so that you can claim the same bonuses, no matter if you use a mobile app, desktop site, or a mobile site version.

🤔Q: Are there any other types of bonus offers that I can claim from online bookmakers?

A: Yes, there are many other types of bonus offers that you can claim from online bookmakers. Actually, in order to see all of the available bonus offers in the bookie you are a part of, or in the bookie that you are about to join, just go to the promotions section.

In Summary about Bonus Offers

Bonus Offers as you can see from the article above, is one of the most popular types of motivating players online bookmakers. Bonus offers can e quite different in any online bookmaker, even depending on if you want to play in the casino, or bet in the sports section. For welcome casino bonuses, you can get more funds, but the rollover requirements are higher. The wide variety of bonus offers available in online bookmakers actually comes from the bonus offers for existing players, which are more, and can offer you more types of bonuses. From the article above, you already saw the major types of bonus offers, but if you want to check what bonuses does your bookie offer, you have to log in and go to the promotions section. The good news about bonuses is that most of them have very simple rules and requirements, which can be followed very easily.

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