How to play Baccarat Online

Baccarat is one of the card games that you can play at online casinos, which can provide you with a memorable experience, satisfaction, and last but not least high chances for making good profits. In simple words, Baccarat is one of the best options for all casino card game lovers. Baccarat is a game that is quite similar to Blackjack, with the major difference that you should not take any action after you bet.

In order to be of maximum favor for you, we from the team of, are going to go over everything about Baccarat, from mechanics to how to be successful in it. Also, we are going to give you some essential tips about how to create and follow a strategy for playing Baccarat. Now, let’s jump to it.

What is baccarat?

Baccarat, or also known as baccara is a card game that is popular in casinos and online casinos since its foundation. The game consists of comparing the cards of two players, the “Player” and the “Banker”. The game’s major purpose is in which player’s cards have a higher score.

Many sources show different information about when the game was first played. The most relevant sources fight with each other, by saying if the game was firstly played in the 19th century, or the 15 century. But, there is one sure thing, the game was very popular in the 19th century in France, even before the casino legalization in 1907, when the game was played in special private rooms.

What are the rules in Baccarat?

Before jumping deeper into Baccara, you have to be aware that it is not possible to succeed in playing this game without knowing the rules in detail. Well, you have to know at least the major rules that apply to every single hand, and the whole structure of the game. So, to help you with that, we from will dive into Baccarat Rules.

Rank of Cards

The first thing that you have to learn about Baccarat is the rank of cards. The good news is that if you choose to play it in online casinos, you will immediately see your score with every card dealt. But, no matter that you will need to be aware of how your score is formed.

Well, the rank of cards in online baccarat, is based on what cards you have. When you get a card it will count as:

  • The Ace is 1,
  • The King, Queen, Jack, and 10 are worth 10,
  • All the other cards, 2 - 9 are worth their number value.

So, in the end, the cards you have are summed, so that you can receive from 0 - 9, where the nine is the best possible score, whereas the 0 is the worst. Now, you will ask yourself, what if your cards make a sum bigger than 9, well, your hand value will be worth the second digit of the sum. For example, if you have a total sum of 16, your hand value will be 6. The closer you are to 9, the better are your chances for winning.


Let’s say that you have a total sum of 17, but the banker has 8, which will be the winner.

As your number counts as 7, the banker will win that hand, simply because he has 8.

What are the betting options at Baccarat?

If you already heard of Baccarat, you will probably know that you have two betting options. You must know that unlike in Blackjack, where you bet against the dealer, in Baccarat you play for the dealer or the player, or also there is a third option to bet on a tie.

Betting on the Bank

The first betting option in Baccarat is to bet on the bank, which has only a 1.17% house advantage, and as long as bets on the bank win more often, the house is paying you 19:20. To make it clear, you have to remember that on every won bet on the bank, you will have to pay a 5% fee, but the winning rate of betting on the bank is 3 to 4 times more, rather than betting on the player.

Betting on the Player

The second option for you to bet on Baccarat is for the player. So, this is basically a bet, where you think that the player will have a total hand value closest to 9. Betting on a player will have pay of 1:1, but the house advantage is higher, compared to betting on the bank, 1.36%

Betting on a Tie

There is also a third betting option at Baccarat, where you can bet simply that both the dealer and the player will have the same hand value. The pay is 8:1, simply because a tie is happening not very often, it is one of the rarest possible outcomes. So that, we from, highly suggest you never place that bet, simply because of what are the chances for a tie and also that the house advantage is 14.2%

The rule of the third card

The third card rule is considered as one of the most complicated rules in Baccarat, which most of the players struggle with. But, do not worry, once you start practicing the game, you will become better and better, and you will find how easy the third card rule actually is.

Player’s third card rule

A third card is drawn for the player if neither the player, neither the bank won nor the hand is a tie, that is what most newbies think the third card rule is, but actually, the player’s hand value dedicated if a third card is drawn:

  • In case of a player’s hand equal to 0 to 5, a third card is drawn,
  • In case of a player’s hand equal to 6 or 7, the player stands,
  • And the final option, if the hand is equal to 8 or 9, the player wins, as the hand is natural.

!Natural Hand - If the player or the bank makes a sum of 8 - 9 from the first two cards the hand is over and the one that made the sum is the winner.

Bank’s Third Card Rule

Well, if you understood how the third applies for the player, congratulations, so now you are ready to proceed with the third card rule when it comes to the bank because here things become a little bit complicated. To help you learn this rule, even before you started the game, we will list you the major terms that apply to the third card rule.

  • If the value of the dealer’s cards is 0 to 2, he takes the third card,
  • If the value of the dealer’s cards is 3, also the player has 8, the dealer takes a third card,
  • If the value of the dealer’s cards is 4 and the player has 2 to 7, the dealer takes the third card,
  • If the value of the dealer’s cards is 5 and the player has 4 to 7, the dealer takes the third card
  • If the value of the dealer’s cards is 6 and the player has 6 to 7, the dealer takes the third card
  • And finally, if the dealer has 7, 8, or 9 he stands.

What’s your final goal at Baccarat?

And last but not least, let’s see what is the goal of the whole game. You probably already noticed what will make you a winner, but let’s conclude things.

Actually, the goal in baccarat is nothing difficult. There is only one major purpose of the whole game, to bet for either the bank or the player, who you think will have a higher hand value. And luckily, from the explanations above, you already know how the hand value is determined and what are the rules.


So, let’s say that you placed a bet for the bank to win. If the player has a hand value worth 15, where the bank has a hand value worth 18, can you suggest do you win or not? Well, you win, simply because the bank hand value is 8, and the player’s hand is 5.

How to play Baccarat?

Before years, you were only being allowed to go to casinos and play Baccarat there. But, nowadays, the world of online gambling has come and you are no longer forced to go to a casino to play Baccarat. Simply every online casino offers you the option to play Baccarat. So, in order to assist you with the steps for starting to play Baccarat Online.

Step 1: Find an online casino and register

The first step for starting to play Baccarat is to find the best online casino and create your account in it. The good news is that most online casinos will offer some specific bonus offers, which can help you start with some free funds. There are many options for you when it comes to online casinos, but we from the team of found the best, which not only offer you many bonuses but also the house edge is lower and the winning chances for you are plenty.


One of the best options for playing Baccarat online is 22bet. 22bet has one of the richest online casinos, where you can enjoy playing many baccarat tables. So, you can open your account now and start enjoying Baccarat.

Also, you can claim many bonus offers like:

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Some of the bonuses at Bwin are:

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Another unique online casino for Baccarat is the casino of BetWinner. At BetWinner, you can become very good at Baccarat, and win many hands, only by following our tips. And the best part is that you can open your account and start playing now.

Casino Bonuses at BetWinner:

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Step 2: Enter the Casino Section and start enjoying Baccarat

The second step from the path to playing online Baccarat is to enter the casino section of your bookie and start playing. No matter which online casino you chose, you can easily access the Baccarat section, by simply going to the “Live Casino”, which in almost every bookie can be found in the main navigation menu.

Important tips

Before starting your Baccarat journey, you have to be aware of some important steps that you have to do:

  • You must have enough funds for playing,
  • You need to choose the best Baccarat table for you (There are plenty of options in each bookie),
  • You have to choose the language of the table that you are about to start,
  • You have to make sure that the stakes for the table are what you expect.

How to win Baccarat - 5 simple Tips

Baccarat is a simple card game that all of you can learn to play. The whole idea of the game is to compare the cards of two players, the bank and the player. But, in order to win consistently, you need something more, and to give it to you, we from will give you 5 simple tips that can prepare you for profit from Baccarat in the long term.

Tip 1: Do not risk betting on a tie

Many other communities recommend betting on a tie, simply because the odds are high so that the return will be very big. But, is it actually worth it? Yes, the odds for betting on a tie are 8:1, which simply means that you will win 800$ only by betting 100$, but what is the chance for a tie. Is it worth it to lose 100$ 20 times to win 800$, probably not? So, just avoid this bet, unless you want to risk it.

Tip 2: Determine your playing time

Many newbies just start playing Baccarat and do not stop, even if they said that they will play a certain number of hands, or for an exact time period. Most of the time, that practice is very unprofitable. We highly recommend you set how much time, or how many hands you will bet on, and stick to this.

In some cases, you may win a lot for that time, and if you continue, you may lose everything.

And the other option is that you lost for that period, so you may lose even more. Just relax, and stop when you reach your time or hands limit. You will recover from the losses but just stop.

Tip 3: See if betting on a player or on the bank is better for you

You can find many tips, one claiming that it is better to take advantage of the bigger odds for betting on the bank is better, but others say that betting on the player is better, simply because you avoid the 5% fees. Well, both are them are correct, but you want to find out which one works better for you. Maybe for some of you, the taxes may be a big problem, but for others, the win rate may be very big, so that the taxes will not be a problem.

Tip 4: Always check the odds and fees

Odds and fees are one of the major factors, which determine if you will succeed in Baccarat, so you will always need to keep an eye on them. For example, the standard fees for betting on the bank are 5%, but some casinos charge up to 25%. So, if you found that kind of a casino, just never join it. Also, the odds for betting on the player are 1:1, for the bank are 8:1, if you found lower ones, avoid again.

Tip 5: Make the bank edge work for you

One of the best practices in Baccarat is to use the bank edge and transform it to work for you. All of you know that the house always has an advantage over players, so why don’t you use it? To use it, you only need to remember that if the player wins, you will need to bet for the bank, because the chances for it to win the next hand are huge, near to sure.

What are the Leading Baccarat Strategies?

We already suggested that you have to set your own rules and goals, then stick to them, in order to win in baccarat. But, how to actually set them, well it is very simple, you only have to follow a certain strategy. Strategies are simply systems that are created to work for you, let’s see some of the most popular ones.

Positive Progression

One of the most popular and also profitable betting strategies when it comes to baccarat is the positive progression. The positive progression’s whole idea is to increase your bet every time you win and decrease it if you lose. The positive progression is chosen by players who prefer to play safer, as it is considered as a strategy that cannot damage your bankroll in case of a losing streak.

  • The positive progression will prevent any big losses,
  • It will maximize your profits in case of winning streaks,
  • It will minimize your loss in case of a losing streak,
  • All positive progressions are made to help you make the risk almost 0.

Negative Progression

Negative progression is the complete opposite of positive progression. If you want to use the negative progression, you will have to do increase your bet every time you lose, and decrease it, every time you win. Unfortunately, the negative progression can really harm your bankroll, simply because you can lose a lot from any negative streak.

  • It has the potential to make you lots of money,
  • If you lose and increase your bet, you will recover your money and even end up in profits.

Martingale System

A very profitable betting strategy, which works not only for Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and even sports betting is the Martingale system. This system has the potential to make you a millionaire, but there is only one drawback, you have to start with a solid amount of money.

With the Martingale System, which is a negative progression, you have to double your bet every time you lose, until you win, which will give back all of your previous loss stakes, and even give you some profits.

Flat Betting Strategy

We focused on how much you bet in the previous two strategies, but the flat betting strategy is something else. If you wanna use the flat betting strategy, you will have to place the exact same bet, no matter if you lose or win. This is a widely used strategy, especially in Baccarat, simply because you will not lose a lot if you catch a negative streak, but also win enough when you have a positive streak.

  • You can set your stake as high as you want because you will not change it,
  • This is the best strategy for beginners, who are still not into Baccarat rules,
  • As you do not change your bet, you minimize your chances for a loss but maximize your chances for winning.

Bankroll Management

And finally, the most important and profitable strategy is to know how to manage your bankroll. Actually, bankroll management is not quite a strategy, but it is considered the most profitable system according to professional casino players. If you learn how to do this correctly, you will be amazed how fast, success will come to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Baccarat Online

🤔Q: How to play Baccarat at Home?

A: Nowadays, you can enjoy playing all of the casino games from your home, just by joining one of the many online casinos. So, in order to enjoy playing baccarat from home, you only have to find the best casino for you, open your account, and start playing.

🤔Q: How can I win Baccarat online?

A: Winning at online baccarat is the same as winning at regular baccarat. No matter if you are playing in a real casino or in an online casino, you have to follow a certain strategy, and most importantly learn how to manage your money.

🤔Q: What is the best bet in online Baccarat?

A: In Baccarat, there are 3 possible bets that you can make, for the banker, for the player, and for a tie. For no doubt, if you want to win much, you should avoid betting for a tie. On the other side are the best for the player and for the bank. Unfortunately, according to some professionals, the bet for the bank is not worth it, because there is a fee worth 5%, but according to others, this fee will not affect you, simply because the return is quite high.

🤔Q: Which strategy should I use for Baccarat?

A: You can choose between a lot of strategies for playing baccarat. In the article above, we listed some of the most popular ones, which made millions for baccarat players from all over the world. If you are a beginner, we highly suggest you start with the flat betting strategy, or with a positive progression, or if you want to risk, but win big, you can choose the negative progression.

In Summary about Baccarat Online

Baccarat is one of the widest spread card games that you can play not only in real casinos but in online casinos. Actually, over the past few years, Baccarat was played a lot more in online casinos, and the reason for that is that you can play it from the comfort of your home. The good news is that we from gave you all the required information to start playing Baccarat now and benefit from the big winning potential that the game has. Just remember, in order to win in Baccarat, you have to find the best online casino, like 22bet, or BetWinner, then choose a strategy and stick to it.

To conclude, we from, are going to advise you to try Baccarat at least once if you are do not know how to play it, from the guide above, you can learn it very fast and start making profits from it in no time.

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