Asian Handicap - Do’s and Don’t’s

Asian Handicap - Do’s and Don’t’s

Nowadays, the world of online sports betting has improved in any aspect. The online bookmakers are offering a wide variety of different sports betting opportunities, which can really make your online betting journey even better, and also can lead to huge profits. As there are a lot of different betting options, and strategies, we from, are going to reveal one of the most popular ones, which can both improve the odds, and also maximize your chances of winning. In the article below, we are going to fully explain to you all about Asian Handicap Betting.

What is Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap as you already know is a form of betting, which increases your chances for winning, by eliminating one of the final outcomes that can happen. For example, when you are handicapping on the final result of football games, the stronger team is handicapped, so that the underdog has a pre-match advantage. And you can only bet for 1, or 2, instead of 1, x, 2. There are lots of Asian Handicap types, mainly depending on the goals given for the underdog, which can range from quarter goal, up to several goals advantage.

Which are the top Advantages of the Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

Before moving forward with seeing which are the different types of Asian Handicaps, we from, are going to list some of the top Advantages of that type of betting, so that you can see how good that strategy is.

  • Asian Handicap increases your chances of winning, by removing one possible outcome,
  • Asian Handicap increases the odds,
  • Asian Handicap opens a lot of exceptional betting options,
  • Asian Handicap gives you the chance to win a bet if your team loses,
  • Even, the Asian handicap gives you the chance to win a bet if your team ends up a draw,
  • Bookmakers even have bonus offers for Asian handicap betting.

Asian Handicap - Full Lines

We already mentioned that the Asian Handicaps opens a lot of new betting opportunities for you, and also depending on the handicap you can win even if your team is losing or makes a draw. So that depends on the lines of the Asian Handicap, which we are going to fully explain to you. So, there are three types of Asian Handicaps:

Full Lines, Half Lines, Quarter Lines

So, let’s begin with the full lines, which are the easiest to be learned. So, full lines are the Asian Handicaps, where the handicap is given by a full number, such as 1, - 1, 2, or - 2. The actual handicap actually indicates how many goals are given for a team. So, to make things even easier, let’s give you a simple example for the Full Lines.


So, let’s say that you want to bet on a game:

Bayern Munich - Bayer Leverkusen: 1: 1.40; X: 3.50; 5.60.

So, as you can see Bayern Munich is the complete favorite and the odds are not very high. So, you can use Asian Handicap in order to increase your odds. So, if you bet for Bayern to Win with Handicap (-1) that means that:

  • The odds for Bayern Munich will drastically increase, for example, up to 1.80 - 1.90,
  • If Bayern Munich wins with two or more goals difference you win the bet,
  • If Bayern Munich wins with one goal difference, your stake will be refunded,
  • If Bayer Leverkusen wins or the match ends up drawing, you lose the bet.

Asian Handicap - Half Lines and Quarter Lines

So, after you saw a clear example for the full lines of Asian handicap, let’s move forward with the hardest part, but also the part from Asian Handicap, which opens a lot more betting options.

So, the Asian Handicap simply adds goals to the underdog, when it is a positive, and on the other hand, removes goals from the favored team. With the Half Lines and Quarter Lines, it is exactly the same with the only difference that the numbers are not full, but a quarter and a half. Let’s see the full table:

Handicap Team Result Bet Result Handicap Team Result Bet Result
0 Win Win 0 Win Win
Draw Stake Refund Draw Stake Refund
Lose Lose Lose Lose
-0.25 Win Win 0.25 Win Win
Draw Half Lose Draw Half Win
Lose Lose Lose Lose
-0.5 Win Win 0.5 Win Win
Draw Lose Draw Win
Lose Lose Lose Lose
-0.75 Win by 1 or 2+ Win or Half Win 0.75 Win Win
Draw Lose Draw Win
Lose Lose Lose by 1 or 2+ Half Lose or Lose
-1.25 Win by 1 or 2+ Half Lose or Win 1.25 Win Win
Draw Lose Draw Win
Lose Lose Lose by 1 or 2+ Half Win or Lose
-1.5 Win by 1 or 2+ Win or Lose 1.5 Win Win
Draw Lose Draw Win
Lose Lose Lose by 1 or 2+ Win or Lose
-1.75 Win by 3+ Win 1.75 Win Win
Win by 2 Half Win Draw Win
Win by 1 Lose Lose by 1 Win
Draw Lose Lose by 2 Half Lose
Lose Lose Lose by 3+ Lose

How to use Asian Handicaps for Successful Bet?

And now, as you already know what Asian Handicaps are, and what are full lines, half-lines, and quarter lines, let’s move forward with seeing how you can be successful at Asian Handicap Betting, and more specifically, let’s see what to do and what to not do.

Asian Handicap Do’s:

  • You should always make research before placing an Asian Handicap bet,
  • Asian Handicap increases the odds, but some games are not likely for Asian handicaps (You should see if the teams for which you are betting are managing to score more goals, you should see with how many goals are they winning, or losing),
  • You should place Asian Handicap bets only if the odds are worth it, sometimes the odds are not increased enough to be worth it,

Asian Handicap Dont’s:

  • You should not place any Asian Handicap Bets if you do not understand how they work,
  • You should not place lots of money on Asian Handicaps, especially when the games are not sure,
  • You should not add too many handicap bets into one accumulator bet.

Examples of Asian handicap

And now, let’s see a few examples of different Asian handicap bets so that you can master them, and have no worries about placing them.

Example 1:

Let’s say that you have a little bit more complicated game between Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach, where the odds are 1.80 for 1, and 1.90 for Borussia Monchengladbach. In that case, a good bet is a quarterly Handicap.

So, if you bet on Asian Handicap - 0.25, you will:

  • Win the bet, if Borussia Dortmund wins,
  • You lose half of your bet, and the other funds are refunded, if the games end up a draw,
  • Lose the bet, if Borussia Monchengladbach wins.

Example 2

There is also a chance to bet for Borussia Monchengladbach to win on Asian Handicap 0.25, which the positive version of the example above. So, in that case:

  • If Borussia Monchengladbach wins, you win the bet,
  • If the game ends up a draw, half of your stake is refunded, and the other half wins the bet,
  • If Borussia Monchengladbach loses, you lose the bet.

Example 3

Let’s see another good example, which is with two evenly matched teams, Manchester United - Manchester City, where the odds are 2.00 for both teams. So, here you can place another quarterly Asian Handicap bet, but 0.75, which is perfect for that types of games. So, if you place Asian handicap bet 0.75 and if:

  • If Manchester United wins or draws the game, you win the bet,
  • If Manchester City wins the game by one goal difference, you lose half of the bet, and the other half of the stake is refunded,
  • If Manchester City wins by two or more goals, you lose the bet.

And that is, in order to determine if you will win or not, you just have to follow the table above.

Asian handicap Calculations

So, the last thing that you have to know about Asian Handicap Betting is how to do the calculations for that type of bet, but again that is quite easy when you have the table, which we gave you above.

  • In case of winning, you just have to multiply the odds with your stake, for example, if you staked 100 dollars, and the odds were 2.00, you win 200 dollars,
  • If you win half the bet and lose the other half, you just have to multiply half of the money with the odds, for example, if you staked 100 dollars, half are 50 dollars, so that you win 100 dollars.

To make things even easier for you, there are a lot of online calculators for Asian Handicaps that make all the calculations for you and are available all over the Internet.

Essential Tips and Tricks for Asian Handicap Sports Betting

And finally, when you know simply everything about Asian Handicap Betting, we from, are going to add a few more tips and tricks, which can make you from Asian Handicap Bettor to a professional Asian Handicap Bettor.

Always make research before placing an Asian Handicap Bet

This is advice that we are always going to give, as research is the key to a successful online betting journey. So, before adding any Asian handicap bet, you should make solid research, and more specifically, how both teams are doing, are they score more goals, or receive more goals, that can really improve the percentage of won bets.

Choose the best sport for Asian Handicap Betting

What we mean by the best sport, is not the best sport at all, as there is not such a best sport for Asian Handicap betting, but there is the best sport for you, on which you can place Asian Handicap Bets. All of the bookmakers offer the option to place Asian Handicap bets on lots of sports, but you have to choose the one, for which you know more about, and for which you are very passionate about.

Choose the best bookmaker for Asian handicap Betting

As we already mentioned multiple times, there are lots of online bookmakers, which offer the option to bet on Asian Handicap. But, you have to choose the one that meets your requirements. The good news is that we from, are going to list some of the best online bookies for Asian Handicap betting, bookies that managed to combine all of the positive aspects of Asian Handicap Betting, so let’s see some of them:

Asian Handicap in Accumulator Betting

Another very important tip that we have to give you is that you have to be very careful with Asian Handicap, especially in Accumulator Betting. Accumulator bets are also types of bets, which consists of more than one selection in it, and in order to win them, you have to win all of the selections. So that, you have to be very careful and not put many Asian Handicap Bets in your accumulators, if you want to keep your chances of winning as high as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asian Handicap Betting

🤔Q: What is the difference between Handicap and Asian Handicap?

A: The major difference is that with Asian handicap you still win or get a stake refund in case of a draw. So, you win if the game is a draw in Asian Handicap, but in just Handicap, you lose in case of a draw.

🤔Q: What does +0.5 means in Asian Handicap Betting?

A: + 0.5 in Asian Handicap is a Half Lines, which means that you will win the bet not only if your team wins but also if the game ends up a draw.

🤔Q: How do you bet on Asian Handicap?

A: Betting on Asian Handicap happens before the start of the game. And the handicaps are given by the bookie for or against one of the teams so that the chances for both teams to win are equalized. Most of the time Asian Handicap gives a pre-match advantage for the underdog team.

🤔Q: Which bookies offer Asian Handicap?

A: Asian Handicap is one of the most popular types of online sports betting so that there are many online bookmakers, which offer it. For example, giants like BetWinner, 1xBet, Efbet, 22bet offer Asian Handicap Betting.

In Summary about Asian Handicap Betting

So, as you already know from the article above, there are many online bookmakers available on the market now, and every one of them is offering one of the best types of sports betting, Asian Handicap Betting. Asian Handicap is simply a type of betting, where you have a higher chance for winning, as that the final possible outcomes are reduced to 2, not 3, simply the draw option is excluded.

So, also there are different types of Asian Handicap betting, where you can win, lose your bet, get a refund for your stake, and win or lose half of your bet. But, the good news is that you already know all of that from the full Asian Handicap Betting Guide above. So, the one thing that remained is to open your account at one bookie of your choice and start your Asian Handicap Betting Journey.

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