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Arbitrage betting [White Hat Hacks]

The world of sports betting has improved and expanded a lot over the past few years. Once the online bookmakers made online sports betting possible, the level of betting has increased. And by the growth of the number of online bookies, each one of them is trying to provide even better and better services. One of the options that pop-up through online bookies, which actually is only possible because of the huge number of bookies is available, and the fact that each bookmaker has a different mind about each event, so that are the odds, is the Arbitrage Betting. Arbitrage betting is one of the strategies that make online sports betting even more profitable, and also can drastically decrease your losses. If you want to know why and how Arbitrage betting works so well for many bettors, do not worry, we from, are going to fully explain it to you in the article below.

What is the meaning of Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is simply taking advantage of the prices of two markets, which is not only in sports betting. The trick in Arbitrage is that you are taking advantage of the difference in the price of the two markets. For example, in stock markets, arbitrage is when you buy and sell stocks or assets, where you profit from the price differences. Or even simpler, you just buy low and sell high.

Clear Examples of arbitrages

To make things even easier for you, we from, are going to give you some examples of some different types of arbitrages.

Example 1

Let’s first see an example for the stock markets, as we already told you that arbitrage is used a lot in it. So, let’s say that a stock of a company is trading for 70 dollars, but at the same time this stock is trading for 70.15 on a different platform, so that, you can immediately take advantage of this. So, you just have to buy shares of the company for 70 dollars, and immediately sell them for 70.15, which will give you a profit of 0.15 dollars per share.

Example 2

Now, let’s see an example from the sports betting sector. Arbitrage betting works really well, as there are a lot of available bookmakers, so that you can join as much as you can, and search for that odds differences, which is potential for huge and safe profits. You simply have to split your bet into two different bookies, so for example, if you see that in a bookie the odds are 2.00, and to bet against it, is 2.06, you are free to place an arbitrage bet, and in order to see how much you have to bet, you just have to look at one of the many arbitrage betting calculators that are available all over the internet.

The philosophy behind arbitrage betting

Now, after you know what arbitrage is, let’s see what is it in the context of sports betting. You can actually use this strategy in every sport, and the good news is that you can make consistent profits from that. The only disadvantage of arbitrage betting is that the profits are not huge. You start small and then starting to build more and more. So, as you already know that Arbitrage betting is simply taking advantage of the price differences in different platforms, let’s clear that our for sports betting. Arbitrage betting is simply covering all the possible outcomes in different online bookies, which is the first type of arbitrage betting. The second type is by betting for and against an exact outcome. At all, no matter which type you choose, you have a guaranteed profit. So, let’s fully go over the two types of arbitrage betting, in order to understand them fully.

Betting Exchange

The first option for Arbitrage betting is by betting on the Betting Exchange, where you only have to bet for a team to win, and on the betting exchange, you only have to bet against that outcome. There are a lot of bookmaker’s sites that offer betting exchange, like Betfair, William Hill, 1xBet. The good news is that you can use the arbitrage betting calculators, which are all over the internet so that you can check how much profit you can make from each bet, and how exactly to bet for both bets. Let’s now see a simple example for Arbitrage betting via a betting exchange.


So, let’s say that the odds are 2.56 for a team to win, and in the betting exchange, the odds against that outcome are 2.45. So that, if you bet 150 dollars for the team to win, and lay it with 158.02, you will end up with a profit of 4.86, where the commission for the exchange is 2%. At all, you put 229.14 dollars, and you have a guaranteed profit of 4.86. And if you think that this is not a big profit, just remember that there is no risk at all, so that there is not a problem to place even more money. Just placing 1500 dollars for the team to win, and lay it with 1580.25, you will get a profit of 48.64 dollars.

Arbitrage betting without betting exchange

The second option for arbitrage betting is by betting for every single outcome in different bookmakers. This strategy is used by millions of players from all over the world, who are making huge profits. This type of arbitrage betting is simply placing a bet at one online bookmaker, and in another one, you just cover the rest options. You can even do that for a 1 x 2 market in football, which is a little more advanced, but if you are a football fan, you can still use the arbitrage betting statistics and arbitrage betting tips to begin your journey. Now, let’s see an easier example with a tennis game, where there are only 2 possible outcomes.


In order to see how arbitrage betting without betting exchange works, let’s see a simple tennis example, where the odds for Player A are 1.98, and for player B the odds are 2.76. So, if you want to bet 200 dollars, you have to bet 116.46 for Player A, and for Player B, you have to stake 83.54. This will guarantee you a profit of 30.58, which is quite a solid amount, taking into account that there is no risk at all. In order to easily calculate how much you have to bet, you just have to search for dutching calculators. Dutching is called when you place a bet for a team and in other bookies, you cover the rest options.

How can you start your arbitrage betting journey?

And now, as you know almost everything about arbitrage betting. Let’s see how you can actually start arbing. We from, are not only going to go over the process of placing arbitrage bets, but also will help you in how to place successful arbitrage bets.

To begin with, you have to open accounts in different online bookies, or in bookies, which have a betting exchange, depending on which type of arbitrage betting you are about to use, The next step is to find the best dutching or arbitrage calculator, which you like the most, The next step is to make solid research about the events on which you can see the potential for arbitrage betting, The next and final step is to only place the bets and wait for the events to end and collect your winnings.

Placing arbitrage bets is exactly the same as regular sports betting, you just have to add selections to your bet slip, and then you have to type how much you want to bet.

White Hats vs Black Hats in Arbitrage Betting

By now, you should already know that Arbitrage betting is a strategy that guarantees you a profit. No matter what is the outcome of the event is, you end up in profits. So, as you can suggest most online bookmakers do not like that strategy, as they are consistently losing money so that bookmakers have some restricted actions, which are connected with arbitrage betting. So that, if you are about to start arbing, you should be aware of all the white hats, which are the things you are free to do, but also the black hats, which are the thing about arbitrage betting, which you should avoid.

White Hats

  • Arbitrage betting is allowed so that you can place it,
  • You can research events and place as many arbitrage bets as you want,
  • There is no limit for arbitrage bets for a day,
  • You have to place arbitrage bets by using an exchange or covering all the possible outcomes in different bookies,
  • You have to read the terms and conditions of the bookmaker that you are about to join.

Black Hats

Unfortunately, bookmakers do not like players who do arbitrage betting, but the good news is that this is really hard to be tracked, and even if a bookmaker tracks it, you can still continue doing it as some of the bookies are very likely to allow you this. But, on the other hand, many bookmakers are not allowing you to do this, so that, let’s see what you have to avoid if you want to keep doing arbitrage betting, and do not end up losing your account privileges.

  • You have to avoid joining online bookmakers, who are not very friendly to players who do arbitrage betting,
  • You must not place arbitrage bets using only one bookmaker,
  • You should not underestimate how important it is to read the terms and conditions of the bookmakers you join,
  • Something that clearly shows bookies that you are arbing is betting on events, which starting price was lower than it is at the moment of betting.

Which are the best online bookmakers for arbitrage betting?

As you can see it is quite essential to join good bookmakers, which allows you to do arbitrage betting, even if they track that you are placing that kind of bets. Actually, there are some bookies, which are accepting players who are about to place arbitrage bets. Let’s see some of them:

  • Pinnacle - Pinnacle is the first online bookmaker, which loves to take higher risks, so that is in a good partnership with all the arbitrage bettors. So, if you are just starting with arbitrage betting, Pinnacle is one of the best options, as the bookie is offering very high odds.
  • 1xBet - 1xBet is another excellent choice for arbitrage bettors, but especially for the ones, who want to do arbitrage betting via an exchange, as 1xBet has an excellent exchange betting section, where you are free to place any bets. Also, 1xBet is offering extremely high odds and at all is one of the best online bookmakers in the worl.
  • 22bet - 22bet is another very good online bookmaker, which also accepts players who are about to place arbitrage bets. Also, the bookmaker offers you very good betting options, instruments, which can help your arbing journey. Also, the odds are again quite high, which is the most important part of arbitrage betting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arbitrage Betting

🤔Q: Is arbitrage betting illegal?

A: No, arbitrage is completely legal. As gambling is legal, also arbitrage betting will be legal. So, if you want to place arbitrage bets, you have nothing to worry about, as everything is following the laws.

🤔Q: How much you can make from arbitrage betting?

A: Unfortunately, it is very hard to predict how much you can make from arbitrage betting, but usually, arbitrage bettors make between 1 and 4 %, which is a clear sign that if you want to make higher profits, you have to start with a solid amount of money.

🤔Q: How is arbitrage betting calculated?

A: There is a simple formula for calculating arbitrage betting, which is Arbitrage % = ((1/ decimal odds for outcome 1) * 100) + ((1/ decimal odds for outcome 2) * 100), and then the profit is calculated by following this formula: Profit = ( Total Stake / Arbitrage %) - Total Stake. But, to make things even easier, we will give you a hint to use some of the may arbitrage betting calculators and also the arbitrage betting apps, which can really help you with the calculations.

🤔Q: Why do bookies hate arbitrage bettors?

A: There is a simple answer for that, bookmakers do not like arbitrage bettors, as they are losing money. Arbitrage bettors are targeting the weaker side of the bookmakers, by getting a guaranteed profits

In summary about Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting as you know from the article above is simply placing bets, by covering all the possible outcomes, no matter if you are doing it by placing bets in different online bookmakers or using a betting exchange. The major reason for that is to remove the chance for losing, you literally cannot lose as you covered all the possible outcomes. Arbitrage betting is a very good strategy, which is used by many bettors from all over the world, but usually gives you a return of between 1 and 4 %, which means that it is better to start it with more bankroll. No matter that some of the bookies do not accept players, who are about to place arbitrage betting, and in case of tracking those arbors, they are immediately restricting those accounts, there are still some very good bookies, like Pinnacle, which you can join immediately, and start your arbitrage betting journey.

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