Ante post betting

Ante post betting [The Whole Picture]

Many players nowadays are following a strategy in betting, which consists of placing bets minutes, or hours before the start of the games. This is completely fine unless it is profitable. But, in today’s article, we from, are going to focus on seeing more about future bets, which are called Ante Post Bets. Ante-Post betting is related to future events, which starts after at least one day, but most of the time even days, weeks, or months. The good news about ante-post betting is that you can give yourself enough time for making research, and also catch extremely high odds because you can simply bet on games in a year ahead. The best example for Ante-post bets is the World Cup, where you can bet for a game, which is after a year. Also, there are many markets for future bets. Now, let’s dig into ante-post betting.

What are Ante-Post Bets?

Ante-Post bets are simply bets, which you can place for future events. For example, you can even place a bet for an event, which will be after a year. Ante-post bets are quite the same as regular bets, with the only difference in the timing of the events.

For example

Let’s say that you are a football lover, and you think that a certain team will win the Champions League next year, so you are allowed to place that bet. You simply bet now and receive the result in a year. You can simply bet for all types of future events using ante-post bets.

Sports for Ante-Post Betting

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about understanding Ante-Post betting. You can place those future bets on every sport and for any period of time. Actually, Ante-Post bets can be separated into different types, which are based on sports. Let’s see some of the most popular sports for Ante-Post Betting.

Ante-Post bets in Football

There is no second mind that ante-post bets in football are the easiest to understand and are the most profitable. In football, you simply know that there are some teams, which are very likely to win big tournaments, so it is easier for you to predict them. You can place Ante-Post Bets in football on markets like:

  • Goalscorer of a tournament,
  • Team with most red cards,
  • The player with the most yellow cards,
  • Player to receive a red card,
  • The team with the most goals,
  • The team with the least goals,
  • Which two teams will be on the final,
  • Which team will reach the final,
  • Which team will reach the semi-final,
  • Which team will reach the quarter-final,
  • Team to receive the most goals,
  • Goalkeeper with the least goals.

Ante-Post bets in Horse Races

The first ante-post bets were placed on horse races. Ante-Post bets were actually specific for horse races. Ante-post bets in horse races were placed for big races like the Guineas, and you were able to predict which horse will be the winner in a race, which will run after so much time.

Unfortunately, ante-post betting in horse races is not quite profitable. Simply, because you have to predict which horse will win. And in time, this exact horse may reduce its quality, it may be injured in the time of the race, so it even may not participate. So, we from, highly recommend you to avoid placing ante-post bets for horse races.

Ante-Post Bets in Basketball

Ante-post bets in Basketball are quite the same as in football, and as basketball is a game played by teams, no by single players, or runners, ante-post bets can be very profitable for you. The best example for ante-post bets in basketball is for the NBA, you can place many bets for it, like:

  • Winner of the competition,
  • Team to score the most points,
  • Team to score the least points,
  • Team to reach the final.

Ante-post Bets in Tennis

Another type of ante-post bet is for tennis. Tennis is another sport, which is played only by one player, which again means that successfully predicting future games may be quite difficult, again based on the fact that a player may be injured when the game should start. But, apart from that, there are many markets for which you can place ante-post bets for tennis games:

  • Winner of the competition,
  • Player to win the most sets,
  • Player to win the most games,
  • Player to reach the semi-final,
  • Player to score the most points,
  • Player to score the least points,
  • Player to reach the final.

How to place Ante-Post Bets?

After you know the major types of Ante-Post bets you can place, let’s see how you can place Ante-Post bets. Unfortunately, as you can suggest, ante-post bets are quite risky, as they require you to successfully predict events that will start after a lot of time, so you have to be very precise when you are making your research. So, let’s see the steps for placing successful Ante-Post Bets.

  1. The first step is to choose the sport on which you will place your ante-post bet,
  2. The second step is to choose the tournament and the actual market,
  3. Next, you have to make solid research,
  4. After you made the research, you have to calculate how much money you want to stake on that bet, in order to be worth it,
  5. It is quite important to place the bet as late as possible, in order to catch the highest possible odds, but also maximize your chances of winning,
  6. Then, you have to add the bet into your bet slip, and place it,
  7. During that time, you have to still research all about the event, and stay informed, and maybe, if things do not go well, you may need to cash-out

Ante-Post Bets Cash-out

As we already mentioned, sometimes things changed a lot about the ante-post bets that you made, so it is a good idea to be prepared if something affects the bet you placed. The best thing you can do if something unexpected happens is to make a cash-out.

The cash-out in regular bets simply gives you the freedom to control your already placed bets, giving you the chance for withdrawing the money even before the game ended. In ante-post betting, it is completely the same, you can take your money back, but, you can also make partial cash-out, with which you can withdraw only a part of your stake so that the other part still plays, so you still have the chance to win.

Odds for Ante-Post Bets

Odds for ante-post bets are also quite important, so you have to know more about them. Actually, the odds for ante-post bets are quite high, you can simply hit an odds of 20.00 up to 200.00 for football games, which is quite high compared to other bets.

Top 5 tips for placing successful Ante-Post bets

Ante-post bets are a double-edged sword, it can be very profitable, and make you lot of winning, but for other, it may be the reason for a bankrupt, so you have to be very careful, but as our priority is to help you succeed in any type of online betting, we from the team of, are going to give you the top 5 tips for placing successful ante-post bets.

1. Consider the form of both teams/ players

When you are planning to place ante-post bets, you consider the form of both teams/ players. This is completely crucial, especially when you are placing ante-post bets for one-player sports, like tennis, horse races, etc. If the player gets injured or is not doing well, the chance for messing the bet is high,

2. Make late ante-post bets

Another factor, which may sound a little bit weird is to make the ante-post bets as late as possible, which will make your chances of winning as high as possible. It is quite hard, in the beginning, to catch the correct time to place your bet, but during the time, you will master it. You should focus on learning how to catch the highest odds, and place it as late as possible,

3. Keep up to date with the latest news

No matter if you are placing a bet, which will start in an hour, or after a year, you will need to stay informed about the latest news. Especially, if the game is starting after a long time, you should keep up to date, as that many factors may influence the final outcome. If something happens, you are always able to cash-out your bet,

4. Take advantage of the bonus offer

There is no such online bookmaker, which does not offer any bonus offers. Bonus offers are the perfect way for bookmakers to motivate you, and say “Thank you” that you are part of them. But, also bonus offers are a source of free money, which you can use for betting, so keep that in mind,

5. Always make a Research

The last but not least tip that we from, are going to give you is to always make research before you place any bet, even if it is not an ante-post. It is completely the same as keeping up to date with the latest news after you place a bet. It is crucial to also be informed before placing any bet to increase your chances of winning. We advise you to spend at least 30 minutes researching each bet you place.

For what to be careful when you place Ante-Post bets?

And of course, as ante-post bets have many risks, we from, are going to give you some tips for what to be careful when you place ante-post bets, as there are lots of factors that can change the final outcome of the bets you place.

  • You should watch out for the form of players/ teams,
  • You should keep up to date about your already placed ante-post bets,
  • You have to be patient and place the bet as late as possible,
  • You have to catch the highest possible odds,
  • We advise you to not place ante-post bets for sports, which are played by single players, like in tennis,
  • We advise you to insure your bet, by placing two or more bets, for example, if you think that Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-German will be the two teams facing each other on the final of the Champions League, just place two separate bets, which are for each team to reach the final.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ante-Post Bets

🤔Q: What if the game I placed ante-post game is abandoned?

A: If the games are abandoned, your stake will be returned.

🤔Q: How does ante-post betting work?

A: Ante-post bets are simply future bets. Usually, bettors place those bets for future big tournaments like the World Cup. The ante-post bets are quite risky, as the game you placed a bet on, may be forfeited.

🤔Q: Do you get money back if your game is forfeited?

A: Unfortunately, there are some bookmakers, which give you money back, if the game is forfeited, but most of them do not.

🤔Q: Do non runner bets get refunded?

A: Your bet will be returned if your horse fails to complete the race, also every future bet that is non-runner will be returned also.

🤔Q: How do I win an ante-post bet every time?

A: Unfortunately, in online betting, there is no way for winning every bet, especially in ante-post betting, as you place bets for future events. The risk here comes that many factors may affect the final outcome of the future bets. But, the high odds, and if you follow a strategy, makes ante-post bets more than worth it.

In Summary about Ante-post Betting

Ante-post bets as you already know from the article above are simply future bets, which gives you the chance to bet for specific outcomes for events that may start after a year. Unfortunately, ante-post bets may be quite risky, so that no all players love them. So, before placing any ante-post bets, we highly suggest you learn all about them, and the good news is that we provide you with all the details about them. You just have to remember that ante-post bets offer you extremely high odds, but on the other side, there are a lot of factors that may influence your bets, and in many cases, you won’t receive any money refund. From here, you have to determine if it is worth it for you to place ante-post bets.

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