How to withdraw on Efbet

Efbet is an online bookmaker, which managed to grow a lot of popularity through online betting lovers. The bookmaker is allowing you to bet on a wide variety of betting markets with an extremely high odds, the features available for no doubt can make your online betting journey even better, the casino and live casino is also something, which should be mentioned, and last but not least, you can claim a lot of bonus offers, which can give you a lot of free money for playing (More details about the bonuses, you can check in our Efbet bonuses review). But, in this article, we from, are going to reveal something that is combining all of the mentioned above. We are going to talk about withdraws, without which you were not able to even play at the bookie.

How to access the Payment Methods page of Efbet?

After you read our article about “How to deposit at Efbet”, you probably did it and started your online betting journey at the bookmaker, and now you should know how to withdraw your profits. So, without losing more time, let’s see how you can easily do it.

  1. You need to open the official website of Efbet,
  2. Then, you need to click on the withdraw button, which can be found near the deposit button,
  3. Then, you are going to be redirected to the withdrawal page, where you should finish your withdraw,
  4. You need to choose the withdrawal method, and also type the amount you want to deposit,
  5. And then, proceed with the information about the payment method you chose,
  6. For example, if you chose to withdraw with a debit/ credit card, you need to enter:
    • Cardholder Name,
    • Card Number,
    • Expiry Date,
      • Month,
      • Year.
      • CVV2,
      • Amount,
  7. Then, you only need to click on the withdrawal button,
  8. And done, you just requested your first withdraw.

Notice that the team of Efbet will not allow you to withdraw any funds from your account until you pass the verification, so you need to pass it first. If you have any problems with passing the account verification, you can check our Efbet KYC verification guide.

What withdrawal methods are available at Efbet?

The team of Efbet wants to always improve your betting experience so that there is a lo of withdrawal methods you can use. The Withdrawal methods in Efbet usually take from 2 up to 5 business days to proceed, depending on the method you chose. The minimum limits of withdrawals can also vary from 15 euros up to 125 euros. More information about it, you can see by opening your account at Efbet and going to the payments section. Now, let’s see some of the available withdrawal methods at Efbet:

  • Debit Card,
  • Credit Card,
  • Bank Wire Transfer,
  • Skrill,
  • Neteller,
  • EcoPayz,
  • ePay.

What withdrawal methods are available at Efbet

When you can withdraw funds from your Efbet account?

As you already know that you have a wide variety of withdrawal methods in Efbet, and you also know how to successfully request a withdraw, let’s talk about when you are allowed to make your withdraws.

For no doubt, the most important rule for making a withdraw is connected with your account verification. The good news is that you need to pass the verification only once, and since then you do not need to think of it. If you do not know how to pass the KYC verification at Efbet, you can check our full guide about Account Verification at Efbet.

Now, let’s see some rules, which you can follow, in order to make a withdraw:

  • You need to complete the rollover requirements if you claimed a bonus offer before you request a withdraw,
  • You need to provide the details about the payment method you want to use,
  • If you choose to withdraw using a debit/ credit card, the currency does not matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to verify my account to make a withdraw at Efbet?

A: It is a must to verify your account, in order to make a withdraw. This is a must because by doing that, you prove your identity so that the team of Efbet will know that you are a legit player. More information you can check in our full Efbet verification guide.

Q: How much is the minimum withdrawal limit at Efbet?

A: The minimum withdrawal limit at Efbet can vary depending on the method you chose. For almost all of the methods the minimum limit is 15 euros but can reach up to 125.

Q: How much time do I need to wait for my withdrawal to proceed?

A: As the minimum withdrawal limit at Efbet, the waiting times can also vary, but for the waiting times, not only the method is a factor, but also when you requested the withdrawal. If you requested your withdrawal on a not working day, the waiting times can be longer. But, usually, for a withdraw to proceed, it takes between 2 and 5 working days.

Q: What should I do if more than 5 business days passed, but I still do not have my money?

A: If 5 or more working days passed, but you still do not receive your money, you should contact the customer support agents of Efbet. You can do it by using the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In Summary about Efbet Withdraws

Efbet is one of the biggest Bulgarian online bookmakers. When you join the bookie, you are going to have access to simply everything you need to have a fantastic online betting experience. From the article above, you already know everything about one of the major parts, when you are betting at an online bookie, withdrawal methods. Now, after you already know how to successfully request a withdraw and when you can withdraw, the only thing you need to do is to start betting and start making huge profits at Efbet.