How to Withdraw from Dafabet

Dafabet is one of the most distinguishable online bookmakers in the world. The bookmaker simply tried to get something from every single aspect of online betting and put it in one place, and it succeeded. If you join Dafabet, you will have access to many sports and casino options, bonus offers as well, which can give you a lot of free funds in return. And for cryptocurrency account holders, well Dafabet allows you to open a separate crypto account.

But, more about Dafabet, you can check in our in-depth review of the bookie, because today we will focus on something, which comes a little bit later after you open your account, withdrawals. To collect the money you won from betting, you have to use some of the withdrawal methods.

How to open the Payment Methods Page at Dafabet?

The first thing that you have to do to collect your money from Dafabet, is to visit the Payment Methods page of Dafabet. To do that, you only have to log in to your account and click on the payments button, from there, you are ready to make your withdrawal.

How to make a withdrawal at Dafabet?

  1. Once you are in the withdrawals section, you will see all of the available methods,
  2. Next, you have to choose which method you want to use and click on it,
  3. Once you clicked on it, you have to enter all the required details about the payment, including the amount you want to withdraw,
  4. Finally, you have to finish the transaction by clicking the withdrawal button.

The types of Methods you can use for withdrawing at Dafabet

Dafabet is giving you access to many withdrawal methods so that you won’t be worried if Dafabet has the method that you want to use, probably because they have it. In the table below, we will give you the most popular withdrawal methods of Dafabet, including more details about minimum and maximum limits, waiting times as well.

Withdrawal Method Withdrawal Minimum Limit Withdrawal Maximum Limit Withdrawal Waiting Times Withdrawal Fees
Visa Card £10 / €15 £30,000 / €50,000 From 3 to 5 days No fees
Master Card £10 / €15 £30,000 / €50,000 From 3 to 5 days No fees
Maestro Card £10 / €15 £30,000 / €50,000 From 3 to 5 days No fees
Skrill £10 / €15 £65,000 / €75,000 From 3 to 5 days No fees
Neteller £10 / €15 £33,000 / €39,000 From 3 to 5 days No fees
Skrill 1-tap £10 / €15 £65,000 / €75,000 From 3 to 5 days No fees
Open Node 2.43 mBTC 12161.18 mBTC Few Minutes No fees

When you can withdraw funds from your Dafabet Account?

Dafabet has some strict policies that you have to follow when you are making a withdrawal. In the list below, we will give you some of the major terms that you should know even before thinking about making a withdrawal.

  • You have to be at legal age, in some countries the legal age is 18, but in others 21,
  • You have to fully fulfill the information in the “My Account” section,
  • You have to pass the KYC verification process that is a must for making a withdrawal,
  • You are not allowed to use a withdrawal method of which you are not the account holder unless the transaction will be declined,
  • Dafabet will set all withdrawal request as pending unless they confirm it,
  • You can track all of your withdrawal requests by clicking the “Banking” button, and then going to the Transaction History.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dafabet Withdrawals

Q: Can I change the currency of my Dafabet Account?

A: Yes, you can change the currency, but we advise you to not do that, sometimes this may cause you to change your primary payment method.

Q: Which are the accepted currencies at Dafabet?

A: Dafabet accepts many currencies, from which are EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, CNY, INR, MYR, KRW, THB, VND.

Q: Can I use a different method for withdrawals and deposits?

A: Unfortunately, Dafabet recommends you using the same method for deposits and withdrawals. If you do not follow this, your withdrawal may be rejected.

Q: Can I make withdrawals via my smartphone?

A: Yes, Dafabet has mobile apps and mobile site version, which all gives you the opportunity to make both deposit and withdrawals.

In Summary about Dafabet Withdrawals

One of the most popular “all in one” bookmakers in the world is Dafabet. It is an online bookmaker that allows you to play many different sports betting games daily, and even casino games that can bring your adrenaline to the limits. The bookmaker is specialized in providing the best services to its players so that you are in a safe place.

The bookmaker allows you to open a whole cryptocurrency account if you do not want to use only the regular currencies. From today’s quick guide, you should be already aware of how you can collect your money, and the wide variety of methods you can use for that purpose.