Dafabet Registration

Dafabet one of those online bookmakers, who simply has all types of betting services and options to offer for its players. The bookmaker has a sports betting section, a rich casino, many generous bonus offers, and even allows you to open a Bitcoin account, which is not possible in most online bookmakers. The good news is that Dafabet is accepting new players only for passing a very simple registration process. In this article, we from betinception.com, are going to fully explain to you how you can open your account at Dafabet, and at all how you can start your Dafabet online betting journey.

Quick steps for registering at Dafabet

So, let’s begin with the quick registration steps for Dafabet. You cannot believe how easy it is to open your account at the bookmaker.

  1. First, open the official website of the bookie,
  2. Then, click on the registration button, In the registration form, you have to enter all of the required details about yourself,
  3. Once you do it, you have to click on the register button to finish the registration.

Why you should register at the Dafabet website?

As you already know, Dafabet is one of the best options for an online bookmaker. Dafabet is offering a wide variety of betting options, but what makes it perfect for you, what are the advantages of joining it? Let’s see them:

  • It offers a very good sports betting section, full of daily events, with a lot of markets,
  • The odds for every single sports event are very high,
  • Dafabet has a very rich casino section,
  • At Dafabet, you can claim many different bonuses, including the welcome bonus offers for sports, casino, poker, and even bitcoin section,
  • Dafabet allows you to open a bitcoin account,
  • The registration at the bookie is so simple and not time-consuming.

These are only the major advantages of Dafabet and if you want to see them all, you just have to proceed with opening your account.

How to open an account at Dafabet - Full Registration Guide

If you faced any difficulties with opening your account by following the quick registration steps, do not worry, we from betinception.com, are here to provide you with a full registration guide:

  1. The first step is to go to the official website of Dafabet,
  2. Then, on the top right corner, you will see a yellow “Join Now” button, which you have to click,
  3. Then, you are going to be redirected to the registration page, where you have to enter all of the required details about you:
    • Username,
    • Password,
    • E-mail,
    • Mobile Number,
    • First Name,
    • Last Name,
    • Date of Birth,
    • Currency,
    • Country.
  4. And then, you have to tick that you accept the “Terms and Conditions” of Dafabet and also that you are above 18 years old,
  5. Once you are ready, you have to click on the yellow “Create Account” button, which is at the bottom of the registration form,
  6. And done, you just opened your account at Dafabet.

Important! - Once you successfully opened your account, you will receive an activation e-mail, which you have to open and click the activation link in it.

Dafabet Registration - Essential Notes

Every single online bookmaker there on the market has its own rules and requirements, which every single player has to follow strictly. The good news is that Dafabet’s rules and requirements are very easy to be followed so that you are not going to have any problems with that. Let’s see some of them, which are quite crucial for your registration at the bookie:

  • You have to be at legal age, 18 years, or 21 years in some countries,
  • You have to provide only valid information about you during the registration,
  • You have not to be excluded from gambling, You must not have an account at Dafabet, which is already closed,
  • You are allowed to open only one account at Dafabet,
  • You have to check your balance each time you enter your account,
  • You cannot use the details of other people to open your account.

If you violate the terms and conditions of Dafabet, your account will be permanently closed, so be sure to read the full T&C, which can be found on the bottom of the Dafabet website, and also follow them strictly.

Dafabet Mobile Registration

Dafabet’s team has put in a lot of hard work into providing you with external mobile platforms so that you can enjoy betting using your smartphone. Actually, the bookmaker has 4 different mobile applications for the major betting types, and also a mobile site version, which is accessible directly from your mobile browser. The biggest advantage of Dafabet mobile apps and mobile site versions is that you can open your account using any of them, and the steps are quite similar.

  1. First, you have to open the mobile site version, or download and install any of the mobile apps,
  2. Then, you have to click on the registration button,
  3. Then, you will be redirected to the registration form, where you have to enter all the required information,
  4. Finally, you have to click on the “Create account” button to finish the process.

If you want to know how you can download and install any of the Dafabet apps, or how to use the mobile site version, cheer up, we have a full Dafabet Mobile App and Mobile Site Version Review.

What Welcome Bonus Offers are available at Dafabet?

As we already mentioned, Dafabet offers you many welcome bonuses, which you can get, in order to have a fantastic start to your betting journey. Let’s see some of them.

Welcome Bonus Offer for sports

The welcome bonus offer for sports from Dafabet is worth 150% of up to 450 RM or 50% of up to 2 888 RM. Also to get the bonus, you have to follow some simple rules and rollover requirements:

  • To claim the welcome bonus offer for sports from Dafabet, you have to enter a special bonus code, which is:
    • For 150% of up to 450 RM is DSFDB150MYR. This bonus has to be rolled over 10 times,
    • For 50% of up to 2 888 RM is DSFDB50MYR. This bonus has to be rolled over 12 times,
  • You have to deposit at least 30 RM to qualify for the welcome bonus for sports,
  • You have to roll over the bonus within 45 days of receiving it.

Welcome Bonus Offer for the Casino

The Welcome Bonus offer for the casino is the second bonus that you can claim after you open your account. The bonus is worth 100% of up to 600 RM. In order to make the bonus withdrawal, you have to follow some simple rules and requirements.

  • You have to make a deposit of at least 50 RM, 12 dollars...
  • You have to claim the bonus on your first transaction,
  • You have to roll over the bonus amount, including the deposit amount 20 times

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus Offer

The following welcome bonus offer at Dafabet is the Bitcoin Welcome Bonus Offer, which is worth 50% of up to 20 mBTC. And to claim it, you also have to follow some rules and requirements:

  • The welcome bonus offer for Bitcoin is available for all players who use Bitcoin Currency,
  • You need to have an account with bitcoin currency to claim it, or you have to open a new one,
  • You have to roll over the received bonus amount 15 times, including the deposit,
  • The odds for the rollover should be at least 1.50.

Dafabet Account Verification

It is clearly written in the terms and conditions of the bookie, that you have to pass a KYC account verification, which actually consists of verifying your age, name, and address. This step is totally essential, and you cannot skip it. So, you have to be careful when doing it. The good news is that you can pass it, only by providing scanned copies or pictures of some of your personal documents. Also, the team of Dafabet can ask for an additional verification, which consists of verifying your payment method.

Dafabet Payment Methods

Another huge advantage of Dafabet is the available payment methods. Dafabet is allowing you to use different deposit and withdrawal methods, which can help you finish those transactions very easy, fast, and secure. Let’s see some of the popular methods.

  • Visa Card,
  • Master Card,
  • Maestro Card,
  • Neteller,
  • Skrill,
  • Coinify,
  • Open Node,
  • Skrill One Tap,
  • Bank Wire Transfer.

The good news is that the minimum limits for almost all deposit methods are just 15 euros, and there are no waiting times. For the withdrawal methods, the minimum limits are just the same, but the waiting times can vary depending on the method you chose.

Frequently Asked Questions about opening an account at Dafabet

Q: How do I create an account at Dafabet?

A: In order to open an account at Dafabet, you only have to follow the steps that we gave you above. First, open the official website of the bookie, then click on the yellow “Join Now” button, fill up all the required fields in the registration form, and then finish the process by clicking on the “Create account” button.

Q: How do I verify my Dafabet account?

A: You will be asked to upload some scanned copies or pictures of some of your documents, in order to verify your account. This document consists of Proof of Address, and Proof of identity. Also, you may be asked to verify your payment method.

Q: How can I check my bet history at Dafabet?

A: In order to check your bet history at Dafabet, you have to go to the Sportsbook page, then click on the “Bet List” section.

Q: Does Dafabet has a mobile application?

A: Yes, the team of Dafabet developed not only one mobile application, but four, which are the Dafabet Sports, Dafabet Casino, Dafabet Poker, and Dafabet Connect.

Customer Support and Contacts of Dafabet

During the registration process, some questions may pop-up in your head, or it happens to face some problems, and actually, this is happening not only during the registration, so that the team of Dafabet has a lot of hard-working Customer Support agents, who are working 24/7 to help you. Let’s see how you can contact them:


  • Live Chat.
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Facebook,
  • Mobile Number, which can be found on the “Contact us” page.

In summary about registration steps at Dafabet

From the Registration Guide above, you already know how you can start your online betting journey at Dafabet. Actually, joining Dafabet has a lot of advantages, which you can see only by opening your account and start playing. The options to bet on sports, the casino, poker are only a part of Dafabet. There is one thing that we can say about opening an account at Dafabet, it is more than worth it to join it, you will be more than satisfied, and you will receive an online betting experience full of huge profits and thrilling moments.