How to bet at Dafabet

Dafabet is an Asian online betting house, which was meant to be a small bookmaker only for its territory of origin. But, as soon as the bookmaker was launched, it starter to grow really quickly and nowadays it is not only available in Asia but almost all over the globe. Dafabet has one of the most powerful sportsbooks full of thousands of sports markets and odds that cannot be even compared with other online bookmakers.

Once the bookmaker managed to spread it received certificates from one of the biggest global gambling authorities, the UK Gambling Commission, and also from the Isle of Man. For further benefits from Dafabet, we just have to say that the bookmaker even offers many bonuses offers that can be of big importance, as you can get a lot of free funds for betting so that you can even play for free, but still end up in profits.

So, let’s directly jump to the topic of today’s article, which is how to bet at Dafabet. We from, are going to give all of the details about how to use the Dafabet sportsbook, how to find events, and how to place the best possible bets.

Why should you choose Dafabet for sports betting?

Every online bookmaker has some disadvantages, but Dafabet is one of those online bookmakers, which really impress with its high-quality betting services so that if you join it you do not need to worry about anything. The bookmaker really has many benefits, from which you can only take advantage of. To group things together, we will give you one of the radical reasons of you you have to join Dafabet?

  • Many Sports Events - Dafabet’s team believe that players must have a wide choice when it comes to sports events so that when you enter the OW Sports section, you can see thousands of different games,
  • Odds - The odds for every single market at Dafabet are skyrocketing. The odds are an essential part of your journey so that you can get high returns,
  • Promotions - Promotions are a complete must when it comes to sports betting so that Dafabet published many bonuses, which can be claimed daily. Just to see how generous the bookie is, take a look at the many initial bonuses for every single segment of the bookie,
  • Availability - Most of the online bookies are not accessible from every single country, this applies to Dafabet as well. But, the bookie’s restricted list is so short compared to other bookies,
  • Accounts - The cryptocurrency online bookmakers are not so much, the bookmakers that allows you to have both crypto and regular account are just a few, and luckily, Dafabet is one of them.

Quick Steps for Placing a bet at Dafabet

After you know how rich the Dafabet sportsbook is, it is time to jump right into how to place a bet at the bookie. Luckily, the steps are so simple, so that you can do it within a few minutes.

  1. First, go to the Dafabet website,
  2. Second, login, or if you do not have an account yet, check our Dafabet Registration Guide and follow the steps for creating an account,
  3. Third, you will need to verify the account that you just created. Again, for further details visit our detailed Verification Guide,
  4. Fourth, make your first deposit, alongside it, you can claim a welcome bonus offer of your choice,
  5. Fifth, go to the Dafabet Sports section, choose what you want to bet, and start adding each event by clicking on the market,
  6. Sixth, finalize your bet by using the plenty of features available at Dafabet,
  7. Finally, place your bet, wait for the events to finish, and enjoy your profits.

Quick Steps for Placing a bet at Dafabet

Which sport to choose for betting at the bookmaker?

One of the most conflicting topics about sports betting is which is the best sport for betting. Sad to say, there is not an exact answer to that question. The reason for that is that every single player is passionate about a different sport, which has to be chosen for gambling. Actually, if you choose a sport that you are already into, you will be far ahead of other bettors, who bet on random sports. You will have the benefit of being ready for everything, just because:

  • You will be interested in the news regarding the chosen sport,
  • You will know the essential tactics of teams/ players,
  • You will have an idea of how the game can go in different situations,
  • You know for which team the win is more important,
  • You will know simply everything.

After you are familiar with all those facts, let’s see how you can enter the sportsbook of Dafabet. Well, the only thing that you have to do is log in, and click on the “Dafa Sports” tab of the main menu. Furthermore, you can check OW Sports, which is a specialty of the bookie.

Available Sports at Dafabet?

Now, let’s see a quick overview of the available sports at Dafabet:

  • Football,
  • Basketball,
  • Ice Hockey,
  • Cricket,
  • Tennis,
  • Table Tennis,
  • American Football,
  • Cycling,
  • Darts,
  • Entertainment,
  • Virtuals,
  • eSports,
  • Archery,
  • Olympic Games.

Types of Markets for sports betting at Dafabet

The availability of markets for Dafabet Sports is enormous. You can stake on many markets for many events. And as the market depends on the sport you bet on, there are still some markets that can be reached from every sport:

  • 1 x 2,
  • Correct Score,
  • Over/ Under,
  • Odd/ Even,
  • Asian Handicap,
  • Special Markets.

How to create your whole bet - Full Guide

You know what are the quick steps for placing a bet at Dafabet, but now let’s spent some time showing you how to create your bet, how to put events, how to remove them, how to check the profits. This is an essential part, for which you have to pay strong attention.

How to add selections to your ticket?

First of all, you have to be aware of how you can add selections to your ticket, which is the core part of placing your bet. Well, the procedure is quite simple, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the sports section,
  2. Choose sport and market,
  3. Click on the market to automatically add it to your bet slip,
  4. Do this again if you want to place an accumulator bet.

Once you added the selections you want, it is time to move forward.

How to remove selections from your ticket?

As soon as you added all of the selections you want to your ticket, it is time to move forward with calculating your profits and overall odds, but before that, you may realize that you added some selections that you are not confident about so that you can easily remove it. Happily, this process is quite smooth, you just have to look at your bet slip, which is on the right, and next to the event you want to remove, you will see a “cross” icon, which you have to click to remove the selection. If you want to remove another selection just click on the corresponding cross icon.

How to calculate everything about your bet?

There are two main things that you have to calculate before placing your bet:

  • Overall Odds,
  • Potential Profits.

In order to calculate your potential profits, you have to start with the overall odds. So let’s see how is it done.

In the case of creating an accumulator bet that consists of 4 events with odds of:

  • 2.05
  • 2.35
  • 1.78
  • 1.98

You have to do the following calculation.

2.05 x 2.35 x 1.7 x 1.98 = 16.978797, then you have to round it, 16.98

Afterward, you will need to check out your potential profits, which is another easy task. You only need to follow the formula:

Overall Odds * Stake = Potential Profits

For that we need overall odds and stake, so let’s use the odds from the example above, and let’s say that you want to stake 150 dollars on this bet, so now, you only have to replace:

16.98 x 150 = 2 547

Placing your Bet

The final step that you have to take is to place your bet. This requires you to type the stake amount, which has a lot in common with bankroll management. Managing your funds properly is the key to making consistent profits. Luckily, we have a full model of how you can successfully control your money.

After knowing how to manage your money, you only have to type the amount you want to wager and then click on the place bet button.

Additional Instruments for placing bets at Dafabet

Dafabet offers several additional instruments and features that can help you not only place bets but control them afterward. So, let’s quickly go over the most popular ones.


Cash-out is the most essential feature that you can find a bet. The feature allows you to have power over your placed bets. You can simply take your money out if you do not feel confident about the games that did not finish yet. You just click on the cash-out button and take your current profits,

Bet Insurance

Bet Insurance can be treated as both a bonus and a feature. But, what it actually does is give you the safety to place bets. You can simply pay insurance for your bet and, if you lose, you will receive your money back. You can do both partial and full insurance on your bets,

Bet Editing

At Dafabet you are allowed to control your already placed bets not only by using the cash-out, but you can also edit your bet. What that means, is that you can change markets and change events after you placed your bet.

Top 5 Tips for placing Dafabet sports bets

The biggest disappointment to all bettors who are just starting is not making huge profits in the beginning or not making profits at all. So that, we are here to change that, we will give you the top 5 tips that will prevent any loss, and will keep helping you to become successful in betting and making you profits every single week.

Follow a Strategy

The first tip that we will give you is to always follow a strategy. Well, this is a tip that simply everybody will tell you, but the difference is that we will explain to you what you need to look for when you are creating your own strategy. Here are the essential factors for creating a good strategy in sports betting:

  • Try different styles of betting (It can be betting only in single bets, on accumulators, with a low amount of money, or the opposite), but try which one works the best,
  • If you find a strategy that works for you, do not make experiments, just stick to it,
    Bet only on a single sport, never bet on multiple sports, simply because in most cases that do not work,


An investigation is how professional gamblers are making money. They just follow all the analysis and they place their bets based on what the stats say. If you try that type of betting, you will be more than surprised how fast you can start earning a massive amount of money. A few simple stats which can have a huge impact on your bets are:

  • The motivation of teams,
  • Previous games,
  • Players condition,
  • Missing Players,
  • New Players.

Money Management

You know that, but as it can be the key factor that may lift you to the top, we will repeat that again. As soon as you learn how to successfully manage your money, you will be one step ahead. You will not be confused anymore why you keep winning, and losing just a few bets, but still ending up in loss. Just think of it, let’s say that you are on a big winning streak and you already own a few consecutive bets, but suddenly, you find a game, that you believe its sure, and you put all your money on it, but unfortunately it happens to be losing. So, what you think will happen, you will not only lose your whole account value, but you will end up in loss. This cannot happen if you know how to organize your funds.

Sports Selection

Sometimes, sticking to betting on only one sport may be a hard task, simply because there are days that some sports do not offer events. So, the best thing you can do is to skip the day, as long as you do not have any other sport for which you are passionate. You know that making solid research is a key for making huge profits, which can be quite harder than you may think if you jump into another sport.

Accumulator betting

Multiple betting or accumulator betting is way more popular than single betting. You can see a lot more people relying on bigger odds from accumulators than bettors who rely on single bets, which odds are not nearly high. But, what most players do not know is that if you put lots of selections to your bet, the risk is higher, so there is a reason why single bets offer lower odds. The trick about accumulator betting is that as soon as you win, you will be in a very huge profit. But, if you lost too many bets, you will not be able to return your previous stakes.

So that, you have to be aware that you have to not be too greedy about your accas. You will need to put no more than 5 selections in your bet, in order to keep your chances for winning high, but still get a good return because of slightly higher odds.

Bonus Tip: Promotions

Promotions or bonus offers are the perfect options for getting some free funds for betting, which can be wagered quite easily and be eligible for withdrawing. So, if you see that a bonus has rollover requirements, do not get scared, just follow the rules and you will make it available for collecting very soon. Overall, this is free money for betting.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dafabet Betting

Q: Do I need to open an account for Dafabet Betting?

A: Yes, it is required to register for being able to bet at Dafabet. Account registration is a very easy task and you can finish it very easily, just follow our Dafabet Registration Steps.

Q: What is Dafa Sports?

A: Dafa Sports is the sportsbook of Dafabet, the bookmaker named it that way to suggest its uniqueness.

Q: Where are the promos for Dafbaet sportbook?

A: To find the bonuses for Dafabet Sports, you will have to click on the “Promotions” tab that is in the main menu of the bookmaker. There you can find promos for every section of the bookie.

Q: Are there any crypto payments at Dafabet?

A: Yes, at Dafabet you can both register a crypto account or a regular account. This is a matter of your choice and you can even open two accounts.

Q: What is the minimum payout at Dafabet?

A: The least you can withdraw at Dafabet is just 15 dollars/ 10 pounds/ 2.43 mBTC.

Q: Is there an option at Dafabet to play from a mobile device?

A: Yes, the team of Dafabet developed a few mobile platforms that give you access from your mobile device. You can download and install mobile apps, which are for the different sections of the bookie, or you can just use the mobile site version that allows you to enter the Dafabet platform using your mobile browser.

How to place a bet at Dafabet - Final Words

Dafabet was founded to be a small betting house in Asia, but things drastically changed as players had a huge interest in the bookmaker. Since, the team of Dafabet saw how big potential the bookmaker has, they decided to start spreading and now, Dafabet is one of the leading online betting platforms.

Dafabet consists of thousands of various sports betting events, overpriced odds, which you already know how to use in your bets. From today’s article, you are ready to start your sports betting journey and start making tons of profits, just by following our tips for placing successful bets at Dafabet.

The bookmaker is not only strong when it comes to sports betting, but it also offers an impressive casino that has plenty of casino games, developed by one of the global biggest casino software developers. In general, the only thing that remained is for you to take action and start by opening your account at Dafabet. And if you are still concerned about joining Dafabet, you just can take a look at our in-depth review.