Bwin eSports Betting

Bwin is one of the most popular names through online betting providers. Bwin is actually available on the market for so long and through all these years, it managed to impress its players with all of the astonishing betting options, features, and services.

The good news about Bwin is that the bookmaker is quite good when it comes to both sports betting and casino games. In this article, we from the team of will give you a full Bwin eSports betting review, where we will cover everything you need to know to become one good and profitable eSports bettor at Bwin.

Bwin eSports Section - Interface & Design

To begin with, you have to know how to enter the eSports section of Bwin, and also how to navigate through it. The good news is that the responsive and user-friendly design of Bwin’s website will help you a lot. You can literally find whatever you are looking for just with a single click.

To enter the eSports section of Bwin, you only have to log in to your existing account or create one if you do not already have one. Next, you have to click on the “eSports” button, which can be found on the top of the page, in the main navigation menu.

Once you enter the eSports section of Bwin, you will see the sub menu for this section, which consists of:

  • Home,
  • CS: GO,
  • Dota,
  • League of Legends,
  • Overwatch,
  • Rainbow 6,
  • KOG,
  • Fifa,
  • NBA,
  • Matches,
  • Outrights.

And last, you will see a settings button, which allows you to include and exclude the games you see in the menu, which is quite helpful as you can choose which games to see.

On the right side of the page, you can see the bet slip section, and also your bets section, where you can see all of your draft bets and placed bets.

Below are all of the available eSports games for the day, which you can even sort by tournament, or just expand all.

Bwin eSports Section - Interface & Design

Top eSports available at Bwin

If you are about to join Bwin for eSports betting, you have to know that Bwin is allowing you to choose between many eSports and a wide variety of daily eSports events, which of course you can see in the eSports section.

We already suggested some of the available eSports, by showing you more about the eSports menu, but let’s give an in-depth view of the most popular electronic sports at the bookie.

CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, known as CS: GO, is for no doubt the most popular eSports for lots of time. CS: GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter game, but probably most of you already know it, as the game is the heir of Counter-Strike 1.6, which is the game that almost all of you played at least once. The good news is that there are many tournaments each week for CS: GO, and the team of Bwin made betting on them possible.

The markets for the game are also quite a lot

  • Winner,
  • Handicap,
  • Correct Score,
  • 1 x 2 - 1st Map,
  • Round Handicap,
  • Total Maps/ Games,
  • Total Rounds (overtime included),
  • Winner (Overtime Included).

LOL (League of Legends)

League of Legends (LoL) or also referred to as League, is another very popular game, which is a multiplayer battle arena video game, which was developed by Riot Games in 2009. Since then the game has grown a lot and nowadays, millions of players are playing it. For LoL, there are also lots of weekly tournaments, which you are free to bet on, only because of Bwin.

The markets for the game are

  • Winner,
  • Handicap,
  • Total Maps/ Games,
  • Winner 1st game,
  • Winner 2nd game,
  • 1st Kill,
  • 1st Game,
  • Correct Score.


Most of you probably already know what Fifa is, because the game was popular years, is popular now, and will be popular in the future. Fifa is the number 1 football simulator video game, which was developed by Electronic Arts. Well, there is nothing more that we can tell about FIFA, the game is just incredible, and is perfect for all sports betting lovers. As you can suggest, there are many available markets for Fifa games offered by Bwin:

  • Any team to Win,
  • Exact Goals,
  • Odd/ Even,
  • Total Goals,
  • Double Chance,
  • 1x2,
  • Goal Difference,
  • Second Goal,
  • First Goal.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another multiplayer battle arena video game similar to League of Legends. Dota 2 was created by Blizzard and the game is literally popular in every single country from all over the world. No matter that League of Legends is more popular, Dota 2 is also a very good game to enjoy and bet on. Some of the best markets for betting on Dota at Bwin are:

  • Winner,
  • Handicap,
  • Who will claim the first Aegis,
  • Total Maps/ Games,
  • Kill Handicap,
  • Winner 1st Game,
  • Winner 2nd Game,
  • Kill Draw no Bet,
  • Correct Score.

eSports Betting Markets at Bwin

You should already notice that Bwin is allowing you to choose between a wide variety of different markets for eSports events. Unfortunately, the markets are different for every single eSports, but there are some major ones, which you can bet on for all type of electronic sports:

  • Winner,
  • Handicap,
  • Total Games/ Maps,
  • Winner Game/ Map,
  • Correct Score,
  • Draw no Bet.

To see all of the available markets for the eSports you are interested in, just create your Bwin account, go to the eSports section, click on your preferred sports and click on any event to see the markets.

Bwin Bonuses and Free Bets

Unfortunately, at Bwin, you cannot claim any bonus offer, which is specific for eSports betting, which is kind of disappointing, but the good news is that you can claim one of the other bonuses, which are available for Bwin users and use the bonus funds for eSports betting.

The tricky part about Bwin is that the bookmaker offers different bonuses for different countries so that in order to see which one you can claim, you just have to log in to your existing account and check out the “Offers” section, which can be found in the main navigation menu.

How to bet on eSports at Bwin

Betting on eSports at Bwin can be a really good journey for you, and of course, it can bring a lot of profits and satisfaction for you. But, in order to make things better and help you start betting on eSports, we from, will give you the step-by-step guide on how to bet on eSports at Bwin.

  1. To start with, you have to open Bwin’s official site,
  2. Secondly, you will need to log in to your existing account or create one if you do not already have, which full guide, you can find it in our Bwin Sign Up Guide,
  3. Next, you have to complete the Verification process at Bwin, which is actually not required for the first steps in the bookie, but is completely necessary for further transactions,
  4. Next, you have to make your first deposit at Bwin, which is quite an important step, as you will need to have some funds for betting,
  5. After that, you have to go to the “eSports” section, which you already know where to find,
  6. There, you have to choose on which eSports you will bet and choose the markets,
  7. Once you chose the markets, you are ready to add them to your bet slip section,
  8. To add them, you only have to click on the market, and they will immediately appear on your bet slip, which is on the right,
  9. Finally, you will need to type how much you want to bet, which is quite crucial for your long-term betting journey. If you do not know how much to bet each time, you won’t be able to win consistently and always end up in profits, so that you just have to learn how to manage your money.

eSports Live Streaming at Bwin

Bwin is an online bookmaker, which online platform comes with a wide variety of additional features, which are developed to help you become better in your online betting journey. One of those beneficial features is the live streaming feature, which is designed to help you enjoy even more all types of sports events.

Well, the good news about Bwin, is that the bookie even allows you to watch eSports and take advantage of the HD live streams for almost every single eSports event. In order to identify if there is a live stream available for a certain event, you only need to look for a red “Live” badge, which should appear in the event section.

In order to watch the live stream if it is available, you only have to click on the event, and on the right, you will see a video player, for which you only have to click on the “Play” button, which will immediately start the live streaming.

Odds and Limits for eSports at Bwin

When we are talking about sports betting at Bwin, we just cannot skip mentioning the extremely high odds, which can lead to very huge profits. Well, you probably already know that Bwin offers very high odds for all types of sports from our Bwin Review, but did you know that Bwin actually gives one of the highest possible odds for eSports events. In order to see more about how many markets and more about the extremely high odds at Bwin, you just have to visit the official site of the bookie, create your account and enter the eSports section.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bwin eSports

Bwin is a company that can always impress you with some sports betting or casino opportunities. And every time you dig in some of the betting options, you become more and more satisfied with the bookie. In order to show you how good Bwin actually is, we will list some of the advantages of Bwin eSports and the few disadvantages:


  • Bwin offers a lot of eSports for betting,
  • There are lots of markets for all eSports events,
  • Bwin has a separate eSports section,
  • The design of the eSports page is easy for navigation and user-friendly,
  • Bwin offers live streaming for eSports events,
  • Bwin customer support is available for you 24/7.


  • Bwin cannot be accessed from some countries that appear in the restricted list,
  • Bwin is poor on bonus offers for eSports.

Frequently Asked Questions about eSports Betting at Bwin

Q: Why the cash-out option at Bwin is locked?

A: The cash-out option at Bwin is an option that literally allows you fully controlling your already placed bets. But, unfortunately, there are a few rules that you will need to know about this feature like if the game is close to ending, you won’t be able to cash out. For full details about the Bwin cash-out feature, just visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Q: Does Bwin offer live streaming for eSports events?

A: Yes, Bwin offers live streaming for the majority of eSports games. In order to see if it is available, you only have to check if there is a red “Live” badge for the game.

Q: Where I can find the eSports section of Bwin?

A: In order to enter the eSports section of Bwin, you must have an account at the bookie. Once you created your account and logged in, you only have to click on the “eSports” button, which can be found on the top of the page in the main navigation menu.

Q: Are there any bonus offers related to Bwin eSports?

A: Unfortunately, there are not any bonus offers, which are specific for Bwin eSports betting. But, that does not mean that you cannot claim all of the other bonus offers that Bwin allows you to get.

Bwin Customer Service and Contacts

For any technical problems or any questions related to any section of Bwin, you are free to contact the customer support agents of Bwin, who are working every day, in order to help you with any topic.


  • E-mail: [email protected],
  • Mobile Number: +00 44 20 39 38 0862,
  • Live Chat,
  • FAQs.

Conclusion about Bwin eSports Betting

Is Bwin a good online bookmaker for eSports betting, well this is a question that millions of players are asking every single day. We from managed to create a full overview of the Bwin eSports betting section, and we proudly want to say our final verdict about eSports betting at Bwin.

As you already know from the article above, Bwin offers quite a lot of eSports events, accompanied by many markets to which you have access every single day. Combined with the extremely high odds, if you decide to join Bwin for eSports betting, you will be more than satisfied and you are able to make huge profits. And no matter that Bwin does not have lots of bonuses, you still can profit a lot more from betting than from other bookies that offer eSports.