Accumulator Betting at BetWinner

BetWinner is a world-popular online betting house, which was established only a few years ago, but already managed to settle between the best bookmakers worldwide. The bookmaker accepts players from almost any spot in the world and has a lot to offer. There are various sports events on which you can wager every single day, accompanied by many markets, from which you can take a lot in return because of the huge odds.

On the other hand, BetWinner has an astonishing casino section, where you can play many slots, table games, and even jackpots or win games, about which you can read more about in our dedicated Casino review. But, in today’s article, we will put aside the BetWinner’s casino, and go straight to the sportsbook of the bookie. We will give you more details about one of the most popular types of betting, accumulator betting.

What are accumulators and why choose BetWinner for acca betting

With simple words, accumulator bets, are single bets, which consist of more than one selection, which makes it a multiple bet or, accumulator bet. Those straight columns require you to successfully predict all of the events in your bet, in order for your bet to be winning. Accumulators or accas provide you with better odds, as the odds of each selection are multiplied by the others. The potential returns become huge, but here comes the bigger risk. Exactly because of that, we from will give you a dedicated guide about placing successful accas at BetWinner.

Why accas at BetWinner

BetWinner is one of the best online bookmakers for acca betting, but why is that. Well, there are many factors that may differentiate a good bookie for accumulators and a bad bookie for accumulators. In the next few lines, we will give you one of the major reasons that make BetWinner one of the most preferred online bookies for acca betting:

  1. BetWinner have a wide selection of sports games,
  2. The odds are incredibly high,
  3. You can group different sports and individual markets in your accas,
  4. There is a very good bet slip section, which calculates both your potential profits and overall odds,
  5. There are a few promos for acca betting.

How to place an acca bet at BetWinner - Step by Step Guide

Once you know why BetWinner happens to be one of the best for acca betting, let’s check out how you can place your first multiple on its mobile platform. Luckily, the steps are very easy, and you can do it for less than a few minutes.

  1. Begin with paying a visit to BetWinner official web page,
  2. Proceed with creating your account, in case of not already having one,
  3. The next essential step is to fund your account with enough money for placing bets,
  4. Once you are ready with the deposit, you have to visit the “Sports” sports section, in order to find the best sport for you,
  5. Furthermore, you have to find on which markets you want to bet,
  6. Once you found them, you only have to click on each one to add it to your bet slip, which will appear on the right,
  7. Once you are done, you have to type how much you want to stake on that bet,
  8. Always remember that one of the crucial parts of being successful at acca betting is to know how to manage your funds,
  9. Finish with placing your bet and enjoy.

Key Moments before placing a bet at BetWinner

Before placing your first bet at BetWinner, there are a few key moments, which you should take into account. And as our main purpose is to help you succeed in online betting, we from will give you those steps, so that you won’t face any issues.

  • Check if you have enough funds for placing bets,
  • Be sure to make research for every single event you put in your bet slip,
  • Check when each event starts, in order to not miss any of them.

How to do the calculations for accas at BetWinner

Once you created your BetWinner account and started to put events into your bet slip, you will instantly notice that all the calculations for overall odds and potential profits, will be automatically done for you. But, we strongly suggest you redoing it, just to check if everything is correct.

How to calculate overall odds

The overall odds calculations are very simple, you are only required to multiply, and you can do it on your device’s calculator, which will speed up the process.


To help you see how to do the multiplication correctly, we will give you a simple example. Let’s say that you will bet on football, and you want to bet on the following events:

  • Bayern Munich - Bayer Leverkusen: 1 - 1.69,
  • Hertha Berlin - Borussia Monchengladbach: 2 - 1.95,
  • Real Madrid - Real Sociedad: 1 - 1.45,
  • Inter Milan - Juventus: X - 3.15.

So, you have to take all of the odds and do the following:

69 x 1,95 x 1,45 x 3,15 = 15,052196, or 15.05


How to calculate possible profits

Calculating your potential profits is even easier than overall odds, just because you only have to do one multiplication. Let’s take the overall odds from the example above. So, you want to put a stake of 150 dollars on it. So, you have to do this:

150 x 15,05 = 2257,5

This came from the following formula that you can use for any acca:

Stake * Overall Odds = Potential Profits

Live Accumulator Betting at BetWinner

At BetWinner, you are not only allowed to place pre-match accumulators but in-play accas as well. This option makes BetWinner acca betting very exciting and very rewarding. All of you already know that live betting is more thrilling and can give you a lot more in return, as the odds are skyrocketing every single minute, and a lot of actions can change the direction of the odds.

For live acca betting, you can find lots of events and markets, but you have to know that you have to be more careful, as you have to pay attention to the details and follow the statistics strictly, unless, you will end up losing your in-play accumulators. So, here are a few tips for live acca betting that are crucial, especially for beginners.

  • Always follow the statistics, and watch the game you want to bet on if possible,
  • Never add too many selections to your accumulator,
  • Never underestimate what the statistics show.

BetWinner Mobile Acca Betting

BetWinner is quite famous for its innovative betting options, one of which is the option to bet using your smartphone. The bookie’s team has put a lot of hard work into developing two dedicated mobile platforms that allow you to bet using either your Android device or your iOS device. Luckily, no matter which platform you chose, you can enjoy all the accumulator betting services.

BetWinner Mobile App

If you are a big fan of mobile betting, or you just want to enjoy betting using the better mobile platform, you should probably choose the mobile application, which has two variations, one for the devices with operating system iOS, and the other for Androids. The app supports almost every single device, no matter that there are minimum system requirements. You should be informed that the app consumes a lot less mobile data than the other platform. And more importantly, the app works better, when it comes to technical performance.

Betwinner Mobile Site Version

The Mobile site version is the second mobile platform, which works under your mobile browser. Luckily, all browsers are supported, and as you can suggest, the mobile site version allows you to place accumulators. The mobile site does not require any downloading or installing, as the mobile app does, but unfortunately, this is the biggest disadvantage. As it operates under your mobile browser, you sometimes may face technical issues, like bugs, lags, or sometimes even crashes.

Mobile app Betwinner

BetWinner Promotions for Accumulator Betting

BetWinner is known to be one of the most generous online bookies. The betting platform gives you access to various bonuses that can be used for almost every section of the bookie, and almost every single betting type. That also applies to accumulator betting. BetWinner has some bonuses that are specifically for accumulator betting.

Accumulator of the day

The accumulator of the day is a special bonus that allows you to choose the best bet from a lot of accumulators made by BetWinner with the most entertaining events for the day. There are more than 1000 sports events that are grouped in those best accas for the day. Once you place a bet on one of the accumulators of the day and win, you will get a 10% increased return.

How to participate in the bonus

  • Log in to your BetWinner account,
  • Visit the sports or the live betting section,
  • Take a look at the predefined accumulators and choose the one that looks the best for you,

Terms and Conditions

  • You are only allowed to use real funds for this promo,
  • Advancedbet is not allowed for this bonus,
  • Cash-out is not allowed as well,
  • You are not eligible for changing any of the selections.

Top 5 Tips about placing only successful Accumulators at BetWinner

Accumulators are one of the most profitable bets that you can place at BetWinner. Unfortunately, with bigger profits, comes the bigger risk, which means that you have to be more careful and become better at placing bets, you have to be careful with every single selection that you put in your accas. To help you overcome any problems with accumulator bets at BetWinner, and help you maximize your profits, we will give you some crucial tips for placing accas.


There are many factors that can change your overall results in accumulator betting at BetWinner, but the biggest one is the Analysis that you make before adding any selection. Those couple of minutes that you will spend researching may double even triple your profits, so be sure to check the analysis of every single event that you add to your bet slip. You can watch for things like:

  • The condition of the two teams/ players,
  • The motivation of each competitor,
  • Are there any key players away,
  • Or are there any new key players,
  • For which team/ player the win is more important,
  • Look for the productivity of both teams,
  • Look for how many goals/ points each team/ player scores.

Bankroll Management

Knowing how to successfully manage your money is another key part for all those of you, who plan to become successful, and more importantly profitable. There is a simple example that can help you visualize how important bankroll management is. Let’s say that you bet 2 weeks, and for those two weeks, you placed 15 successful accas. And overall, you won, for example, 1000 dollars. And, in the end, you start to believe in yourself and want more, so that you place all that 1000 dollars on one single acca, which unfortunately happens to be unsuccessful. Well, you will end up losing everything, including the initial funds that you started with. So, be very careful with money management, we have a full guide about it.

Number of Selections

It is obvious that you should not add lots of selections to your accas, but where is the sweet spot, how many events you should add, in order to keep your chances of winning as high as possible, and also minimize the risk. Well, there is not a correct answer to that, simply because things are different for different players. We strongly advise you to not put more than 5 events, but in some cases, 5 can be quite a lot, but also there are players who win even with 10 events. Just, start betting and see what works the best for you.

Bonus Offers

BetWinner is offering many promotions. Promotions are made to help you win more, and be able to play with more funds. So, we highly recommend you claiming every single bonus that you can because that can change your overall betting journey at BetWinner, and accumulator betting.


There are many tipsters and people who share their minds about different events. Well, some of them are correct and can help you win more and more, but you should be careful because most of them are not successful. We strongly recommend you ignoring all types of tipsters, who do not have proven history, and in case of still wanting to use those tips, just recheck all those events.

Frequently Asked Questions for BetWinner Acca Betting

Q: Are there any bonuses for BetWinner accumulators?

A: Yes, BetWinner has a wide selection of bonuses that can be used for acca betting. Just go to the bookie and visit the “Promotions” page.

Q: How can I know how much to bet on each accumulator?

A: Bankroll management happens to be one of the hardest things to be learned, especially for beginners. Luckily, we are from, have a full guide about it, which will teach you all the secrets.

Q: Is it a must to calculate manually the overall odds and the potential profits for each accumulator?

A: BetWinner automatically calculates all your overall odds and your potential profits, as soon as you add the selections to your bet slip, so you can skip this process, but it is better to check twice.

Q: What are accas?

A: Acca is the shorter of accumulators. Accumulators are single bets that have more than one selection in them. All that makes it multiple bets, or accumulators.

BetWinner Acca Betting - In Summary

BetWinner is one of the giants through online bookmakers. BetWinner was established just a few years ago, but for that year it managed to grow a lot and provide all of its players with incredible sports betting options, which features many sports events with tons of markets. The odds are huge, so the return from every won bet is massive.

On the other hand, BetWinner also is working with dozens of different casino providers that fulfill the casino of the bookie with different slots, table games, jackpots, and even live tables. From today’s article, you are already familiar with one of the most profitable types of bets, accumulators, and you already know how to profit from them, how to maximize your chance of winning, and minimize losses.