22bet Verification

22bet is an international betting house with averagely small experience, but hence, solid reputation in the sphere of sports bets and casino games. Being such a trustworthy gambling house, the company follows all the worldwide standards, trends, and what’s more critical – laws – regarding legal and responsible gambling activity. Due to these, as a customer with official registration in 22bet, you will be eventually obliged to verify your account.

Attention – like in any other bookmaker, 22bet account verification process is simple, fast and explained in details. In addition to these, you can use our specially tailored guide of instructions to verify your 22bet account simply and quickly. Just keep reading below, and you will find everything you need to know about this procedure.

Why do I have to verify my 22bet account?

Although we have mentioned a couple of things that answer your question, in the next lines you will get all the reason why it’s so important to pass 22bet account verification process:

  • Every licensed bookmaker is obliged due to its regulation agency and license provider to verify its customers’ accounts. Every international bookmaker should follow the global gambling laws among which account verification is listed. By becoming an official customer at 22bet, which is a licensed, regulated and international betting house, you should agree with its terms and conditions. They include the account verification procedure.
  • Account verification is in 90% of the cases is not mandatory to be done right after the registration. The bookmakers provide enough time for the clients to handle it. On the other side, eventually, you will all have to verify your accounts. And you will understand that you cannot skip the procedure the moment you will claim for a withdrawal. In short, you cannot withdraw money from your 22bet account if you haven’t verified it.
  • Account verification isn’t just a must. It’s also recommended for you. When you verify your account, you receive protection from the regulation organs, including against frauds and thefts. In addition to these, the account verification guarantees your personal data protection.
  • Last but not least, all bookmakers, including 22bet, protect themselves from frauds, too. In order to prevent punters from making multiple accounts on their platforms, they introduce the account verification. Speaking of which, this is what actually account verification means – to show that the account owner is the one who claims to have opened it.

How to pass 22bet KYC verification?

First of all, let’s clarify what KYC is. This is the account verification process and nothing extra special. However, we insist on mentioning both of the terms as different bookmakers use different names for this easy procedure.

The abbreviation KYC means Know Your Customer. In most cases, the procedure includes two or three steps. But instead of speaking theoretically, let us explain to you how KYC account verification process works in 22bet:

  1. In 22bet you can verify your account at any convenient for you time. But before that, you will not be able to make a withdrawal from the website. The deposits, though, as well as gambling are allowed.
  2. When you decide to verify your 22bet account, login your profile on the website.
  3. Look for the button where you can make changes to your account settings.
  4. There will be a link to click on and start the verification process.
  5. The idea is to prove that the personal data you have provided to open your account is your personal data. The only way is to provide official evidence.
  6. The first way to do so is to make a copy of your ID, as well as a screenshot or smartphone image of a bill you have recently paid (usually, the bill should be registered up to 6 months ago).
  7. It is significant for the data on the documents you will send in a format of img or png files to be clearly and easily seen. There will be checks by the 22bet customer support team, so if you don’t want to repeat the procedure over and over again, send fine images.
  8. Please, beware that the verification of your legal age is done with ID, Passport, Driver’s License. At the same time, the address is needed to be verified through Bank Statement, Utility Bill -Internet or Postpaid Mobile bills.
  9. If you use an e-wallet for your deposits in 22bet, you can make a screenshot of your account aiming to make visible your name, address, e-mail and a transaction made to 22bet.
  10. Upload the documents and type in all the data you will be required in the appearing fields.

How to verify account on 22bet

How long do I have to wait for 22bet account verification?

Please note that different bookmakers promise different processing time for their account verification processes. Some betting houses guarantee fast account verifications – up to a couple of hours.

Such fast procedures, though, are possible only if the bookmaker has a 24/7 available customer support team. Thankfully, 22bet is such a company, which is why your 22bet account verification will not last more than a day.

Note that your account is not verified until you receive a notification about the complete procedure. If you have done everything correctly, you will be notified through an e-mail and via a message through the 22bet website platform.

When your account at 22bet gets officially announced, you will see the fact in your account information. On the contrary, the punters, who haven’t verified their accounts, will see it as a message – “account not verified”.

22bet account verification FAQ

Can I place sports bets on 22bet without account verification?

Yes, you can, but you will be limited in many actions on the platform, including withdrawing money from your account.

What should I do if I fail the 22bet account verification process?

Do not worry about that. 22bet customer representatives will explain to you in details where the problem is. They will give you instructions on how to proceed with the account verification correction.

How much should I wait to see my account verified at 22bet?

It takes up to 24 hours for the account verification to be finished. You will be informed when the check is done.

Is my 22bet account at risk if not being verified?

At some point, yes. Only verified accounts are protected against frauds and thefts, as well as disputes with the bookmaker or any of the punters registered on the platform.

In summary

KYC account verification at 22bet is as easy as a childish game. But what is even more important is that this verification is a sign that 22bet is a legal, safe, secured and excellent betting house that obliges the international gambling laws and standards.