Withdrawals on 1xBet

Withdraw on 1xBet

Plenty registration methods andconvenience of payments, including smooth withdrawing of money won, is one of the many strengths of 1xBet.

Players from diverse countries can choose their preferred methods to withdraw the amounts they have won while betting or playing casino games on the site.

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How to open the Payment Methods page

There are two ways of opening the Payment Methods page. Both will open the same page, with the exhaustive list of methods you can use on 1xBet.

One is in the upper left corner, as the dollar sign. The other link is in the middle of the page, as you open the site. You will find the title Payment Methods in the penultimate column of links, below the list of sports events with the markets offered for them.

Click on the link, and you will open the page with the payment methods available for customers of the bookie.

In the first column, you can choose the country you are from. Then next to it you will see the total number of methods you can use, as well as how many are available in each type of method.

The second column contains the methods that can be used for depositing  money, and in the third one are the methods that are available for withdrawing amounts.

How to withdraw from 1xBet?

The types of methods you can use for withdrawing

Bank cards

At the top of the list, there is the group of bank card methods.

The number of cards that can be used differs for different countries, but let us mention Visa and Maestro as the commonly included ones. Please pay attention to the indication of no service charges, and also to the period of time it takes for the withdrawn amounts to reach your account. For Visa and Maestro, the term mentioned is between one minute and 7 days.

The lack of service charges and the term of achieving the withdrawal are important details for the other payment method types as well.


The possibility to use e-wallets is a doubtless convenience. You can use the most common e-wallets for withdrawing, and there are a number of other e-wallets included here as well. Let us mention Skrill, Qiwi, Fast Pay.

No service charges are collected for withdrawing via e-wallets, and the term needed for the amount withdrawn to reach your account is just 15 minutes.

Mobile payments

With mobile payments, you have another group of fast and convenient methods to choose from for withdrawing from 1xBet.

The methods here will differ for different countries, but again we should mention the absence of service charges and the very short term needed to finish the withdrawing, just 15 minutes.

Payment systems

In this group, it is important to mention NETELLER, as a widely used payment method, and also ecoPayz. No service charges are collected, and again the term needed for the withdted.

Internet banking

The other name by which this type of payments is known is online banking. You will achieve the withdrawing from 1xBet via the bank’s website. Please check which banks are eligible for this method for your country.

No service charges are due, and the period for completing the withdrawal is very short again, just 15 minutes.

Prepaid cards

This type of cards is becoming a widely preferred method. You can use prepaid cards to withdraw amounts at ATMs, just like the withdrawing carried out with normal credit and debit cards.

No service charges will be collected, and the withdrawing process will be completed in 15 minutes.

Bank transfer

This type of payment is sending amounts from one bank account to another bank account. You will not have to wait for mail notifications, and as soon as the transfer is completed, you will see the amount available.

Please check which banks can be used for this type of withdrawing for your country. Again no service charges will be due, and the transfer will take 15 minutes to be completed.


For bettors and players who prefer using cryptocurrency to make payments, 1xBet offers a number of such currencies for depositing and for withdrawing. Let us mention just a few: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin. This type of withdrawing goes without service charges and takes 15 minutes to be completed.


That is yet another method type you can use on 1xBet, so if you are interested in it, please check in the Withdraw column of the Payment Methods page.

These vouchers are very convenient, as their value can be transferred to prepaid cards, to e-wallets. You will not have any service charges on withdrawing via them, and the withdrawal process is instant.

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1xBet takes all the care possible to offer convenience and ease of use for its customers. You can see that care in the wide number of methods available to choose from when you wish to withdraw.

For each country, there are in excess of 100, and often many more, methods to choose from. They are conveniently listed in the left column of the Payment Methods page, and also in the third column entitled Withdraw. You can choose first the type of method and then the specific method in the type group.

The absence of service charges is a pleasure, and except withdrawing by bank cards, the other methods take very fast to achieve the withdrawal.

Please note the indication of the minimum amounts for withdrawing. That is a condition of 1xBet to comply with, for each method, in order to fulfill all the requirements and achieve smooth withdrawing.

If there are any questions, you can immediately contact the support specialists via the live chat. The link will always be available at the bottom right, so open it and ask your question. But usually withdrawing goes on without a hitch.

Select your preferred method and undertake the withdrawing.