Volleyball Bets on 1xBet

Volleyball Bets on 1xBet

Volleyball is among the top sports not only when it comes to watching matches, but also for betting. On 1xBet, you will have plenty of volleyball events and tournaments to select from, and bet on them.

Besides betting prior to the playing of events, you can also bet during their playing in the Live section.

Find auspicious markets and high odds in this bookmaking site, 1xBet, which also offers you a choice among a host of languages, to make it as convenient as possible for punters to bet and enjoy themselves on the site. Wagering on volleyball matches is the most effective when you follow a tournament and the performance of the teams participating in it during a period.

If you wager on matches in tournaments or on teams that you do not have enough information about, you will run a risk of losing.

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A recommendation for new customers who intend to bet on volleyball

When you register, you will need to choose what type of bonus you want to receive. There is a 100% bonus amount on your first deposit if you intend to bet on sports, and a bonus for the casino.

It is worth choosing the bonus for sports, and use it when you start depositing and wagering.

The volleyball matches table and the bet slip

The home page of 1xBet is clearly and conveniently designed. At the top, select Sports from the links, and then in the horizontal line with links and symbols of the individual sports you can bet on, select Volleyball.

This is the fourth sport in the line, after football, tennis, and basketball. By clicking on this link, you will open another page with the table of events to be held in the sport.

On the right, you will see the bet slip. If you have wagered on sports on 1xBet, you know that the bet slip is typically located here. The search window is easy to find, over the table of events, on the right. Use it, if you want to quickly find a specific basketball match.

How to see which tournaments are on offer for wagering

Volleyball bets 1xBet

When you pose the cursor on the Volleyball link, you will see a small window open where the recent tournaments are listed.

After the name of each tournament, you will see the number of matches you can bet on for this tournament.

At the time of writing of the present review, the list of volleyball tournaments includes as follows:

  • Italy’s Serie A: Women, with 6 matches to bet on
  • Russia’s Higher League A, with 8 matches to bet on
  • Bulgaria's Superliga Women, with 1 match to bet on
  • Argentina’s Serie A, with 1 match to bet on
  • The Belgium Championship, with 3 matches to bet on
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Championship Women, with 1 match to bet on
  • Brazil’s SuperLiga Women, with 6 matches to bet on
  • the Czech Republic’s Extraliga, with 6 matches to bet on.

Naturally, you will also find other matches to wager on, which are not among the top ones in the focus of attention. In the table, after each match, you will see the symbols of statsitics and standings information, which are very useful. The drop down menu after the symbols will open the markets for the sets.

The markets you can find on 1xBet for volleyball betting

You will find more markets for top rated matches and tournaments, but even for less popular events there will be enough markets to make your betting rewarding, like:

  • the winner in the match,
  • a draw as a result of the match,
  • the winner in a set,
  • the total score,
  • the score for a set,
  • handicap bets, etc.

Bet on volleyball in the Live section

The link for the Live section is right after the Sports link. Open this section, and you will see the same arrangement.

Again, in the horizontal list of sports over the table of events, select volleyball and click on the link. That will open the volleyball events table. Over the list, at the right, is the search window, convenient for looking for particular basketball matches. The bet slip is again in its usual place, on the right.

Volleyball betting on the 1xBet betting exchange

Betting on a sports exchange is extra thrilling. It is not the bookmaker that offers markets and odds, on the exchange you wager against or for bets made by other punters.

This is a section that you will not find on many bookmaking sites, so here is one more advantage of 1xBet when it comes to volleyball betting.

Select the betting exchange from the drop down menu by the Sports link at the top, and see if there are bets made by other players, in order to offer your bet for, or against a bet that you think is worth undertaking.

Here, you will not typically find live bet opportunities. The bets are made before the matches start.

The fee for the bookmaker is 1% of the wins, which is a great advantage again, because on other betting exchanges the commission fee is typically 6%.

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Volleyball betting on 1xBet is seamless, thanks to the great and convenient layout and the search possibility. Use the statistics and standings information to help your betting decision.

You can bet prior to matches, in the Sports section, while they are played, in the Live section, and also look for volleyball bets by other punters on the betting exchange.

Variety is a distinguishing feature of 1xBet, and you will feel that in each subsection dedicated to a specific sport. In the volleyball subsection, diversity will make your betting rewarding, and so will the markets and the competitive odds.

Betting on volleyball is easy on mobile devices, if you use the special apps for Android and for iOS. In that way, wherever you are and whenever you decide to wager on volleyball events, the 1xBet site will be at your fingertips.