Virtual sports on 1xBet

Virtual Sports on 1xBet

Virtual sports are gaining popularity very rapidly, because you can bet on them in a different way. Their short duration is a challenge, and it takes some time to get used to the specificity of this type of betting. You can place new bets each 2 or 3 minutes!

On 1xBet, you have a separate section dedicated to virtual sports. You can open it from the horizontal line of links at the top of the page, and see what is on offer there.

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The sections in Virtual Sports

When you open Virtual Sports, you will see six squares in which the names of the groups are seen. These are the platforms 1xBet uses to offer virtual sports.

Here are they, from left to right, in two rows:

  • Leap Gaming
  • 1X2 Network
  • Scout Gaming
  • Golden Race
  • Edge Gaming
  • Global Bet

As you pose the cursor on each of the squares, you will see a short summary of what is contained in that group.

So let us discuss them one by one.


LEAP GAMING offered virtual sports are summarized as the perfect blend of real and virtual.

In this group, you will find football, tennis bets, racing, and other sports. You can place multiple bets, and you can bet in play too.


The 1X2NETWORK is another brand whose virtual sports events offers are also described as the perfect blend.


SCOUT GAMING is the third square on the first row, and you learn that here you can even create your own teams, and you can participate in the most famous league.


In the second row, you have GOLDEN RACE – here what will immediately grab your attention is the fact that you can bet live!


Next in the second row comes EDGE GAMING – if you are planning not only to bet on popular sports, but also try betting on cockfighting, this is the square to click on.

This is a virtual sport you will only find on 1xBet, so that is enough to stir the interest. Every 2 minutes there is a cockfight. The sessions comprise 10 fights. The realistic experience is enhanced by the fact that you can find information about the “fighters”.

You can bet on the winner in the fight, or you can place a bet on how long the fight will last. The bets on the duration are on less than 60.5 seconds or on more than 60.5 seconds. You can place large amounts as bets on the winner or on the duration.

The maximum bet amount is 9,999 Euro.


In the last square, GLOBAL BET, again virtual sports, plus races, expect you. This brand advertises its virtual sports as enabling you to bet with intellect and experience.

In fact, these are the principles you should abide by. Think before you place the bet, and rely on your experience. On this platform, you will see a virtual menu from which you can choose the sport.

And in the center of the page there will be a video of the event, after you select it. Although that is a computer simulation, you will have useful data to help you in your betting, like statistics, prior results, and of course what bets you can place.

Virtual football betting at 1xBet is in high demand. You will see matches between clubs, and football tournaments.

Motor races are among the real events you will find here.

Competitions between animals are another sport type you will find here.: hounds racing, dogs racing, horse races, and even camel races.

Virtual sports on 1xBet

Some general details about virtual sports betting, for novices’ information

We already mentioned that virtual sports events are short. They are computer simulated, and the principle of randomness is observed.

You must keep that peculiarity into account, because with random generation surprises are frequent. You should take quick decisions to place your bets. The videos offered help to feel like you are watching real events. The vividness of the events is like in real events.

You can make your selections just like in the Sports section, and the bet slip is on the right, in its usual place.

The odds are great, so together with the number of markets and the numerous possibilities for betting for these short sports events, you have a bunch of advantages making this type of sports stand in the spotlight for bettors.

The types of bets on virtual events

For each event, you will see the bets you can place. For popular sports, they will be of the same types. For example, for football matches you can bet on the score, the number of goals, who will win the match, etc.

There are not only single bets. You can also place accumulator bets, or system bets. Please get acquainted with the current conditions to learn whether there are minimal and maximal limits to the bet amounts.

In general, there is a limit on the maximum amount, which will be a disadvantage for bettors eager to make bets with large sums of money. But having in mind that these events are randomly generated, the upper limit will spare you large losses.

Football tournaments betting

Virtual football on 1xBet

For fans of real football events, virtual football matches are also interesting. There is a virtual football league on the events in which you can bet. You will have statistics and rankings at your disposal.

Bettors can easily forget they are betting on virtual matches. What is impressive from the beginning is that for club teams the names they have in this section are real names. That is again part of the strife to ensure a truthfulness to reality.

However, do not be misled to think of virtual teams as possessing the strength and qualities of their real namesakes. Remember again that these events are computer simulated. You will not lack matches by national teams, but they will also have a randomness of development, not necessarily being as strong or as successful as their real namesakes.

Some information on virtual animals races

Races of hounds, and horses are held each 2 minutes. In horse races, 8 horses participate. The duration for camel races is the same, and it is certainly a unique opportunity to bet on camels, thanks to 1xBet.

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Similarity to real sports events in these sports is guaranteed, at times you may feel you are betting on real participants, teams or individual competitors.

In some cases, you may feel a similarity to casino games, which is also great, because the principle of truthfulness to life is also leading for casino games developers. The platforms offering virtual sports on 1xBet in the special section guarantee variety and lots of opportunities for betting.

What attracts bettors to this type of sports is that they have the possibility to get access to a wide range of sports, at any time of the day. Another attractive feature is the short duration, which means you do not wait long to see the result for your bet.

On 1xBet, the animation graphics will provide realistic experiences. Let us add that there are also a number of real events on which you can bet in this section.