How to verify your account on 1xBet

Verification on 1xBet

How to verify your account on 1xBet

The verification of personal data submitted by bettors and players on online bookie sites is a standard procedure. You should have passed this process if you have used another online bookie site.

Its aims are, on the one hand, to prevent usage of the amounts gained on the site by a person with false identity, and, on the other hand, to prevent money laundering.

When you register on 1xBet, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, and find the Terms and Conditions link, from which, after you open the page with all the terms and conditions, you can read the information in the Privacy Policy item, which comes under number 32.

Select the item from the menu on the left, and you will open the text with the privacy policy observed by 1xBet company.

We will discuss in short what information you will learn there.

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When you will be asked to provide proof of your identity?

Verification is the proving of your identity, by submitting scanned copies of personal documents, such as an ID card, or a passport, or a driving license.

There is no specific time at which you should expect to be asked to do that. But at some time you will have to pass through the procedure, and unless you have passed it successfully, you will not be able to withdraw money from your account or play for bonuses.

How your personal information is used?

How 1xBet uses your data

Before you pass the process of verifying your identity, you will learn how 1xBet uses your personal data. The explanation is provided in the privacy policy.

As you will learn from there, the bookie uses your personal data to provide efficient customer support, to process your transactions, to help you if you take part in promotions by third parties, and also for other purposes connected with the services provided by 1xBet.

If your personal information has to be shared with 1xBet’s partners, you can be certain that these partners have been carefully selected, so as not to disclose your personal data further and use them solely for their purposes.

When 1xBet can ask you for personal data and for their proof?

The verification process is one occasion when you will be asked to verify your identity by providing proof of your personal data. Occasionally 1xBet will hold surveys and competitions, where you can choose whether to participate or not.

If you choose to participate, you will be asked about some personal data. Providing them is your personal choice, and you do not need to worry these data will be disclosed to other parties.

What personal details you will be asked to provide in surveys and competitions?

The personal details you will be asked for if you agree to that by participating in surveys and competitions may include the following:

  • your name, postal address and telephone number – that is, your contact details;
  • the geographic information about your whereabouts – postal address, postal code;
  • your age.

If you take part in a competition or a survey, you will automatically consent to the usage of your name for promotional purposes, if you win a prize in a competition.

If you have agreed to receive information about promotions on 1xBet, your personal details, such as phone number and email address, and of course your name, will be used by the bookie to inform you about forthcoming and ongoing promotions on the site, and also about third party products or services selected by the bookie as appropriate for you.

The verification process and its purpose

1xBet verification purpose

The verification of your identity, which you will achieve by providing the bookie with scanned copies of personal documents, is a once only procedure that you will pass after you become a customer of 1xBet.

One of the purposes of the verification procedure is to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorist organizations. So when you open your account on 1xBet, you will automatically agree to comply with all laws preventing money laundering and terrorism.

When you send a scanned copy of your personal document to the 1xBet support team, this copy will be compared with the information provided at the time of registration. Afterwards 1xBet will trace all changes made to your account. If any suspicious changes are detected, then the bookie will take the action it deems appropriate and necessary.

The information you will have to provide by means of the copy of your personal document is not very detailed, but it is sufficient to prove that you are really the person you have registered by opening your account.

When 1xBet customers provide their proof in the form of personal document copies, the bookie compares their data with a list of persons suspected to be engaged in terrorist activity.

The data required to be proved by the personal document copy include:

  • the customer’s full name;
  • the customer’s data of birththe customer’s address, permanent or current if different from;
  • the permanent address;
  • the source of the amounts from which the customer intends to make deposits on 1xBet.

So your document copy should contain these data, as well as a photo of you. It should have been issued by your country’s authorities.

Other documents you may be asked to provide, besides a passport, ID card, or driving license copy, may comprise:

  • a receipt of recently paid utility bill, not earlier than 3 months prior to the time of providing the scanned copy to 1xBet

Sometimes some other documents may also be required by the bookie, but generally the personal document, passport, ID card, or driving license, is enough.

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Verifying your personal data is a very important step that you have to pass in order to continue to use 1xBet and also to be able to withdraw amounts won. You may also be asked for some personal data as part of your participation in competitions and surveys.

You cannot avoid the verification procedure, but you can decline the request for personal data by not participating in competitions and surveys. Some personal data are essential to be provided to 1xBet if you want to be kept informed about promotions on the site. Verificatioon is also important in order to prevent account limitation at 1xBet.

The bookie abides by the careful use of personal data, so you can be certain your data provided will not be disclosed widely and will be used solely for the purposes of using the 1xBet site.