The TV games section on 1xBet

TV games on 1xBet

The TV games section is one of the strengths and attractive spots for punters who love casino games, and enjoy having contact with a dealer live from a studio during the game.

You will find the link from which you can open this section in the top horizontal line of links, near the top right hand corner of the page. It is between the links for Virtual sports and Bingo.

When you open the section, you will see it is divided into two. On the left is the TV Bet section, and on the right is the Lotto Instant Win.

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The TV Bet section in detail

This section will show you games you can choose from:

  • like wheel,
  • poker live,
  • 1bet live,
  • 7bet live,
  • 21bet live,
  • keno.

In the centre you will see the dealer in the studio who conducts the games

Each of the games is conducted in a separate room, with its dedicated dealer.

If you wish to see the picture on full screen, there is a button you can use to achieve that. On the left are the results of the last five games.

Under the screen with the dealer on the left is the “Select an outcome” column, and on the right is “Select an event to place a bet”

On the right you will also see the bet slip, and you can enter a promo code if you have such a code.

As for the language in which the markets will be shown, you should note that these are Russian or English. 1xBet supports a vast range of languages, but some parts of the site, like this one, are still available in just a few languages.

At the bottom on the right you will see the “Place a bet” button. You have a choice of placing a single bet, or an accumulator one.

The TV Bet section on 1xBet

How often new games start

For your information, in the TV bet section, there is a new game starting every 5 minutes. So you will have plenty of variety.

The Lotto Instant Win section

You should note that all the descriptions here are in English. 1xBet supports a wide range of languages, but to understand the descriptions here, you should be sure you know enougb English, or you can use an online translation site.

In the section, you will see four studios on the left. The settings and the information are over them. Next to the caption for each studio, you will see the symbol of live transmission.

To open the live transmission, you should be a registered user and should have logged into your account. When you select a game, on the right you will see the live picture, and below it the slip. You have to fill the numbers in it, and the drawing will be carried out live.

You can select specific numbers, or random ones. At the bottom, below the numbers, you will see the Bet and Re-bet buttons, which you have to use after you have chosen the numbers to play with.

You will have a button at your disposal with which you can open the information on odds, the minimal bet, the maximum bet, and some more, plus statistics on the numbers that have been drawn.

Keno games are included in this section as well.

The frequency of games

In this section, games also start every 5 minutes. So variety is guaranteed here too.

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Betting on the TV Games section is surely tantamount to more thrills and live experiences for punters. Both in the TV Bet and in the Lotto Instant Win, you are sure to find games to match your preferences. With new games starting each 5 minutes in both sections, dynamic betting is ensured.

Watching the dealers live is more exciting than just placing bets and waiting for possible wins. So this section of 1xBet enjoys wide popularity. With small amounts of your bets, and participation in many games in the two sections of TV Games, you will not run high risks and will get lots of pleasure while betting there.

If you prefer TV related experiences, play in TV bet, and if you are an aficionado of lotteries, Lotto Instant Win should be your choice. But you can always try both, and you can be assured you will enjoy your experiences in TV betting and in the lotto section.