Live Bet Slip Battle on 1xBet

Bet Slip Battle on 1xBet

Promotions are always auspicious on 1xBet, and they are numerous too. Now we are going to discuss the slip battle for the Sports and the Live sections.

The slip battle is a test for your intuition, and it involves high odds, so why not join it and compete for a bonus? Plus, there are such tempting prizes each month.

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The conditions for participating in the promotion

The conditions which will make you eligible for the promotion are the following.

  • First, you should place a bet, to the amount of minimum 0.70 Euro, and second, there is a range for the odds you must use. The range is between 30 and 501.
  • Furthermore, you should place bets in the Sports and the Live sections.
  • And you should note that there are some bets which are not eligible for the promotion: chain bets and system bets. So you should refrain from making such bets if you want to fulfill the necessary conditions.

Live bet slip battle -  conditions 1xBet

When to join the promotion

This is a recurring, monthly promotion, so it starts on the first of the month.

Wait for the new month to start, and on its first day start fulfilling the necessary conditions by placing the right bets.

Remember you should wager in the Sports or in the Live section, with high enough odds, to be eligible.

What the amount of the bonus you will receive depends on

The bonus amount is not a fixed one.

It will depend not just on the amount you wagered, but on the amount of the bets which are made by all the punters participating in the offer during the specific month.

Give your fair share and place a sufficiently large bet, with the correct odds, high enough, and keep your fingers crossed to be the lucky recipient of the bonus amount.

1xBet will determine the amount, and there will not be just one lucky punter

The bookmaker will determine the amount, in the following manner. First, 5% of the total amount wagered by the eligible punters during the specific month will be taken.

The overall amount will not be received by by just one of the lucky eligible punters. There will be 10 lucky recipients who wagered in the Sports section, and 10 more who wagered in the Live section.

The total lucky ones to get a part of the overall bonus amount will be 20.

A more detailed description of the way the bonus amounts will be determined

Here is how 1xBet calculates the bonus amounts for the “battle” winners for the Sports section. For each of the two lucky ones who bet at the highest odds, there will be 10% of the bonus. So that will be 20% of the overall amount.

Next, for four other winners, who bet with the 2nd and 3rd highest odds, there will be 5% of the bonus amount. That is another 20% of the overall amount.

Lastly, for the last 4 winners, who bet with the 4th and 5th highest odds, there will be 2.5% of the bonus amount. That will be 10% of the overall amount.

For the winners with bets made in the Live section, the distribution will be the same.

How the winners will be determined if there are several with identical odds or identical amounts wagered

When the selection of the winners is carried out, and there are several bets with identical odds, the choice will be made of the bet with the highest amount wagered.

And if there are several bets with the same amounts wagered, the earliest one will prevail as the winner.

When the winners will receive the bonus amounts

The time to give the bonus amounts to the winners will come when the next month following the “battle” month starts.

In the period between the 1st and the 5th of that next month, the lucky 20 winners will get their bonus amounts.

There are conditions for being able to withdraw the bonus amount

Maybe you will be tempted to withdraw the bonus as soon as possible. But you should be aware of the conditions you have to fulfill in order to do that.

In order to be allowed to withdraw the bonus amount awarded, you will have to make bets with an amount equal to that bonus amount. Plus, you will have to select an event with odds of minimum 1.9.

You should have your profile fully completed in order to be eligible

Our last reminder is to complete your profile data fully before you start competing in the slip “battle”.

If your profile lacks some of the necessary data, you will not be eligible for the promotion.

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Observe the conditions precisely, and enjoy your betting experience

Be a punctual observer of the conditions, and enjoy betting on 1xBet. Enjoy the thrills of the high odds, and luck is sure to look your way.