1xBet Registrtion

1xBet Registration

How to register on 1xBet?

For bettors looking for diversity of bets, great odds and other perks such as an array of bonuses, 1xBet is a great choice. Its care for customers is always extensive, so many bettors hurry to register.

We will explain the ways of registering, to help you choose the best one for you.

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The Registration button

When you open the home page of the bookie, you will see the green button among the several ones in the top right corner of the page. Pressing it will open a new window with the offers of the several ways of registering.

There are shown all the methods of registration, so for candidates wishing to learn about them all this is a preferable way.

Here are the four methods you can use to become a customer of 1xBet and bet in the sports section:

  • by one click
  • by phone
  • by email
  • by social networks and messengers

You can see that with these four methods of registering, the bookmaker offers a convenience for all players, so that each prospective customer can choose the method most preferable for him or her.

Another advantage of using the Registration button is that you will see the offers of bonuses for new customers to the left of the registration box.

The initial bonuses for customers just registered to the site are more than generous. The first one is the bonus for new customers who intend to bet in the sport section. Check the amount offered by 1xBet at the time you register.

At the moment of writing of the present article, it is a very tempting amount: 100 Euro.

Use our special promo-code: BETINCEPTION during registration procedure to increase your initial bonus up to €130!

The second one is a bonus for new customers intending to play on the 1xBet casino: it is up to 1,500 Euro, plus 150 free spins. You can choose which bonus to ask for now, while you are registering, depending on which one is more tempting for you, and depending on which section you are going to use more.

There is also an option of choosing between the bonuses later, if you are still hesitant about the right choice.

At the bottom of the registration box there is a square to check. By checking it you will confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions and to the site’s privacy policy, and also the processing of the personal data you submit in the site.

You will also confirm that you are of age over the minimum limit required to bet legally. That is a standard procedure you should be familiar with if you have used other online bookies’ sites.

Registration page 1xBet

The registration methods you can see in the second column on the home page

Another link to opening the registration page is displayed in the second column, under the horizontal line with the links to the different sections.

Please pay attention to the offer at the top promising a 100 percent bonus on your first deposit. Then follow two ways of registering.

One is by one click, in fact the fastest method. It will save you time now, but later you will still have to fill in your personal details, so it depends on you whether you will prefer the fastest method, or will opt for the other one offered here. It is registration by phone number.

  • Whether you choose the one click or the registering by phone method, you will have to choose your home country, though the bookie will offer you a suggestion, based on the location from which you access the net.
  • Then choose the currency to use in the site, and again there will be a suggestion.
  • Under these you will see a line where you can enter a promo code: BETINCEPTION
  • Finally you can hit the green Register button.
  • Below the register button there is a square to check. As we pointed out above, by clicking in it you will agree to the terms and conditions, to the privacy policy of the site, and to the processing of your data by the bookie. And of course, you will confirm that your age gives you the right of betting legally.

Now let us discuss the four methods of registering in detail.

The one click method

As the name shows, you need just a click to register. No data submitting is required at this stage. As we pointed out, you will have to submit your personal data later, but if you hurry to become a member, this is the way to use. Here you will either agree to the suggestions about your country and currency you are going to use, or select other ones.

Enter the promo code: BETINCEPTION in the next line and to the right of the promo code box you will see the green registration button. Click on it, and check the button to agree to the site’s conditions and terms.

The registration by phone number

  • Here you will have to fill in your phone number; the country’s code will be suggested by the site. You can either accept the suggestion, or enter another country code by using the drop down menu, and then your phone number.
  • Next is the currency box, again with a suggestion you can accept, or choose another currency if your intention about the currency to use differs from the site’s suggestion.
  • Below these is the promo code box where you may enter: BETINCEPTION to increase your initial bonus.
  • Next to it is the green registration button, and below the box to check to agree to the site’s conditions and terms.

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The registration by email address

  • Here you will have to enter some personal data. Thus you will submit the data required by the bookie and later you will not be invited to fill them in again. So if you prefer to do the submitting now, this method of registration is the best choice.
  • Here are the data required: country, region, city, currency – for these you will be given suggestions by the site, or you can select other data from the drop down menu for each box.
  • Then follow the boxes to fill in the following: your email address, phone number, first name, surname.
  • Then you will have to type the password you intend to use for the site, and in the next box you should type it again.
  • Below follow the promo code box where we recommend to enter: BETINCEPTION and click and the green register button.
  • Of course, you will also have to check the box at the bottom and thus agree to the site’s terms and conditions.

The registration by social networks and messengers

  • When you select this method, you will see the symbols of the most used social networks.
  • When you open the site after registration, you will be able to log in with your social network data, or by your user ID and the password selected.
  • Then is the box for the currency to use. Accept the suggestion by the site, or select another currency from the drop down menu.
  • Then is the green register button and the box to check to agree to the terms and conditions of 1xBet.

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1xBet offers convenience with the several methods of registration, and you can choose the one you find the best for you. The registering is easy and quick, and then you can bet and enjoy yourself.