Rugby Bets on 1xBet

Rugby Bets on 1xBet

Among the array of sports events to wager on you will find on 1xBet, rugby is also featured for its fans willing to place their bets on leading events in this sport.

Although rugby is not such a household name with fans of sports as football is, it has its fascination.

That is why 1xBet, striving to provide as many opportunities as possible for its worldwide following of customers, includes it in its Sports section, and also in its Live section.

Punters in countries like England, New Zealand, France, Italy, Australia, South Africa, where rugby is a popular sport, will be especially pleased with the selection of events and championships.

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How to open the rugby subsection

Rugby bets 1xBet

The typical way of finding the subsection of the specific sport on 1xBet is to open Sports, the link for which is available in the top horizontal row of links, on the left.

Then, from the horizontal list of sports in the Sports section, you should scroll to the right, until you see the Rugby link.

Click on it, and you will open the page with rugby events.

The championships available for betting

The rugby matches are grouped by championship.

You can have a quick look of the championships and events when you pose the cursor on the Rugby link, and a small window will open containing the forthcoming championships.

At the time of writing of the present article, the following championships are included:

  • Six Nations Championship
  • Six Nations Championship Women
  • European Challenge Cup
  • European Champions Cup
  • World Club Challenge
  • England: Super League
  • Australia NRL
  • RFL Championship

After each championship, you can see how many events are included for betting, and you can open the list of events for the championship from this window.

You can use the filter at the top, over the right hand corner of the table of events, to filter the rugby matches by date.

There is also the search window, if you want to search for a specific match.

The Six Nations Championship is among the most followed ones, as an annual event, and also because it includes the countries where rugby is the most popular:

  • England,
  • Northern Ireland,
  • Scotland,
  • Wales,
  • France,
  • and Italy.

The Rugby Championship is also unmissable, for fans of the sport in the participating countries: Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, but also for aficionados from other countries who follow the performance in these countries.

The markets you can bet on for rugby events

The markets you can find and bet on for rugby matches on 1xBet comprise:

  • the winner in the match;
  • a draw;
  • double result;
  • champion;
  • handicap;
  • and other markets, which you can find when you select the specific event.

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Use the statistics symbol to open the statistics for the match

Statistics button 1xBet

Next to the name of each match, you will find the statistics symbol. Like betting on other sports, rugby betting also needs knowledge of the statistics about the teams to play.

In the statistics, you will find analysis of the teams’ results, information about the matches they have played against each other, and how they have fared in the recent period.

It is also important to note if there are players who have had some injury recently, especially if they are the top players in the team.

That will have its impact on the performance of the team as a whole.

Bet on rugby in the Live section

In the Live section, you will find rugby in the same way as in the Sports section.

You can select a match and bet live, which is more exciting, and will appeal to punters who have experience in betting on rugby.

The situation changes dynamically, and that requires quick thinking to place the appropriate bets.

Use the apps to bet on a mobile device

Betting on the go is convenient and exciting. Wager on rugby on your mobile device, after you have installed the app provided by 1xBet for iOS or for Android devices.

Bet on rugby on the betting exchange

1xBet has a strong advantage for experienced punters: its betting exchange.

You will find it in the Sports section, and can easily open it from the drop down menu by the Sports link.

It is exciting to bet here, because you have to find other punters who have placed their bets on rugby events.

You have the options of either betting for, or against their bets.

The odds are high, the risks are also high, but if you have experience and have followed the teams’ performance for quite long, you have high chances of success.

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Rugby fans will definitely find top championships with exciting markets to bet on, when they open the rigby events table on 1xBet.

Betting live, or on the betting exchange, expands the opportunities and adds excitement and options for punters. For fans who want to bet at any time, anywhere, the apps for mobile devices are a strong convenience, too.

Rugby is among the top sports for countries with traditions in it, and the inclusion of top rugby championships on 1xBet is among the many strengths of this bookmaker for punters from diverse countries.

For fans who love wagering on their favourite rugby teams, this bookmaking site is a must to use.

For newcomers to 1xBet, there is an exciting bonus to use, 100% on the first deposit, which is a special offer for the sports section.

You can select to receive it during your registration, or a little later, when you start betting on rugby.