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Poker on 1xBet

Poker certainly has a steady following online, and fans of this game which requires skills, observation, artistic qualities, and reasoning are numerous on the 1xBet site as well. You can enjoy the game in the bookmaker’s site, and measure your skills against those of other players dedicated to the game.

Of course, winning is one of the goals, so you have the challenge to beat and make profits as you play. Do not forget to use the bonuses available for poker players and provided by 1xBet.

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How to open the Poker section on 1xBet

Open the home page and in the top horizontal line of links to the site sections, click on the drop down menu named "Extra", the last link. Then, you will open a window in which, in the lower group of columns, you will find Poker. Click on it, and the Poker section will open.

The Poker games in the dedicated section

1xBet does not yet offer as rich opportunities for poker gaming as its top competitors. But you will find two poker rooms there, which is very good. One is Legion Poker, and the other is 1xBet Poker.

Poker sections 1xBet

The Legion Poker subsection

You should note that the Legion Poker room is the newer one on the site, and you will find more opportunities for variety there. One downside which may put you off is that you cannot use a mobile device to play here. However, if you play on a desktop computer or a laptop, that will be no hindrance. On the other hand, because more and more players prefer using mobile devices to play poker, this room is not visited as much as the other one. Perhaps you should give it a try andsee for yourself how it measures up to your expectations.

The lower number of visitors to the Legion Poker room means that part of the tables and places in the tournaments here are not filled. But you can become one of those that can remedy the situation. It is worth dedicating yourself to your favourite poker game, in this room as well as in 1xBet Poker.

The games you can play in Legion Poker comprise:

  • cash games: you can play Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud, Stud Lo, and play with different limits, fixed or not fixed ones, or with no limits. You can place bets differing in amounts, and play at tables with different numbers of players. You can play with up to 8 players.
  • sit&go tournaments: these are universal favourites, with the number of participants reaching up to 45
  • spin&go games
  • other tournaments, with different poker variants, different numbers of players, and of course different limits.

In a nutshell, diversity is high, so use it and enjoy yourself as you play to beat your competitors at the poker table

You should note that most of the time, you will have competitors present to play with at Hold’em and Omaha cash tables.

As for tournaments, for the time being there are not many players willing to participate.

But freeroll tournaments which are held daily enjoy large attention. In them, you do not pay a fee to participate, but there is a prize pool, so the interest in these tournaments is understandable.

The 1xBet Poker subsection

Compared to its newer counterpart, Legion Poker, the 1xBet Poker room does not have such modern interface. But here you can use an app to play, because the bookmaker offers apps for the two predominant systems, iOS and Android. So as a result here you will find more players, and that is a necessary prerequisite for playing poker, so be sure to try playing in this subsection as well.

In general, you can find up to 300 players in peak periods. The downside here is the older software, and the lower number of games available.

In 1xBet Poker, you can play Hold’em only, without limits. There are both cash games and sit&go ones. You will not have the opportunity to play in tournaments in this room.

Bonuses for Poker Games

The 1xBet Legion Poker bonus

You will see the bonus offered for the Legion Poker room as soon as you open the Poker section.

You can win $1,200, plus hundreds of free spins, and you can achieve that in the course of mere minutes.

All you need to do is register for one of the two daily freerolls, Daily Freebuy with $30 GTD and Daily Freebuy with $10 GTD, and participate in it.

The MONTE CARLO Jackpot promotion

Like the Legion Poker bonus described above, this promotion is valid for an indefinite time and is available in the Legion Poker room too.

In it, the first condition is to get the right combination of cards, in order to grab the MONTE CARLO jackpot.The jackpot amount is minimum $200, so it is worth taking the chance.

  • To participate in the promotion, you should play at a cash table which has the M symbol.
  • Another requirement is to use both pocket cards when you form a combination.
  • There have to be minimum four players participating in a hand, and a hand has to continue until the river.
  • How much you can get as a jackpot depends on the combination you have formed to win.
  • For a royal flush, you will grab the entire jackpot, and for a straight flush, you will get 30% of the jackpot amount.
  • If there are more winners, they will get equal shares of the jackpot.

To form the MONTE CARLO jackpot, the rake which is taken from each deal at the tables participating in the promotion is 1%.

Then, when the jackpot amount is formed, 15% of it will be left to serve as the basis for the next jackpot.

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1xBet offers a lot to poker aficionados, and judging by the care it takes to provide more and more opportunities and variety for its customers, you can expect more to find in the poker rooms too.

You can choose the Legion Poker room, enjoy the sleek interface, and take advantage of the offer to participate in the daily freerolls, which can yield the winning of the bonus. If you are a fan of playing on a mobile device, you should stick with the 1xBet Poker room. There, you will find enough competitors to play with.

There is the Legion Poker bonus, which is valid for an indefinite period and can make you happy with a $1,200 win, and the exciting prospect of winning the MONTE CARLO jackpot, also in Legion Poker. But there can be other bonuses as well. Be sure to check about current offers.