How to change the odds format on 1xBet

Odds format on 1xBet


How to change the odds format on 1xBet

When wagering, punters factor in the odds offered by the bookmaker like 1xBet, as one of the means of getting an idea of the possible profits. In fact, when the odds are high, they are related to high risk, so the probability of making profits is smaller than with odds which are low.

Low odds come with a low risk. That is why punters who would not like to undertake high risks should look for lower odds. Anyway, the choice of odds depends on the specific event and on the market selected. Punters with experience already know and visit the 1xBet site, because they can get a variety of markets plus great odds.

What is more, on 1xBet you can select from six formats in which to see the odds. This range is larger than what is offered by most online bookies. The general formats in which the odds are displayed comprise the so called European odds formats, which are three.

Below we will discuss all the six formats of odds offered on 1xBet to choose from. Because customers of the site come from different countries around the world, this facility is doubtless a great convenience.

Punters from Asian countries can also find their preferred formats for the odds on the site.

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Navigation to changing the odds on 1xBet

  1. When you open the bookmaker’s home page and go to the sports section, you will see the odds displayed in the format typically preferred by punters in your area.
  2. You can open the menu for selecting the odds format by finding the familiar settings symbol: a cogwheel. By clicking on it, you will open a drop down menu.
  3. Below we will discuss what the menu contains.

How to change the odds format on 1xBet

European view or Asian view

As the window for odds format changing is opened, first you will see the two sections from which you can choose: European view and Asian view. The names suggest where these two general types are used, but let us add that the first section includes the so called American format for the odds.

Below these two sections, you will see the “Odds format”title. Below it are the six sections from which you can choose.

They are:

  • US,
  • UK,
  • decimal,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Indonesian
  • and Malaysian types.

Then follow the “Odds change display” section and the “Market view” section. In the first section, you have the choice of seeing the odds in full or in simple version, or you can disable this feature.

Pay attention also to the market views you can choose from: a full one or a short one.

More details on the odds formats to choose from on 1xBet

We already mentioned the six odds formats you can choose from. The first three ones, US, UK, and decimal ones, are the most widely used.

But for customers who are from Asia, the bookie also provides ample choice by offering Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian formats for the odds.

We will provide concise information on each of the formats, so that you can decide which format is the most convenient for you.

US format

The name suggests where this format is popular. The US format of odds includes a plus or a minus sign. As examples, we can give +106, or -132.

The odds with a minus sign correspond to odds with decimal format which are between 1 and 2, which means that the possible profit is lower than the amount of your bet.

Odds with the plus sign are more favourable in terms of the possible profit.

UK format

The name of this format also explains where they are popular. The UK format is in the form of fractions, and an example to give you an idea is odds of 9.10.

Decimal format

When the odds are in decimal format, they are represented with two numbers after the decimal point. An example is 1.50. In most European countries, the decimal format is the most preferred one.

Hong Kong format

This format is similar to the decimal format. It is used by Asian bookmakers, and as examples we can quote the following: 0.74, or 0.91.

Indonesian format

This format, as well as the Malaysian one, is used rarely. But because 1xBet wishes to provide convenience to players with a variety of formats, you will find it on the 1xBet site as well.

The odds in Indonesian format are similar to US ones. An example we can give is -1.177.

Malaysian format

As mentioned above, this is another rarely used format. But you may come from a country where it is used, so you will find it on 1xBet too.

For the information of all punters, odds in Malaysian format can take the following form: -0.091, +196, etc.

You can see that they look similar to the US format offs. But there is one important difference.

The odds with a minus sign are the favourable ones for your possible profits, which is the opposite of the rule for the US format odds.

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You can see that 1xBet takes care to provide as much convenience as possible for players from different corners of the globe. In addition to the most popular odds formats, the so called European ones, you can select from three Asian formats.

Depending on where you come from and which odds you are used to, you can make your choice and then go on to wager.

We would like to recommend the decimal format, as the easiest one for calculations. But the choice of format is a personal preference, so make your choice on the basis of your practice, and have a great time wagering on 1xBet.