Live chat on 1xBet

Live chat on 1xBet

Betting and playing casino games on a bookmaking site are activities which are greatly facilitated by the availability of live chat.

The worldwide website 1xBet has already established itself as a leading site for betting and a site with a plethora of games, virtual sports, a live casino, and more.

Whenever customers have questions about registration, promotions, or have difficulty depositing or withdrawing, they can use the live chat to get prompt answers from the support staff.

Let us discuss how the live chat can help you if you are registering, wagering, or playing on 1xBet, and need information or assistance.

Instuctions to 1xBet website access

How to open the live chat

After you open the 1xBet home page, you can see the “Ask a question” line at the bottom, in the right corner. Next to the line there is a green button. Clicking on it will open the live chat window.

Because 1xBet is vastly popular and visited by so many players, you may sometimes need to wait for a minute or two, before the online consultant contacts you. Mostly, the consultant is available immediately and you can ask your question.

What you can see in the live chat window

At the top, on the left, you will see the online consultant’s name. That is the person on duty who is available to all customers of 1xBet who need help or information at the moment. Opposite the name you will see the Rate line, where there are five stars.

After you have been consulted, you can rate the service by choosing the number of stars which, in your opinion, represent the level of the consultation. To express your full satisfaction with the service, choose all the five stars.

Under the consultant’s name and the Rate line with the stars, you will see a line reading “Type a message”. There, you should type your question or request for information, for example information related to promotions.

On the right there is a green button with an envelope symbol. Clicking on it will send the message, and the consultant will read it.

After the consultant has read the message, he or she will type the answer and send it to you, and you will see it under your question.

The language in which you can ask your questions

1xBet is a Russian operator, but on the site there is a large number of languages in which you can use the site and contact the consultants on duty in the live chat.

To choose the language in which you prefer to ask your questions or requests, go to the upper right hand corner where you will typically see EN and a flag symbol.

After you open the drop down menu, you will see 57 abbreviations for the languages supported on the 1xBet site, with a flag symbol after each abbreviation. Both the abbreviations and the symbols will help you to easily find the necessary language.

The symbols are in alphabetical order, so searching alphabetically is also convenient.

The most typical situations in which the live chat is a covenient and fast help tool

When you are undergoing registration

For players who have undergone registration on other bookmaking sites, registering on 1xBet should not go with problems, because the procedure is a standard one.

But sometimes it may happen that you encounter some difficulty. You should not hesitate about opening the live chat and asking a question to get help. The consultant on duty will give you immediate assistance.

After you have registered

If you have just registered an account on 1xBet, and you would like to learn about some promotions, or about a section of the site, the live chat is also the fastest way to get the information you need.

You can ask about depositing too, if you want advice in choosing the appropriate depositing method.

When you wish to learn about new promotions

Players with experience in using 1xBet can also use the live chat if they would like to learn about new promotions or bonuses. The bookmaker frequently offers new promotions, and following them can help you benefit from the ones most appropriate for you.

If you need more information about them, ask the consultant on duty by using the libe chat window.

For problems with depositing and withdrawing

Depositing and especially withdrawing are connected with certain terms and conditions. You can find them in the genera information offered by the bookmaker on the site, but the faster way of resolving a situation with a problem is by using the live chat.

During verification

Verification is a standard procedure for bookmakers. By undergoing it, the customer proves his or her true identity and legal age. If you have difficulty submitting the doccumets proving your identity, the live chat is a convenience to use immediately.

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The live chat feature on 1xBet is a convenient way of getting assistance quickly, whenever you need help or information about products or procedures on the site. Use it, and get competent help by the consultants on duty.