Live bets on 1xBet

Live bets on 1xBet

Betting live is certainly thrilling, with the dynamics which requires bettors to take quick decisions, as they watch or follow the specific event on a bookmaker’s site. On 1xBet, live bets attract a keen interest, so it is worth visiting the Live section and seeing what it offers.

Then you will be attracted to stay and bet live, using all the features 1xBet provides for you there.

Here are the subsections you will see if you pose the cursor on the drop down menu:

And if you click on Live in the upper horizontal line with the menu, you will open the list of events to be followed live on 1xBet, for bettors to place their bets on them.

Live bets on 1xBet

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Let us discuss the subsections of the Live section

Bet on your national team

If you click on this heading in the drop down menu, you will see which matches of your national team are forthcoming as available for betting live on them.

The Multi-LIVE page

This page is especially interesting, as it will enable you to add events currently being played, and you will be able to bet on them at the same time.

Live previews

On this page, you will be able to preview the forthcoming events to be followed live in this section of 1xBet, so that you can make tentative decisions regarding your future bets.


Esports live bets on 1xBet

This is the section for esports fans. These are in fact computer games, and there are tournaments in them. You can pick the tournament, and then follow it on 1xBet in the Live section and place the most appropriate bets.

In the Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of each 1xBet page, you will find the rules related to esports.

Please get acquainted with them in details if you intend to bet live on esports events. There are rules regarding Counter Strike, Dota, League of Legends, and other popular games.

There are also general rules to follow. For example, if it happens that a match is postopned for a period longer than 24 hours, then 1xBet shall have the right to settle the bets made for odds equal to 1.

Another rule is related to the stopping of a match to get a replay: in such cases, the result of a stopped match before the replay will not be taken into account.

The layout of the Live page

The Live page of 1xBet contains the following. On the right you will see first the search symbol. Below is the second horizontal line with the menu, where you can select the sports with symbols and with names below them.

Then the list of events to be held live follows. Football events are shown first, but you can switch to another sport if you intend to bet on it. On the line after each event name, the columns with the markets follow.

Below the event name, there are some symbols for the following:

  • show the 1xZone
  • statistics
  • standings

1xZone means that you will open a new window, where you will follow the event by means of animated 2D and 3D graphics.

Let us specify that if you can watch an event in live streaming, the respective button for it will be located next to the 1xZone symbol. But the live streaming is not available for all events you can find on 1xBet for betting live.

The statistics help to take the correct decisions. It contains data on previous events in which the teams or players you are going to bet on have participated. The standings will give you information on how the respective teams have fared prior to the event you intend to bet on live. And on the right of the page, you will find the bet slip.

Live streaming of events

We already mentioned that live streaming is not available for all events in the Live section. You can activate it to watch it either on the right side of the page, or in the center. You can activate simultaneously 1xZone and live streaming, so you will get really detailed visual information.

Rules on bets in the Live section

You can bet live on the main markets, such as win, total result, handicap, and also on additional markets. Like in the Sports section, for more popular events there will be more additional markets.

You can place single bets live, or accumulator bets live. After the bookmaker’s system has accepted your bet, you have no right to change it. You cannot delete your live bet either, after it has been accepted.

To be on the safe side, you should check the current score on other online sources as well.

The odds on the events for betting live

The odds are very satisfying, which is one of the many strong features of 1xBet. Very often the 1xBet odds are the highest for live betting on the online bookmaking space. But please remember that because the events are being held live, the odds change all the time.

The bet slip

The bet slip is on the right of the page. As you make a selection, it will instantly be added to your slip. For more informtion read our How to bet at 1xBet article.

The advantages of betting live

Live bets advantages on 1xBet

As the bookmaker points out in the bottom part of its page, the first advantage is the possibility to win hefty amounts, for just a short period, by being attentive and using the information you are provided with, including the statistics and 1xZone.

Another major upside is the possibility to place your bets even just a short time before the end of the event. Then you stand more chances of winning big, because you are far more informed than some time before the start of the event, when you make pre event bets.

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Prepare for great bets on 1xBet, in the Live section. Even if there is no live streaming for an event, you can use 1xZone to get more vivid information in 2D and 3D. You will be pleased with the number of events and the variety of markets, plus the great odds.

This section is of special interest for fans of esports and football betting. They will find all major games and tournaments there, plus a host of other ones, so again diversity is guaranteed.

It is a challenge to decide on a bet, with the fast paced development of the sports event, but please remember that you must use all the information you have at your fingertips, and make good conclusions, because if you have already placed your live bet, you will not be able to withdraw it.