Аccount limitation on 1xBet

Account limitation on 1xBet

Account limitation

Limitations usually come for those persons who do not observe all the rules, or do not observe them strictly. In online sports betting, limitations may be imposed because the bettor is found out to apply some strategy, rather than wait for chance to decide the outcome of the bet.

So from time to time it may happen on 1xBet as well. Limitations are not common, but if you start not observing the bookie’s rules, by not providing the entire personal information required at registration process or a little later, the first limitation will come.

Let us discuss the common cases of limiting bettors’ accounts, so that you can keep in mind that you must comply with 1xBet’s requirements.

In fact, what we are going to discuss applies to all online bookies, so you may find information you already know, something that has happened to a fellow bettor, or a problem you have experienced yourself with limitation of your account.

We hope this article will be especially useful for novices.

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Limitation of your account after a withdrawal of amounts of several winning bets

Limitation for withdrawals on 1xBet

Let us start with the limitations that follow the use of strategies. We will discuss online bookies’ limitations in such cases, in general.

This is a situation familiar to bettors with experience who have developed their own strategies and they have proved successful and are helping them to make profits from bets.

1xBet, like other online bookies, does not tolerate the application of strategies. Its staff follow the behavior of bettors and what they do, and they are experienced enough to notice such instances of strategies early on.

There is a common belief among bettors that you may expect some limitations, when the profit you start making from your bets are higher than the amount of the losses you get in betting. But we have not noticed such measures on part of 1xBet.

Yet, we should remind you that bookies are online to make profits, and when bettors start making profits as a practice, they act against the interests of bookmakers, especially if the profits are high.

So in general, limitations can occur if a bettor starts making significant profits and withdrawing significant amounts.

Measures to limit a bettor’s account

How will you understand that your account is limited? Your withdrawals will not be allowed to proceed. And if you continue using strategies to win and make regular profits, your account will be frozen altogether.

Other measures may include the limitation of your stakes, and the removal of some markets. So if that happens, and if you have not been using unfair strategies, you should contact the support team as quickly as possible.

But if you have plotted strategies, and for example your bets on a certain league, especially on a minor one, have been usually winning, you can expect the limitation on your stakes as a measure and a warning. You may find that the limitation will make your stake.

The removal of betting markets will follow the limitation on stakes. You may find that when you have logged on to the site, some markets will not be available, especially the very popular ones.

Limitations for not observing the requirements and conditions imposed by 1xBet

Whereas the above reasons for limiting your account apply to few bettors, what we are going to discuss in this item can happen to many who hurry to start betting and gaming on 1xBet.

If you do not notice some of the requirements and conditions to fulfill, you may easily face the situation of limited account.

The conditions accompanying the bonuses and promotions on 1xBet

These requirements and conditions include the completing of all the necessary personal data, and also the conditions which come with each bonus or promotion. That is why, during registration or later, if you are asked to complete more personal data, you must do that as soon as possible.

The verification of your identity

There is also the process of verification, which checks if you are the person whose data you have submitted. To verify your personality, you have to submit a copy of your personal document, i.e. you must scan and send it to the 1xBet staff by email.

That is a procedure which will be started by the bookie soon after you register. Please send the scanned document copy required, to prove the personal data are really yours. If you delay sending it, your account may be limited until you provide the proof of your identity.

If you register on 1xBet only to use all the bonuses and promotions

Don't be greedy for bonuses

1xBet welcomes real bettors, who enjoy placing their bets and stay thrilled, ready for ups and downs in the development of the sports event. They have their favorite sportspersons and teams. They place their bets on them, because they have followed their play in years.

If some bettors register only to grab each new bonus and promotion, that becomes clear to the staff who follow the behavior of bettors on the site. It becomes obvious which customers are always among the first to register for a bonus or a promotion. Then such bettors can expect to be limited

. The strategy of grabbing bonuses and promotions can lead to the limiting of your account in the other 1xBet sections as well.

The conditions for withdrawing amounts

When you open the payments section, you will see the conditions for depositing and withdrawing. Withdrawing must be done observing the minimum amounts, and there can be limits for the maximum amounts as well.

Please check the conditions which apply. One important condition for a customer to be able to make the first withdrawal is to have provided proof of identity.

Later, for each withdrawal the bookie will have to pay certain fees. That means if you start withdrawing very often, the fees for the bookie will rise a lot. That is also a reason for the limitation of your account.

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If you observe the conditions and requirements of 1xBet, you will not be faced with the problem of a limited account. The same applies to not using underhand strategies to make high profits, and not using the site to get bonuses and promotions only. Otherwise you may be faced with that problem, and then you can even expect your account to be frozen.