Horse Racing on 1xBet

Horse Racing on 1xBet

Horse racing is a sport which has its roots in ancient times.

Nowadays it is a sport with enormous popularity in the UK, Australia, Ireland, as well as in other countries.

For punters who regularly follow horse races, betting is a pleasure.

If you are a novice but would like to try wagering on horse racing, be sure to obtain some information first, about the types of races, what they involve, and then you can open the Horse Racing subsection in the Sports section of 1xBet.

This bookmaker has an array of offers of diverse events in all sports of interest to the general audience, horse races included. The markets are interesting and you can find and select the ones you are looking for.

The odds are also great, so overall the experience of betting on races with horses on 1xBet is something worth experiencing.

Learn how to enter 1xbet website

Open the Horse Racing subsection in the Sports section

Horse rasing icon 1xBet

When you open the Sports section, over the table of events there is a list which continues horizontally, containing links to the different sports. Horse racing is a little further in the list, but you will find it as you scroll from left to right.

When you click on it, you will open the subsection with events in that sport.

How to see which tournaments are on offer, and with how many races

This is a standard feature of the bookmaker. Pose the cursor on the Horse Racing link, to see the list, which will be opened in a small window.

Horse championships 1xBet

At the time of writing of the present review, the following tournaments are featured:

  • Australia Flemington
  • Australia: Goulburn
  • Australia: Hawkesbury
  • Australia: Hobart
  • Australia: Moe
  • Australia: Naracoorte
  • Australia: Narrogin
  • Australia: Port Macquarie
  • as well as races in South Africa, Turkey, France, United Kingdom, and other events for the day.

You can choose flat or hurdle races

Flat races are events in which horses run in a straight line, or along an oval track. The one that crosses the finishing line first is the winner.

Hurdle races, also called National Hunt, are with hurdles that horses have to jump over during their running

There is also a bumpers type of races for young horses, but it is not as popular as the other two categories.

If you want to place a bet on a horse, you should take into account the difficulty of jumping over hurdles.

But the main factors that seasoned punters take into consideration are the horse’s age and experience, as well as the distance to be run.

In flat races, the division is into groups: Group 1, 2, 3, etc.

The first groups are the most important ones. There are also handicap races, in which horses are burdened with different weights as they run.

The weights are chosen according to the specific horse each, so that all horses initially have equal chances of winning. The criterion is the performance so far. Horses that have fared the best have the highest weights.

If you are a beginner, perhaps you should avoid placing bets on handicap races for horses.

The statistics symbol

This is an important symbol which is used to get more information about the races. You will find it after the name of each event.

The statistics window shows the jockeys’ names, the age of each horse, its weight, and other important data, which are of immense help for seasoned punters.

The markets you can choose from

Naturally, one of the markets is the winner in the race.

Pick a horse you think has the highest prospects of winning, and wager on it,

The other main markets are as follows:

  • in which place the horse will finish;
  • exacta bets: these are bets with which you choose which horse will finish first, and which one will come second;;
  • trifecta bets: they differ from exacta bets in that you choose not only the horse to finish first and the one to come second, but also the horse to come third;
  • superfecta bets: here, compared to trifecta bets, you also add which horse will finish fourth;
  • double bet: you will bet on the winners in two of the races for the day, usually two successive races;
  • each way: this bet combines a bet on the winner and a bet on place.The bet on place will vary, depending on how many horses take part.

For the specific race, see which markets are offered on 1xBet, and make your choice.

Horse races betting in the Live section

As punters know, betting live is thrilling, and you can open the section with live events, with the same layout as the Sports section, and open the horse racing events, to select one and wager on it.

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Horse races are amazing in terms of the thrills they provide for fans of the sport. When they are also punters, the thrills soar immensely.

Join them to experience the enchantment of the sport and on wagering on races, even if you have no experience. For 1xBet customers who come from countries with traditions in horse races watching and betting, this bookmaking site is one of the greatest choices, in terms of variety, and also in terms of prospects for wins.

Betting on the go is also an advantage you get on the 1xBet site, if you use the special apps for iOS and Android devices.