Bet editing on 1xBet

Bet editing on 1xBet

One of the features bettors like about sports betting on 1xBet is the possibility to change their bets after they have made their choice.

This is a feature available as editing of the bet slip. In general, you can make such changes to single and to accumulator bets on the Sports section, but it is up to the bookmaker to decide when to allow you changes. So you should check whether that feature will be available for the specific bet.

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When you can edit your bet slip?

The general rule is that for more popular events the possibility for editing the bet slip is more feasible, respectively. Also, if your slip can be sold, then you will be able to edit it. Editing is possible for both the Sports section and for the Live section at 1xBet.

If there is the option for editing available for the specific bet, then on the slip you will see the yellow icon indicating that. You will also see that the slip sale button is active.

When you cannot edit your bet slip?

The rules of 1xBet include the following limitations with respect to editing your bet slip. If you have insured your slip at 1xBet, or you have partially sold it, it will not be possible to edit it.

Other cases which do not come with the possibility for editing the bet slip comprise slips which have entered offers of bonuses or promotions.

What you cannot change on your bet slip?

When you plan to make changes to your bet slip, you should bear in mind that you cannot change the stake itself. So if you are striving to change the stake, it is no use making changes to the selections on the bet slip: that will not yield a stake change.

How you can edit the bet slip for an accumulator bet?

Editing slip into acca - 1xBet

Changes to the bet slip for an accumulator bet comprise the following:

  • you can replace a selection in your accumulator bet
  • you can add a selection to your accumulator bet
  • you can delete a selection to your accumulator bet

You can make these changes to one or more selections.

Let us discuss the changes in accumulator bets in more detail below. After you carry out the editing, remember to press the Save Changes button.

How you replace a selection in an accumulator bet?

If you want to replace a selection in an accumulator, the new selection also has to be on the same market. Moreover, before trying to make the change, you have to check if the new selection you want to use is still available.

You should also note that there will be a commission charged by 1xBet for the replacement. The amount of the commission will be equal to the amount that can be charged for a full sale of the bet slip.

How you add a selection to the accumulator bet?

You can add one selection to your bet slip, or you can add more than one, as you like. You can do it in the usual way, but clicking on the odds. Then the selection will automatically be added to the slip. Please note that in the event of adding selections, the odds you have chosen initially will remain the same.

For adding selections you will not be charged a commission by 1xBet.

How you delete a selection from an accumulator bet?

You can delete one selection, or you can delete more than one, as you like. Just press the x button in the upper right corner of the event box. Here again you will be charged a commission by 1xBet, to the amount equal to the amount that can be charged for a full sale of the bet slip.

How you edit the type of your bet?

You can edit the type of your bet in the following ways:

  • from a single bet to an accumulator one
  • from an accumulator bet into another type of system bet

Here the bookie will charge a commission equal to the amount for cashout.

When the change of a bet is mad, the odds also change, and the current odds are shown. Only when the change is from a single bet into an accumulator one, the odds will remain the same.

Additional information about editing your bets

You should get acquainted with the terms and conditions related to this feature, in order to learn all the important rules to observe. Here is what we would like to add, for your further information.

The bet editing is available for a number of sports, and for a host of popular events. But you should bear in mind that if there is a change in the odds, or the market has been blocked, you may not be able to successfully edit your slip.

You will see the changed selections in My Bets.

When you have edited a bet, the initial bet will not be taken into account for any offer which includes a rollover requirement. Only if the new selection meet the qualifying criteria, the new bet will be able to be included under the rollover requirement.

Furthermore, if you have used the possibility for bet editing, some offers by the bookie may not be available.

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The bet editing feature is one of the facilities which add opportunities for more successful betting for bettors. It is especially welcome by customers who often tend to change their mind about the bet initially made, so they can delete, add, or replace bets on the slip.

It is especially convenient for bettors who like using accumulator bets. Then, especially as you are watching an event like, and the situation prompts you to change your mind about a selection. Then using the bet editing feature will help you to alter your bet in compliance with the changed situation in the event.

With bet editing you can also make changes before events, if you have learned new information which makes you change your mind.

This useful feature helps you to make more successful bets, and spares you losses you would incur if you were not able to edit your bet slip. Please bear in mind that if you replace or delete bets on your bet slip, you will be charged a commission by the bookie. Only the adding of bets is not charged by 1xBet.