Deposits in 1xBet

Deposits in 1xBet

Bettors and aficionados of casino games are impressed with the opportunities and variety they get on 1xBet. The initial incentives for new customers start with bonuses for depositing.

You will not have difficulty finding the convenient deposit method, no matter from which country you are. 1xBet betting company has an impressive number of international and national methods you can use to make your deposits.

Let us discuss how you will find the information about them.

See how to login to 1xBet website smoothly

Open the Payments page by using the link in the upper left hand corner

In the upper left hand corner, you will see the dollar sign among the symbols. That is the link which will take you to the Payments page. There, the methods for depositing and withdrawing are listed, and you can see which methods are available for the country you are from.

In the first column, you will find that information: how many payment methods are available for that country, which groups of payment methods are available and how many the methods in each group are. Choosing is easy, by clicking on the method.

Find the Payment Methods link on the home page

As you open the 1xBet page, you will see the list of events and markets in the Sports section.

Below them are useful links to essential information related to using the site. Among them, in the fifth column, you will see the Payment Methods link.

It will take you to the Payments page, and is the other way of opening this page and viewing the depositing methods.

Choose the country you would like to find the payment methods for

The leftmost column is the place from which you can select the country name from the drop down menu. Below the name, you will see, first of all, the total number of payment methods. Then you will see the groups of methods, with the numbers after each name indicating how many methods are available in that group.

The Deposit column

That is the second column that you will see in the page. As you open the Payments page, you will see the information about the countries and then about the depositing.

The information in the third column, about withdrawing methods, will be shown as you click on the Withdraw title.

We are now interested in the contents of the Deposit column.

The groups of payment methods

Payment methods on 1xBet

Both in the first column and in the second column showing the depositing methods, the methods will be conveniently organized in groups.

That will make it easier for you to choose the method you are used to, or if you have not used any of these methods, you can ask friends, or the support team of 1xBet, or look up information about the method you are interested in.

Please pay attention to the fact that there will be no service charges, and the depositing is instant, which is very convenient.

Another important detail is the indication of the minimum amounts for deposits, which is given in several currencies.

Here are the groups of methods that are usually offered to 1xBet customers for depositing:

By bank card

Bank cards are very widely used, and hardly any bettor or player has not used one. On 1xBet, you will be able to use mostly Visa and Maestro.

Please check which bank cards are available for your country.

By e-wallets

The convenience of e-wallets has attracted more and more customers, and that is the reason why 1xBet includes this group as the second one on the list.

Here, you will typically find Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, Qiwi, plus many other titles. That is usually the group with the most titles you will find in the deposits offers.

By mobile payment

This is another favorite method which will appeal to many customers as a way of depositing. Like with the other groups, it is worth checking which mobile payments are available for your country.

By cash

Depositing by cash is preferred by some bettors, and if you are one of them, you are welcome to use it on 1xBet to make your deposits.

By payment systems

In this group, it is enough to point out a household name for payments: NETELLER. ECO is another title you will commonly find here.

By e-currency exchangers

This is a type of payment which is carried out electronically, online, and you can use bank cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and other methods to implement the exchange.

By self-service terminals

Use these electronic devices for depositing, if you find it convenient.

By Internet banking

Internet banking, or online banking, as it is widely known, is using the online platform of your bank to make deposits.

It is a common method popular for its convenience, and on 1xBet you can use it as well. The methods in this group are many.

By prepaid cards

The advantage of prepaid cards is in avoiding using bank cards, so take advantage of this method if you prefer it. AstroPay and MoneySafe are among the offers.

By bank transfer

The transfer takes place from one account in a bank to another bank account. 1xBet provides you with the opportunity to use that method for making your deposits. You will find many offers in this group.

By cryptocurrency

This is one of the groups with the most numerous offers. You will find cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, to name but a few.

By e-vouchers

This is the final group, with several offers of e-voucher payment.

Deposit methods on 1xBet

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On 1xBet, you can easily see and choose your most convenient method not only for registration but for making deposits. These methods all come with no service charges and deposits are instantly made, but you should keep n mind the minimum amounts required.

The diversity of offers is due to the bookmaker’s overall care for its customers, which come from all corners of the world.

You will find methods for depositing typical for your country, and also internationally popular and used ones. Choosing the method and depositing are easy.