How to change the language 1xBet

Languages on 1xBet

How to change the language 1xBet

English is a universal language not only in everyday communication, but on online bookmaking sites as well.

People in different countries who engage in online wagering speak fluent or not so fluent English, and there are punters who do not speak English. For them, 1xBet is the wagering site to go to, because there is ample choice of languages in which to see the page contents.

1xBet strives to provide diverse conveniences for players and betting enthusiasts from as many parts of the globe as possible. Among them, the opportunity to choose a language of the country the player or punter comes from doubtless stands out.

Here we will discuss how many languages are offered on the bookie’s site, how you can make the choice of language, and you will see how easy that is.

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How to open the menu with languages to choose from

As you open the home page of 1xBet, you should look at the top right hand corner. There, you will see the British flag symbol and the letters EN. That is short for English, because when you open the site, you will see the English version. That is the default language.

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Why English is the default language

Here we should mention that 1xBet is a Russian bookmaking company. But the language displayed when you initially open the site is English, to make reading the contents convenient to many people for whom English is a native tongue.

That is also convenient for millions of punters who use English as a second language. In addition to UK English, US English and Australian English are also available.

How many languages you can choose from in the languages menu

Next to the letters EN, you will see the sign which opens the drop down menu. Clicking on it will open the list of languages.

They are accompanied by flag symbols, which makes choosing easier. The alphabetical arrangement also helps to choose the desired language.

When you open the list of languages, you will see that in addition to English, there are 57 other languages available.

  • All major European languages are included. The abbreviation DE stands for German, ES denotes Spanish, IT - Italian, etc.
  • There are even lesser used languages such as GR (Greek), TR (Turkish), HU (Hungarian), to mention but a few.
  • You can also find CN (Chinese) and JP (Japanese) in the list of languages, plus VI (Vietnamese) and other languages spoken in Asia.

It is not necessary to enumerate all the languages you can choose from on 1xBet, but you are sure to find a language to understand the text, the terms and conditions, etc. well.

Plus, if you use the live chat to ask a question or get help, you will be contacted by a member of the staff in the language you have chosen for using 1xBet.

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To be used by more and more punters and players, an online bookie site needs to offer diversity, enticing promotions, and language versions which are as many as possible to make the site contents understandable to more and more people. 1xBet ticks all the boxes in these respects.

We should specially underscore the wealth of language choice on the site, because in that way the bookie becomes more usable and more appealing to people from countries large and small, from all the continents.

Being able to choose a language you understand well is important when you read the terms and conditions, when you contact the bookie’s staff on duty, when you read about bonuses, promotions, account limitation, sports end casino games.

What is more, punters and players can avail themselves of the customer support twenty-four seven, without days off. It goes without saying that 1xBet ‘s range of languages for punters and players to choose from contributes to its increasingly worldwide appeal.