1xBet Initial Casino Bonus

1xBet Casino Bonus

The initial bonus for new customers on the 1xBet casino

On 1xBet, you can bet in the Sports, section, live or in the sports exchange. But don’t miss the casino section, where the abundance, due to the collaboration with a number of casino games developers, will surpass your expectations. Just note what number of games is available: the home page offers 800 games on the casino alone, and on the live casino there are in excess of 100.

There is one more incentive to play on the casino: the lavish bonus for new customers who choose the option of getting the initial bonus on the casino games. As you start registering, and also as you open the 1xBet casino section, you will see the amount of the bonus for new customers.

There is up to 1,500 euro plus 150 free spins, so hurry to learn how to get them, by reading this article. You can also read the conditions you will find in the Promo section of 1xBet.

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How to get the initial bonus?

The generous bonus will be yours if you just top up your account, and be sure to observe the conditions and the terms accompanying the offer.

Register on 1xBet

First, register, and enter all the necessary details: that is important! The bonus will only be made available to you if you have fully completed the information in your profile.

At the time of registering you will see an additional window on the left. There, you can choose either the initial bonus for the Sports section, or its counterpart in the Casino section. You can also choose later, if you are still hesitant between the two offers.

Later, as you visit the Casino section, the offer will still be available for you as a new customer. You can agree to get it as you open the Deposit page.

Activate your phone number

It is important to have activated your phone number, because if you have not done that, you won’t receive the free spins.

Start making your deposits

You must make your first deposit, which should be 10 euro minimum. This will automatically generate the crediting of the bonus to your account on 1xBet.

Below we will discuss the crediting of the bonus amount, together with the firstfour deposits you make.

Initial casino bonus on 1xBet

The minimum limits for the deposits and how much exactly, plus how many free spins, you will get for your first four deposits

We have already mentioned the lower limit for the first deposit: 10 euros.

There are also requirements for minimal amounts for the other three deposits. They are as follows:

  • for the second deposit: 15 euros
  • for the third deposit: 15 euros
  • for the fourth deposit: 15 euros.

There are also percentages for the bonus amounts, and number of free spins, which come with each deposit. The percentages are as follows:

  • for the first deposit: 100%
  • for the second deposit: 50%
  • for the third deposit: 25%
  • for the fourth deposit: 25%

As for the free spins, the 150 spins are divided in the following way:

  • 30 free spins for the first deposit
  • 35 free spins for the second deposit
  • 40 free spins for the third deposit
  • 45 free spins for the fourth deposit.

And here are the maximum bonus amount parts you can get for the four first deposits

The total amount of 1,500 euro will come to your account in the following maximum amounts:

  • after the first deposit: maximum 300 euros
  • after the second deposit: maximum 350 euros
  • after the third deposit: maximum 400 euros
  • after the fourth deposit: maximum 450 euros.

If you deposit large enough amounts, you will get the maximum bonus parts with your deposits. But if you deposit over the amount needed to get the maximum bonus part for the specific deposit, you will not get a bonus amount over the maximum ones listed above.

The requirements regarding the rollover and the term for that rollover

You will need to roll over the bonus amount 35 times, and you will have to achieve that in a 7-day term. Otherwise you will lose your right to retain the bonus.

The requirement for the stakes until the redeeming of the bonus

There is one more important requirement regarding the amount of the stakes until the bonus has been redeemed to you. The stakes cannot exceed 5 euro.

Where you can use the free spins?

The 150 free spins contained in the bonus offer are tied with a specific game in the Slots section of the casino. That is the game “Down the Pub”.

You will not get the free spins if you use certain currencies on 1xBet

There is yet another limitation connected with the free spins. There are currencies which will prevent you from getting these spins of your account uses them. Please check in the terms and conditions about the current limitations. At the time of writing of the present article, currencies not allowing you to get the free spins in the initial bonus offer comprise OMR, BHD, DASH, LTC, and some other.

Please do not use different types of bonuses to avoid losing the initial bonus

There are also other tempting bonuses on 1xBet, but please remember that if you switch to another bonus after you have chosen the initial one, you will lose the right to get the amount for the next deposit. There is also a bonus on the 10th deposit, so observing the rule of one at a time will not deprive you from that bonus either.

Please be patient if the bonus is not credited instantly

Sometimes the bonus amount may not reach your account instantly. There may be some delay. So please be patient and wait for the bonus amount crediting to be completed.

When you can withdraw the bonus amount?

You have to wait until the complete rollover of the bonus, and only after that you will be able to withdraw it.

Please check your bonus account balance after the initial bonus is redeemed.

After the initial bonus has been redeemed, the remainder of the bonus amount will be credited to your account. If the balance then is less than the amount required for the minimum stake, then the bonus shall be deemed to be lost.

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The lavish bonus offer on the Casino is worth getting. Please observe the requirements and the conditions, and enjoy 1xBet’s gift for playing casino slots you as a new customer.