1xBet Cash out

1xBet Cash out

Cashout is now one of the most necessary feature that punters look for on online booking sites. The term cashout means that you can cancel your bet if you see the sporting event development is turning out unfavourably.

On 1xBet, one of the bookies where you will find this feature, it is called slip sale. Because cashout, or slip sale, is not a frequently offered facility on online booking sites, this is an advantage for your betting when you wager on sports on 1xBet. In this way you can spare yourself big losses.

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What cashout means

In fact, the term used on 1xBet, slip sale, is exactly what you do, to prevent big losses because of bets which turn out to be losing.

When you use this option, you will actually sell your slip to the online bookie, for an amount which will not be equal to the whole amount you have bet.

But you will not lose the entire amount wagered either, because you sell it before the end of the sporting event.

Of course, there is also the possibility of your bet slip becoming winning, and then if you sell it to the bookie, you will get a good amount for it.

But typically punters resort to bet slip sale when they see that they have not chosen a winning bet, and it is better for them to sell it to the bookie, and get some money, than to continue to wait until the outcome and most probably lose the whole amount wagered.

On 1xBet, you can sell your bet slip even before the start of the event.

This is also convenient for punters who want to give up a bet, perhaps because of seeing better opportunities for wagering on other sports events.

Then the punter who sells the slip before the event has started will get almost the whole amount wagered back.

Partial sale, or partial cashout

This is another strength of 1xBet which adds to the other conveniences for punters on the bookmaking site.

It means that you sell part of your bet, and you leave the other part active until the end of the sporting event.

This option is truly convenient for punters who want to continue a bet with a lesser risk, that is, with a smaller amount after part of the initial wagering amount was sold.

What you need to do in order to avail yourself of a slip sale

To be able to sell your bet, entirely or partially, you need to have active selections in the bet slip.

If you have not completed the transfer of the selections to the bet slip, and some or all of them are not active, you will not be able to do a slip sale.

Check if the bet slip sale is available for the specific event

In the Sports section, the bet slip sale is not available for all the sporting events. This feature is typically offered in the Live section, where it is really indispensable.

You can check if the slip sale is available, when you open the My bet section in the slip. There, you will see if the option is available for the event or not.

How to carry out the bet slip sale

  • If you see the option for selling is available, and you click on it, you will see the amount for which you can sell your slip at the specific moment.
  • You can also have the option of getting the amount automatically later. Use the menu to select the amount to be taken.
  • You may also choose to sell the slip later. Then you can specify for how much you would like your bet slip to be considered sold and closed.
  • Pressing the green button will finish the sale.
  • The amounts for which you can sell your bet slip change fast, in real time, when you are in the Live section.
  • If at some time you see that you have the possibility to sell your slip, but later you find out that is no longer possible, that will be due to the change in the development.

Types of bet for which you can use the slip sale

You should note that you can sell your bet when you have made single bets or accumulator bets.

You can sell your bet when you use a mobile device to bet

1xBet has two convenient apps, one for iOS devices and another for Android devices.

You can also open the mobile site version on your mobile device browser.

It is possible to use the slip sale opportunity when you wager through your mobile devices, without limitations.

You cannot check for which events the slip sale is available before you place your bet

This is an inconvenience, but you should take it in consideration and think over your bet before placing it.

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The availability of a slip sale, wholly or partially, on 1xBet is a feature you will not find on many bookmaking sites. It is an option which can spare you losses, especially in wagering on events live.

On 1xBet, you will have the most state-of-the-art option for bet slip sale. Use the feature when you think you can avoid losses. The possibility to sell your slip automatically when the amount you have indicated is reached is another great convenience.

It is usually available for most events and for most markets. But you should note that you can understand if the possibility for slip sale is available for the event only after you have made your bet.

Moreover, in live betting, a blocking of your slip sale by the bookie may happen, because of the developments in the event. Nevertheless, you can make the most of this opportunity, when you take into account all the conditions to be met.

The slip sale, or cashout, as it is typically referred to, is already an option that punters look for along with welcome bonuses and promotions on each bookmaking site. Use to full advantage the availability of selling the slip when it is offered for an event you have wagered on.