The bonus offers and promotions for bettors and players on 1xBet

Bonuses on 1xBet

The bonus offers and promotions for bettors and players on 1xBet

1xBet is one of the increasingly popular online gaming sites, thanks to its offers, including the offering of bonuses. Both for novices and for repeat players these are incentives that stimulate them and attract prospective customers as well.

Let us acquaint you with the bonuses waiting for players to grab them and make a pleasant difference to their betting and gaming. We will also explain how to get the promo code for obtaining a bonus.

Instuctions to 1xBet website access

The Promo section – a must to explore

For those interested in getting bonuses and in learning what bonuses they can get on 1xBet, the promo section contains essential information. One of the links there invites players to subscribe for updates on bonuses either by email or via sms.

There is a welcome package for customers who are new and are just beginning their experience on 1xBet. That welcome bonus can be extended to new players, after they have created their accounts and have completed all the personal data required in their profiles. They also have to activate their phone numbers.

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The promo section 1xBet

How to get the 1xBet coupon code for new players

As we pointed out, the new players should have created theur profiles on 1xBet. Then they get the right to the sign up bonus. To get it, a new player should make his or her first deposit on the site, whose amount is minimum €10. That is enough to make the bonus appear in the personal account, automatically.

The welcome package includes, besides the lavish amount of €1,500, also 150 free spins. To get both the money and the free spins, it is essential to comply with the requirement for phone number activation. Otherwise the player will not get the free spins that come as part of the welcome package.

The other important conditions to observe in order not to miss the bonus opportunity

The terms & conditions of the 1xBet welcome bonus also comprise the following:

  • First, the new customer has to agree to receive a casino bonus on 1xBet, if he or she intends to play casino games.
  • It is important to mark the agreement in the deposit page, or in My Account, where the player should look for the account settings and there mark that agreement.
  • It is important not to switch between the different bonus types, after making the first selection of the bonus type, because that switching will deprive the player of the right to avail himself or herself of the next bonus offers, which also includes the welcome package.
  • Another important condition is not to expect the awarding of the next deposit bonus while the first deposit bonus is in the course of being redeemed.

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The conditions for redeeming the deposit bonuses extended by 1xBet

  • The welcome bonus, as well as the other deposit bonuses, come with an important condition, in order to be received in the player’s account.
  • The amount of the specific bonus has to be wagered 35 times.
  • The time span for fulfilling the condition is 7 days.
  • Another condition that must be observed is not to exceed the amount of €5 for stakes until the bonus amount has been redeemed.

How loyal players are rewarded on 1xBet

For players on the 1xBet casino, the reward extended includes free spins, up to 100 in number, plus a bonus on the 10th deposit, for playing slot games in the casino section.

The bonus for the 1-th deposit is a 50% one.

After signing up, and making deposits, playing in compliance with the conditions, until the 10th deposit comes, players will be rewarded with that 50% bonus.

For players who have complied with all the conditions from the beginning, the bonus will be automatically credited to their accounts.

The promo code store on 1xBet

There is a special store for getting promo codes on the bookie site. As you open this section, you will see the steps you must pass to get these codes, part of the promotions and bonuses for existing customers.

  1. First of all, you must play and get points for that. With each bet you get more and more bonus points.
  2. The next step is to exchange the bonus points collected to get promo codes.
  3. And the final step is to use the promo codes to get benefits on the site while betting and playing.

Below the outline of the three steps for getting promo codes you will see the current offers for bonus codes on a number of games and on sports events

  • The first offer is that of a single bet. You can get it for 50 bonus points, and that is the number of points to get the other promo codes too.
  • The promo code for the single bet is on any sports events of your choice, with odds minimum 1.8.
  • For fans of accumulator bets, there is an opportunity to get a promo code for a group of three events, with odds minimum 1.8.
  • There are offers of football accumulators, football singles, ice hockey singles, volleyball, tennis, esports, and many more: you just need to pick the field interesting you, and get the promo code.
  • There is only one offer with 100 bonus points for a promo code, if you want to get the TVBET games promo code. You can use it on any TVBET game, with odds minimum 1.8.

The esports bonus calendar

For fans of this kind of sports, the bonus calendar in the promo section is a must to explore. You can place a bet on a fight between two opponents. You can only do that in LIVE mode. The game lasts until 5 victories are achieved, and the number of rounds can be up to 9.

Terms of winning:

  • You can place bets on a number of markets on a given round: win, the duration of the round.
  • On tournaments, the markets also comprise win, and there are also other markets like total, fighter’s total, handicap bets, whether the rounds will be an odd or an even number, and more.

The opportunities in the promotions section

For those interested in bonuses brought with the wheel of fortune, there is a gaming wheel bonus, and as you play you can win instant prizes.

  • You must bet and win in games on the site, and with each win you earn points.
  • Then you can use your points on the wheel, whose spinning yields diverse prizes.
  • Playstations, smartphones, as well as bonus points to use on the Lucky Wheel are the possible rewards.
  • The more you play, the more points you will collect.
  • You must amass 150 points in order to be eligible for a wheel spin. This is an offer which is valid until 26 July this year.
  • There is no requirement for a specific timing of placing your bets. You can place them whenever you wish.
  • You can place as many bets as you wish, and the points won will be automatically transferred to the offer page.

This is an offer you can avail yourself of only once per player, so make the most of it. Just note that there are some games that do not contribute towards points: these are currently Pachinko, PF Dice, and PF Roulette.

Please check which games do not contribute for earning points at the time of your playing.

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Promotion period for poker players: indefinite

For poker players, there are also pampering opportunities.

The Rakeback bonus brings you points for playing your favourite poker game

When you have amassed a hefty number of points, you can activate the rakeback.

There is a table to help you see the factors for the amount of the rakeback, like the number of gamepoints, and the VIP status you have.

Poker playing can yield free spins for you for playing Legion Poker, and that is another offer not to miss.

Just note on which game you can get this opportunity.

The number of free spins depends on the amount they have in their account, and there is also a period for rake accumulation you should comply with.

The free spins you have earned will be credited to your account within a term of 48 hours following the accumulation of the rake.

Be careful to note that the term of free spins is 30 days starting from the day of their crediting. Afterwards they will expire.

An additional perk in this offer is that you can avail yourself of it on the mobile version of 1xBet too

The spins tournaments are another offer, for three participants, in turbo format, held regularly. The buy-ins are numerous in the prize pool. The general conditions include legion poker playing in the special spins tournaments. Registering in a tournament comes with charging with buy-ins, and there is a commission on that too, which can be see in the table provided. There is also a table of the rakes. Prior to a tournament, there is a random draw, by means of which the manner of distributing the prize pool is decided.

The daily jackpot wins

It is exciting to be able to participate for winning a jackpot every day on 1xBet. You must be careful to learn what the requirements are.

There is a timer showing how much time has remained until the next task for winning the jackpot is shown.

You will see the amount of the current day’s jackpot both on the main page and on the offer page. Bet more, and you will get more chances of winning the daily jackpot.

Birthday bonus

You can feel special on your birthday, thanks to the special offer the bookie has for you. It will come as a special promo code for a free bet. You will get the code via SMS, or via a message sent to your profile on the site. Of course, you should have indicated your birthday date, so that the bookie can know when to send the birthday promo code to you.

The condition to be observed in order to withdraw bonus amounts

An important condition for enabling the player to withdraw the bonus amount from the 1xBet account is to wait until the whole rollover of the bonus is completed.

When the bonus amount will be lost

Also, if after redeeming the bonus amount the balance in the bonus account is lower than the amount of the minimum stake, then the bonus shall be deemed lost.

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On 1xBet, you can get numerous opportunities for winning in diverse ways, for placing bets and for playing games even via 1xBet mobile applications. Bonuses and promotions, promo codes sent to you are great ways of making your betting and gaming more exciting. Just check the offers and conditions on the home page, and be sure to regularly explore the promo section. Not missing an offer means more and more excitement, and more and more opportunities for winning.