Betting exchange 1xBet

Betting Exchange on 1xBet

For bettors who have experience, the opportunity of placing their bets on a sports exchange is thrilling. That means they will not accept odds offered by the online bookie, but will accept the challenge of agreeing or disagreeing with bets already placed on the exchange by other bettors.

The risks are higher, but if you have experience and enough knowledge of the history of playing of your favorite teams or player, you have high chances of success.

Tracing the ups and downs in the playing of teams and individual sportspersons provides invaluable knowledge and basis for making realistic conclusions.

So if you are ready to bet on the sports exchange at 1xBet website, or if you have already placed bets on another online bookie’s sports exchange, do not postpone trying the exchange section of this highly popular bookie.

You will find the exchange in the Sports section, in the drop down menu.

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The 1xBet exchange section

When you sign up 1xBet choose and open the exchange site, you will see the following distribution.

The list of sports

On the left is the list of sports you can choose from, then you can choose the event to bet on.

If you press the << at the top of the list, after the Sports title, you will hide the names and just the symbols of the sports will be visible, in a narrow column.

You can restore the list with the names by pressing the symbol again.

The central part with the sports events

Naturally, the football events come first, but you can easily choose another sport from the list on the left.

As you can expect, the most important championships and events are sure to be on the list. The events are grouped in championships. That is familiar from the way the events are shown in the Sports section too.

You will open the page for bets on a specific event by pressing on it, and will see the odds.

Remember that there are two types of bets on the sports exchange: For or Against the other bettor’s bet. If you agree with the other bettor, place a For bet, and vice versa. The squares for For are colored in blue, and those for Against are colored in green.

You will see the markets offered for the event, on which you can vote.

For example, with respect to one of the first events in football at the time of writing of the present article, the following markets were offered: Over/Under 1.5, Over/Under 3.5, Over/Under 0.5, etc., as well as Correct Score, Both Teams to Score, Next Goal, etc.

As for tennis matches, here are the markets for one of the forthcoming events at the time of writing of this article: Over/Under 22.5, Correct Score, etc. You will find Over/Under for volleyball matches as well.

The electronic bet slip

You will see the bet slip on the right, just like in the Sports section. When you make a selection, it will instantly appear on the bet slip.

The 1xBet exchange section

If you want to make a bet and offer it to other bettors

If you decide to make a bet, you must offer it on the exchange, and then wait for other players to make their bets, For or Against.

Only after other bettors make their bets in response to your offer it will become active.

Does 1xBet really get no fees for bets on the sports exchange

We already mentioned that bettors are the authors of bets on the exchange. The bookie does not participate by offering markets or odds. But for information, 1xBet gets a small fee from each winning bet: that is 1% of the winning amount. If your bet loses, do not worry you will get some fee deduced, no fee is due on bets who lose.

The fees on winning bets are common practice for online bookies who offer a sports exchange for betting. But compared to its counterparts, 1xBet charges a very small fee, whereas other bookies’ fees amount to 6% of the winning amount. That is one of the advantages you get by betting on 1xBet.

The odds on the sports exchange

Sport exchange odds on 1xBet

The odds on the sports exchange, like on other online bookie sites offering a sports exchange, are higher, but the risks are higher as well.

If you are looking for higher odds, this is the place for you. If you are willing to undertake the risk, make your bet For or Against the bet by another player.

You may select the odds offered by another bettor, or offer other odds. But please take care not to offer unrealistically high odds. Then there will be no volunteer to make a bet For or Against your bet, and so your bet will remain inactive.

The bets will be shown in US dollars

Please note that the bets will be shown in US dollars. So when you make your calculations, you must take this into consideration.

If you look for betting live on the sports exchange?

Please note that there is no live betting available on the 1xBet sports exchange yet. Keep following, because the bookie may soon offer such bets as well.

The differences between betting on the Sports section and on the exchange of 1xBet

We have already mentioned the main differences. First, the odds on the exchange are higher.

Let us add that you will not find the same variety of events on the exchange as on the Sports section. That is also a factor to consider. The betting For and Against another bettor’s bet on the exchange is also a major difference.

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Not many online bookies offer a sports exchange, so 1xBet is worthwhile for bettors looking for such a section to bet on. This is one of the bookies that take the most care for the convenience and abundance of offers for its customers.

Though the offers on the sports exchange are not rich enough yet, you may expect more and more in the near future, as the bookie is continuously improving its site and its services. The offers of events on the 1xBet exchange are enough, and this is one of the interesting sections for the customers of the site.

For those who are not afraid of risky bets, this is a section where with the higher odds they can hope for higher wins. Also you may read about the bet incurance at 1xBet to cover the losses and our article about 1xBet Cash Out.