Bet Insuranece on 1xBet

Bet Insurance on 1xBet

Insuring your bet spares you losses, which is the principle for all insurances. You will have that feature for single and for accumulator bets on 1xBet.

The insurance of your bet on 1xBet platform is a paid service. You will pay a certain amount if your bet turns out to be a losing one, but you will not lose the entire amount you have bet. The amount will be deduced by the bookie system if you take the insurance.

Now let us discuss how the insurance amount is formed, how you carry out the insuring process, and also some other related useful information.

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What forms the amount of the insurance?

Forming the insurance

The amount that will be taken from your bet sum depends on what the current odds for the event you want to bet on are.

You can take a complete or a partial insurance

You may want to insure the whole amount you are planning to bet on, or a part of it. You can do either.

Which bets can be insured?

You can take an insurance on a single bet, or on an accumulator bet.

The limitation accompanying the insurance

If you have insured your bet, or if you are planning to insure one, please remember that you will not be able to sell the bet slip.

Important – you can take several insurances on one bet!

This is a great opportunity, but please note that the total percentage of the insurances must not exceed 100%.
So you can first take a small insurance, of 10%, then proceed with a larger percentage, for example 30% or 40%, and you have the opportunity to take one more insurance, 50%. But because odds tend to change quickly, the insurance percentage may be different for the different parts, depending on when you take each insurance.

Technical problems, technical failure may render your insurance invalid

Unfortunately, if there is a technical failure on the Internet when you take your insurance, the insurance process may not go on.

But the 1xBet staff will not be liable for that. It is standard practice for online bookmaking sites.

How to carry out the insurance process on 1xBet?

The insurance process on 1xBet

You must be sure that the insurance process is an easy one, without difficulties whatsoever. Please go to the bet slip, which is on the right of the page, and find My bets.

There, you will see all the selections you have added. If the insurance is available for a specific selection, below it you will see the Insure button.

When you press Insure, you will see the insurance calculator. There, you can choose the amount of the part you want to insure. There will be a slider from 0% to 100%, and you can adjust it to the percentage you wish to have insured.

The calculation will be made automatically afterwards, so you will be informed about the insurance amount. Confirm that you want to proceed, by pressing Insure. The insurance amount will be deduced from your balance in your 1xBet account.

Of course, you must have that amount at least in your account, because if you do not, you will not able to complete the insurance process. If you do not want to take an insurance because the insurance amount shown by the system seems high to you, you can use the Cancel button.

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Insuring bets is a feature very convenient for bettors who do not want to risk large losses. It is especially welcome if you want to make more risky bets. Then you will not be afraid of losing your entire bet amount.

You can take at least a partial insurance, and you may prefer to take out an insurance on the whole bet amount.

For all customers of 1xBet who want to try the insurance feature, there will be no difficulties or complications connected with that. The insurance process is a simple one, and you will have an automatic calculation performed to show you the insurance amount that you will be charged.

1xBet is already highly popular not only for its diversity of sports events for betting and casino slot games, but also for its conveniences for bettors and players.

Bet insurance is one of these convenient features that you have at your fingertips, to use as a novice for all single or accumulator bets, or for more risky bets when you gain experience.