Basketball bets on 1xBet

Basketball bets on 1xBet

Basketball is one of the sports which enjoy enormous popularity, and the majority of betting enthusiasts wager on forthcoming matches or watch basketball events live and bet at the same time. They can do their betting with ease and find great bonuses as they bet on basketball events in the sports section of 1xBet website.

Both wagering on forthcoming matches and live betting are available. What is more, there is a betting exchange where the bets are especially challenging.

Instuctions to 1xBet website access

When you open the 1xBet site and look at the top of the page, you can see a horizontal line where you should choose Sports, and then on the Sports section page, you will find the horizontally located list with the links to the different sports.

After football betting section and tennis comes the link to the basketball events page. Click on it, and open to see which events are offered for betting.

Basketball bets on 1xBet

Basketball tournaments covered

If you wish to get an idea of which championships are covered, click on the symbol opening the drop down menu after Basketball. There, you will see the following tournaments, with a number after each of them denoting the number of matches in the specific tournament.

At the time of writing of the present article, the following tournaments are offered:

  • NBA
  • Euroleague
  • Euroleague women
  • VTB United League
  • Greece, A1
  • Spain, ACB
  • South Korea WKBL women
  • FIBA Africa Championship.

As you can see, the range of championships is wide, so you have rich choice for your bets. You will find first the forthcoming events for the day, and then the events for the next few days, etc.

The grouping of events by tournaments is convenient for punters who would like to follow all the matches in the tournament of their choice.

The filtering of basketball events

If you want to order the basketball matches according to the time of their start, you can use the Filter option. It is located over the table with events, in the upper right corner.

You can choose the hourly or the daily option of ordering. You can also specify the interval of interest to you. You can press the Apply button to do the filtering, or the Clear button to clear the data you have entered.

The Search option

To search for specific matches, you can use the Search option. It is located before the Filter option.

The details related to each basketball match: statistics, odds and markets

You can use the button which will open the statistics on both teams to compete in a match. It is useful when taking your decision about the betting. You should also explore the odds offered for the match, and also the markets for it. The odds are among the best on the online bookmaking field.

The range of markets for more popular matches within popular championships can be impressive, over 100 in number at least, and can also exceed 200 for the most eagerly followed events.

Out of the markets on offer, we can point out some of the most popular ones:

  • the winner in the match
  • the total score for the match
  • the score for a team, etc.

1xBet offers both general and special markets.

Betting on basketball matches played live

To find the basketball events on which you can bet while they are being played, you should open the Live section. There, you can find the basketball link in the horizontal line over the table, in the same way as you do it in the Sports section.

Here too you can see which championships are included by clicking to open the drop down menu next to Basketball in the horizontal line. The excitement of betting live is worth experiencing. Look at the current score and combine your information and your experience in betting to make the best bets.

The odds and the markets change depending on the development of the match, so you should follow the game and react promptly to take advantage of appropriate moments to place your bets.

Betting on basketball on the sports exchange

1xBet is one of the few bookmakers which offer a betting exchange. There, you can find bets on basketball events offered by other customers of 1xBet, and you can make your bet, for or against these bets.

Betting on the exchange is associated with higher risks, but the odds on offer there are also more appealing, so for punters with experience that is a great temptation.

The odds are offered by the punter who has started the bet. The markets in this section of the bookmaker are fewer. But still you will find the most general markets, such as the winner, the total score, handicaps, etc.

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For basketball fans who are fond of betting 1xBet is a great online ground, with variety provided in the Sports section, in the Live section, plus basketball bets you can place on the betting exchange.

The largest diversity of odds and markets is available in the Sports section, but the other sections are also worth exploring, and betting in them is associated with challenges and great experiences.

For basketball fans who also love online betting, 1xBet is one of the best choices. For newly registered players, there is one more incentive, the welcome bonus, which provides an auspicious ground for a successful start of rewarding wagering on the 1xBet site.