Accumulator bets on 1xBet

Accumulator bets on 1xBet

Accumulator bets come with higher risks, but the winning are also high, so punters with experience enjoy them and appreciate the bookies which offer such bets on their sites.

1xBet is a site where you can place accumulator bets, so we will describe what you should do to have an accumulator bet with the selections of your choice.

Furthermore, currently on 1xBet there is a promotion for accumulator bets which is soon to be over, and we will describe it too, so that you can see what prizes the winner and the runners up up to the 10th place will get. This is a monthly promotion, so hurry to place an accumulator bet and avail yourself of it.

Here we will explain how to place accumulator bets on 1xBet, and what types of bets of this kind you can find on the site.

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What is an accumulator bet

You can place such a bet with selections on events in any sports like football, tennis, basketball etc. In the Terms and Conditions on the 1xBet site, an accumulator bet is defined as comprising several selections on sports events which are not related, that is, they are not bets on the same event.

If you want to estimate what your return can be, you should multiply your stake by the odds for the selections comprised in the bet.

You should be aware that if at least one selection fails, then the whole bet will be lost.

We should also explain the reason why you should not use more than one selection on an event. That is a measure undertaken by online bookies to prevent misuse which would be made if a punter places more than one bet on the same competitor or team.

If you want to spare yourself big losses, you can place small bets on the selections to be comprised in the accumulator bet. When you click on a selection, it will automatically be added to the bet slip. After you have chosen all your selections, it is important to select Accumulator as the type of your bet in the bet slip.

You should see the possible win which is calculated after you add your selections. You can assess whether the bet will be worth placing, or you should give it up, if the estimated win seems not large enough.

Place accumulator bets in the Live section too

The Live section is a tempting ground for punters, because they can bet on events while they are being played. Here, accumulator bets are also challenging.

The way of placing the bet of this type is the same as the way it is carried out in the Sports section, as described in the preceding paragraph. Here, because of the fast changing of odds, markets can be blocked because of new developments in the event.

You should either wait until they are unblocked or mark in the bet slip your agreement to the changed odds.In that way, you can avoid confirming your decision in the event of changes in the development of the event. That carries risks, so you should carefully weigh the pros and cons before marking that in the bet slip.

For fans of accumulator bet offers, there is another opportunity in the Live section.

The Accumulator of the Day offer in this section is located after the table with events and markets and odds for them

There, in the first column, you will find the forthcoming events for the day on which you can place an accumulator bet.

In the second column you will see the Live Accumulator of the Day offer where the events played at the moment are included.

In the top right hand corner of each column you will find a button using which you will be able to switch between the different offers of accumulator bets. Sometimes you will find only one accumulator bet offer.

At the bottom of each column, you will see the 1xBet bonus and the overall odds.

The last line has the Add to Bet Slip button by pressing which you will add the accumulator to your slip.

The bonus provided by 1xBet increases your stake by 10%, and that will enhance your prospects of wins, if all the events yield scores to your benefit.

Accumulator battle promo

Currently on the 1xBet site you can take advantage of a tempting promo called “Accumulator Battle”. It is valid from October 2019 to January 2020.

The conditions for participating are the following

  • First, you must register on the bookie site.
  • Then, you should play high stakes on accumulators, and the top reward for that, for lucky punters joining the promo, is a monthly prize of a car.
  • The second and third prizes are also appealing.
  • As a second prize, the lucky punter gets an iPhoneX, and the recipient of the third prize becomes the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • These are not the only prizes delivered for the winners. Those who come in the 4th and the 5th place get 100 spins of the Lucky Wheel.
  • Those who come in the 6th to the 10th places are rewarded with 10,000 points. The prizes are handed out once a month.

Types of bets you can place with combinations of selections

When you place accumulator bets, you will win if all your predictions win. Let us discuss other combinations of selections and what they will bring you.

The lucky bet

It is formed by several selections. Using it, you will simultaneously place single bets for the specific selections, and combinations of them.

The number of selections you have added to the bet slip will determine how many combinations you can make within your lucky bet. With this type, you will win if at least one of the selections wins.

The chain bet

In this type of bet, you will combine two or more singles in your bet slip. You should choose their arrangement carefully. The success of your first selection is of key importance.

The amount won with it will provide amounts for the remaining selections. So you can make a profit even if you do not win with each of your selections.

The anti accumulator bet

This bet will help you to win if you make a mistake in your prediction for one of the selections in the accumulator combination.

The system bet

This is a method which enjoys wide popularity. For it, you need minimum 3 selections in the bet slip. Then the bookie will allow you to bet with 2/3. That is how you will reduce risk, and you will win if minimum 2 of your three selections prove to be winning.

The patent bet

For this type of bet, you can use all possible combinations of events in the bet slip. The classic patent bet is comprised by 3 selections, with which you can form as many as 7 bets: one triple bet, 3 double ones, and 3 single ones.
To win, you need to have a correct prediction for at least one of your selections.

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1xBet is among the leading bookies for online betting. In addition to simple bets, it offers punters the opportunities for accumulator bets, which are more interesting, accompanied by challenges and risks which are worth undertaking, if you are experienced and can weigh the chances correctly.

Not only in the Sports section, but also in the Live section you will find plenty of opportunities for accumulator bets.

In the Live section, the Accumulator of the Day and the Live Accumulator of the Day offers are unmissable.